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Unless we can face that which pains us… we can never truly sparkle! ☆
Yuga Aoyama to Izuku Midoriya in "The Strange Tale of Aoyama"

Yuga Aoyama ( (あお) (やま) (ゆう) () Aoyama Yūga?), also known as the Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling ( (かが) きヒーロー Can't (キャント) Stop (ストップ) Twinkling (トゥインクリング) Kagayaki Hīrō Kyanto Sutoppu Tuinkuringu?), is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.

He was revealed to have been the "U.A. traitor", reluctantly aiding the League of Villains and causing most of their encounters with U.A. High. During the Final Act Saga, Yuga has ended his association with the League of Villains, choosing to instead help the heroes defeat All For One.


Yuga is a young man with a slim build and a rather feminine face. He has long blond hair, worn flattened down around the majority of his head, spiked and sticking out to the sides at the bottom of it with a side fringe that curves upwards a little before it curves down. He has notably long eyelashes and bright indigo eyes, giving him the appearance of a young prince.

His hero costume consists of a bluish-black bodysuit, over which he wears a suit of metallic lavender and golden armor; a chest plate, two spherical shoulder pads, elbow-length vambraces, and knee-length boots. His chest plate has a high V-neck collar with a golden Greek fret-like trim, as with the lower diaphanous piece under the belt and the edges of the vambraces. It also comes with a long, glittery indigo cape as well as a belt with a golden ring-shaped buckle with a blue crystal, from which he emits his Quirk, matching the smaller ones over his shoulder pads and knees. He has straight angled golden lines running down his baggy pants, a matching set around the shafts of his boots, and he wears a red-tinted wing-shaped visor over his eyes.



Yuga thinking highly of himself.

Yuga initially appears to be a vain and prideful person, thinking of himself as superior to the rest of his classmates, especially in regards to his Quirk. He exhibits extremely flamboyant mannerisms, is fond of posing, and likes to grab the attention of those around him despite frequently getting ignored by his peers. His expression rarely changes from a closed smile, even while he speaks or gets hurt, and he's also prone to getting upset if interrupted or questioned. Yuga's sentences often end with a star (☆) symbol, indicating a fancy tone. He also tends to play up his French heritage, occasionally implementing French words into his sentences.

However, this persona is shown to be a façade, as Yuga holds severe insecurities and guilt due to the true nature of his Quirk and upbringing. Born Quirkless, he found himself struggling with being "different" from everybody, something his parents worried about even more, not wanting him to suffer from the discrimination. This directly led to them contacting All For One, who gave him his Navel Laser Quirk, but as a result, forced their family into his debt and Yuga as an unwilling double agent, in fear of death.

Though he has a desire to have friends, Yuga rarely has the confidence to act upon it. This is initially believed to be due to his insecurities and lack of social skills; he can unintentionally come off as "creepy" to others when he genuinely means well. But this is later demonstrated to be from the guilt of having to work for the villains and betraying his classmates, thus putting them all in danger, believing himself to be unworthy of having friends, due to being a "despicable villain". Instead, he opts to self-isolate, seen through his eating of school meals alone rather than with the members of his class and general avoidance of most social situations. Despite this, he's been shown to be rather observant, able to pick up on Ochaco Uraraka's crush on Izuku Midoriya before she even realized it herself.

Yuga does possess a compassionate side and is shown to sympathize with Izuku, due to the both of them having what he perceives as highly self-harmful and uncontrollable Quirks, although the way in which he displays this sympathy initially startled Izuku, with the latter unaware the messages being also subtle cries for help. Izuku has stated that he's never been able to read Yuga due to his unpredictable nature, although he still ended up befriending him.[2][3] Though when Yuga discovers the truth about One For All and Izuku also having been Quirkless just like him, it throws him even deeper into despair, seeing just how much Izuku has fought for his beliefs and to protect others, while Yuga aids his mortal enemy.

Yuga's guilt of being a traitor.

Despite seeing himself as an irreprehensible villain, Yuga is a genuinely kindhearted person with a desire to do good. He shows this during the Provisional Hero License Exam, when he was willing to throw away his chance at a license to give Tenya Ida the chance at passing. Even during the Quirk Training Camp, despite being the one who leaked the location, he still acted to save Fumikage Tokoyami and nearly save Katsuki Bakugo when they were captured by the villains.[4] Once All For One is arrested, Yuga lets himself slowly be more open and friendly with everyone, believing he can move on with All For One incarcerated and the lives of him and his parents no longer in danger, but after his escape from Tartarus, the fear and dread once again eats away at his own existence.

After he is exposed as the "U.A. Traitor", he considers himself as someone who should be locked away all alone for his pathetic and heinous actions in order to pay for his crimes. However, to his disbelief, the rest of Class 1-A, as well as his teacher Shota Aizawa, recognize him as a victim of circumstance who never actually carried any villainous intentions. Instead, they want him to earn their forgiveness by helping them, a conclusion Shota helps him to reach by helping to fight back against the fear and despair that All For One planted within him. Despite his own great fear and now having an uncertain future due to his betrayal, Yuga manages to deceive All For One with the help of his friends and stands against him with Izuku, determined in bringing down the villain's reign of terror once and for all.


Yuga uses the full power of his Navel Laser to separate Nine's team.

Overall Abilities: While Yuga may not possess any melee combat skills, he does have a good handle on his Quirk, Navel Laser. The beams that Yuga can fire can not only be shot from short and long distances, but have enough force to penetrate metal and concrete. They also have enough recoil to propel himself through the air at a high speed, effectively boosting his mobility. Yuga has also displayed the ability to manipulate the size and shape of his beams, such as making them razor-thin or into a blade of light that can be used for swinging. Yuga also possesses good camaraderie, using his Navel Laser to distract his enemies from a distance, and even if he reaches his limit, Yuga effectively gives his comrades the opening required to defeat the opponent that stands before them.

Yuga demonstrates his improvement by using his new Super Move, "Navel Saber", to swiftly destroy various Villain Bots.

Yuga has repeatedly displayed the capacity to effortlessly destroy Villain Bots with a single blast from his Navel Laser. His aim with his beams is also on point, as he was able to blast Mr. Compress in the face before the villain could dodge it, all while Yuga concealed himself in nearby bushes. On Nabu Island, Yuga, alongside Minoru Mineta and Toru Hagakure, had the mettle to face the powerful villain, Mummy. Despite neutralizing multiple mummified targets, with the former two reaching their Quirk limits, the nearly defeated trio bought enough time for reinforcements to arrive to finally defeat Mummy. The next day, Yuga and Momo Yaoyorozu acted as the first line of defense against Nine, Slice, and Chimera, with Yuga unleashing the full power of his Navel Laser, and Momo creating 2 large cannons, all to barrage the villain trinity into separating from each other. Soon after, an overtaxed Yuga, while being held by an equally exhausted Momo, initiated a surprise attack on Nine from behind, but the undeterred villain used his Air Wall Quirk to easily defeat the fatigued duo. His abilities eventually garnered the attention of the Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha, giving Yuga the opportunity to intern under the (now former) No. 9 Pro Hero, and improve his offensive and defensive abilities.

While he was unwillingly a mole, it should be noted that Yuga is also highly elusive and sneaky, despite his habit of boasting. He was able to leak the U.S.J. location and the relocated Summer Training Camp without getting caught. As mentioned by Izuku, Yuga is very hard to read, as he was able to hide his actions, and later his enormous guilt and remorse until he was finally found out. With the aid of Hitoshi Shinso, Yuga was even able to trick All For One into thinking he had betrayed his friends yet again and delivered Izuku to him, only for Yuga to turn around on the villain leader and deliver a surprise attack.


Yuga's Quirk in action.

Navel Laser (ネビルレーザー Nebiru Rēzā?): Yuga's Quirk allows him to shoot a powerful sparkling laser cannon from his navel. It is so powerful, it can blast through two meters of solid concrete. If he fires the laser for more than 1 second at a time, he will suffer intestinal distress.

Due to being born Quirkless and given a power from All For One, Yuga's body was incompatible with the Quirk, granting him very little control over his Quirk, requiring a special belt to worn in order to compensate and deceive others by claiming it was a birth defect.[5][6] However, due to his training in U.A., the negative side-effects of his Quirk have been greatly reduced.

As part of his training, Yuga continuously fired his Navel Laser to build up his body's endurance, increase the range of his blasts, and gain the ability to use his blast even when undergoing stomach pains.

By the time the Provisional Hero License Exam occurs, Yuga reveals that he has increased the duration of his Quirk to the point where it can last longer than one second. This was notably shown when he extends the use of his Quirk to signal his classmates and during the aftermath of Hero Work-Studies II when demonstrating his new Super Move "Navel Saber".

Super Moves

  • Navel Buffet☆Laser (ネビル ビュッフェレーザー Nebiru Buffe Rēzā?): Yuga fires successive beams not only from his navel but also from his shoulders and knees, which are equipped with beam openings just like his Sparkle Belt. As a result, this technique puts more strain on him than when he usually uses his Quirk.[3]
  • Navel Saber (ネビルセーバー Nebiru Sēbā?): Yuga concentrates the energy of his Navel Laser and shapes it into a cutting light blade attached to his bellybutton.[7]
  • Supernova (スーパーノヴァ Sūpānova?):[8] Used first during Heroes: Rising. After charging his Navel Laser for five seconds, Yuga can unleash a much more powerful laser that surpasses his normal beams. This move is a giant laser beam with a significantly wider diameter.[9]


2/5 D
3/5 C
3/5 C
3/5 C
1/5 E
Yuga's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book

2/6 D
3/6 C
4/6 B
3/6 C
6/6 S
Yuga's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book


Hero Outfit: Yuga's hero outfit, though it may look like it was meant to only look flashy, is actually made of high tech so that he can channel his laser beam to other lenses across the costume, thus allowing him to shoot his beam from other parts of his body, such as his knees and shoulders.

  • Sparkle Shades (キラメキ グラス Kirameki Gurasu?): This equipment is so Yuga won't be blinded by his own shine.
  • Sparkle Inner (キラメキインナー Kirameki Innā?): This equipment is very high tech, as it's designed to send the energy emitted by his navel lasers to his shoulders and knees, who have emitters similar to his belt.
  • Sparkling Emitter Gear (キラメキ噴出セット Kirameki Funshutsu Setto?): This equipment is divided into five "sparktacular" sparkle items that focus the sparkling energy transmitted by his "Sparkle Inner" into a single sparkling sparkle beam.
  • Sparkle Belt (お手軽キラメキベルト Otegaru Kirameki Beruto?): This equipment a simple yet convenient belt that Yuga wears every day.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

Entrance Exam Arc
1. Izuku Midoriya: Origin Absent
2. Roaring Muscles Absent
3. Entrance Exam Debut
4. Starting Line Appears
Quirk Apprehension Test Arc
5. Smashing into Academia Appears
6. What I Can Do for Now Appears
7. Costume Change? Appears
Battle Trial Arc
8. Rage, You Damned Nerd Appears
9. Deku vs. Kacchan Appears
10. Breaking Bakugo Absent
11. Bakugo's Starting Line Appears
U.S.J. Arc
12. Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida! Appears
13. Rescue Training Appears
14. Encounter with the Unknown Appears
15. Vs. Absent
16. Know Your Enemies Absent
17. Game Over Absent
18. Heroes' Counterattack Absent
19. All Might Absent
20. The World of Pros Absent
21. In Each of Our Hearts Appears
U.A. Sports Festival Arc
22. That's the Idea, Ochaco Appears
23. Roaring Sports Festival Appears
24. Mad Dash and Knockdown Appears
25. In Their Own Quirky Ways Absent
26. Chase Down the Leader Appears
27. Earth-Shatteringly Fateful Negotiations Appears
28. Strats, Strats, Strats Appears
29. Unaware Absent
30. Cavalry-Match Finale Appears
31. The Boy Born with Everything Appears
32. Smile, Prince of Nonsense Land! Appears
33. Shinso's Situation Flashback
34. Victory or Defeat Absent
35. Battle On, Challengers! Appears
36. Bakugo vs. Uraraka Absent
37. Midoriya and Endeavor Absent
38. Todoroki vs. Midoriya Absent
39. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Absent
40. Emancipation Absent
41. Fight On, Ida Mentioned
42. Final-Match Time Absent
43. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Absent
44. Relaxing Day Off Appears
Vs. Hero Killer Arc
45. Time to Pick Some Names Appears
46. Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Absent
47. Struggling Absent
48. Getting the Knack Absent
49. Midoriya and Shigaraki Absent
50. Kill 'Em Dead Absent
51. No, Knock It Off, Ida Absent
52. Hero Killer Stain vs. U.A. Students Absent
53. From Todoroki to Ida Absent
54. Re: Ingenium Absent
55. Conclusion?! Absent
56. Conclusion Absent
57. The Aftermath of Hero Killer Stain Absent
58. Internship's End Appears
59. Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past Appears
Final Exams Arc
60. Gear Up for Final Exams Appears
61. The Worst Combo Appears
62. Katsuki Bakugo: Origin Absent
63. Yaoyorozu Rising Absent
64. The Task at Hand Absent
65. Wall Absent
66. Midoriya's Observations Absent
67. Stripping the Varnish Appears
68. Encounter Appears
69. Interview with Midoriya Mentioned
Forest Training Camp Arc
70. Wild, Wild, Pussycats Absent
71. Kota Appears
72. Day Two Appears
73. Good Evening Appears
74. Smoke Signal Absent
75. Stake Your Life, Hero! Absent
76. My Hero Absent
77. It's Okay Absent
78. Whirling Chaos Absent
79. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Absent
80. Establishing the Bakugo Bodyguard Brigade Absent
81. Roaring Upheaval Appears
82. What a Twist! Appears
83. Loss Appears
Hideout Raid Arc
84. From Ida to Midoriya Appears
85. Nothing but Fools Absent
86. Before the Storm Absent
87. Clash Absent
88. All For One Absent
89. All for a Certain One Absent
90. Reach Out Absent
91. Symbol of Peace Absent
92. One For All Appears
93. One For All's Ember Absent
94. From Teacher to Disciple Absent
95. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
96. Home Visits Absent
97. Tell It Like It Is, Mom Appears
Provisional Hero License Exam Arc
98. Moving into Dorms Appears
99. Goodbye Two-Digit Chapters, Hello Three Digits Appears
100. Creating Ultimate Moves Appears
101. The Girl Called Mei Hatsume Absent
102. On Cloud Nine Appears
103. The Test Appears
104. White-Hot Battle! To Each Their Own Strengths! Absent
105. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
106. Class 1-A Absent
107. Denki Kaminari's Thoughts Appears
108. RUSH! Appears
109. Rescue Exercise Flashback
110. Rescue Exercise Continued Appears
111. Smoldering Start Absent
112. What's the Big Idea? Absent
113. Test's Aftermath Absent
114. Results' Aftermath Appears
115. Unleashed Absent
116. Meeting in Tartarus Absent
117. A Talk About Your Quirk Absent
118. Meaningless Battle Absent
119. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
120. The Three Absent
121. Second Semester Opening Ceremony Appears
Shie Hassaikai Arc
122. A Season for Encounters Appears
123. Unrivaled Appears
124. Trouble Ahead!! Episode: Work Studies Absent
125. Overhaul Absent
126. Open Up, World Absent
127. Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata and All Might Absent
128. Boy Meets... Absent
129. Eri Absent
130. Listen to the Truth Appears
131. Fighting Fate Absent
132. The Plan Absent
133. Catch Up, Kirishima Absent
134. Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot Absent
135. An Unpleasant Talk Absent
136. Close at Hand!! Absent
137. Restraint!! Absent
138. Go!! Absent
139. Shudder! The Underground Labyrinth Absent
140. Suneater of the Big Three Absent
141. Hassaikai: Behind the Scenes Absent
142. Shield and Shield, Spear and Shield Absent
143. Let’s Rumble, Rappa!! Absent
144. Red Riot, Part 1 Absent
145. Red Riot, Part 2 Absent
146. Temp Squad Absent
147. Twoga!! Absent
148. The Anguish of Young Twoga Absent
149. Don't Get Mad, Irinaka Absent
150. Mirio Togata Absent
151. Mirio Togata!! Absent
152. Lemillion Absent
153. Transform! Absent
154. Unforeseen Hope Absent
155. Saviors, the Saved and a Hero's Place Absent
156. The Power of Those Saved Absent
157. Infinite 100 Percent Absent
158. Chisaki's Warped Compassion Absent
159. It's Over!! Absent
160. Expressway Absent
161. Bright Future Absent
162. Suitable One Absent
Remedial Course Arc
163. Smoldering Flames Appears
164. Masegaki Absent
165. Win Those Kids' Hearts Absent
166. Be Proud, License Trainees Absent
167. Number One Hero's Starting Line Appears
168. The Strange Tale of Aoyama Appears
U.A. School Festival Arc
169. School Festival Appears
170. With Eri Voice
171. Gentle and La Brava Appears
172. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 1) Appears
173. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 2) Appears
174. Golden Tips Imperial Appears
175. Morning, the Day Of Appears
176. Deku vs. Gentle Criminal Absent
177. At the Construction Site Appears
178. The Woman Called La Brava Absent
179. School Festival Start!! Absent
180. Unbeknownst Absent
181. For Someone Else Appears
182. Let It Flow! School Festival! Appears
183. Festival All Day Long!! Appears
Pro Hero Arc
184. Japanese Hero Billboard Chart Appears
185. Wing Hero: Hawks Absent
186. Endeavor and Hawks Absent
187. Flaming Roar! vs. Nomu: High-End Absent
188. Your Father, the Number One Hero Absent
189. Why He Gets Back Up Absent
190. His Start Absent
191. Dabi, Hawks, Endeavor Absent
192. The Todoroki Family Absent
193. Vestiges Appears
Joint Training Arc
194. Cold Skies over U.A. High! Flashback
195. Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Appears
196. Make It Happen, Shinso!! Appears
197. Quaotic Quirkstravaganza Absent
198. Know Where You Stand when It Counts!! Appears
199. Operation New Improv Moves! Appears
200. Clever Commander! Appears
201. Foresight Appears
202. Match 3 Absent
203. Flexible! Juzo Honenuki! Absent
204. Tuning Up Absent
205. Detour Absent
206. Match 3 Conclusion Absent
207. Early Bird! Appears
208. Match 4 Conclusion Absent
209. Match 5 Start Absent
210. The One For All Dream Absent
211. That Which Is Inherited Absent
212. That Which Is Inherited, Part 2 Absent
213. Realm of Souls Absent
214. Our Brawl Absent
215. Final Face-Off! Midoriya vs. Shinso! Absent
216. Class A vs. Class B: Conclusion! Appears
217. The New Power and All For One Absent
Meta Liberation Army Arc
218. The Meta Liberation Army Appears
219. Go, Slidin' Go! Absent
220. My Villain Academia Absent
221. Memento from All For One Absent
222. Tomura Shigaraki: Distortion Appears
223. Cockroaches Absent
224. Revival Party Absent
225. Interview with a Vampire Absent
226. Bloody Love Absent
227. Sleepy Absent
228. Wounded Soul Absent
229. All It Takes Is One Bad Day Absent
230. Sad Man's Parade Absent
231. Path Absent
232. Meta Abilities and Quirks Absent
233. Bright Future Flashback
234. Destruction Sense Absent
235. Tenko Shimura: Origin Absent
236. Tenko Shimura: Origin, Part 2 Absent
237. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Absent
238. Liberation Absent
239. Successor Absent
240. Power Absent
Endeavor Agency Arc
241. Do That Interview! Appears
242. Have a Merry Christmas! Appears
243. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Absent
244. Recommended Reading Absent
245. Rise to Action Absent
246. Message Appears
247. Status Report! Absent
248. One Thing at a Time Absent
249. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
250. Ending Absent
251. Just One Week Absent
252. The Unforgiven Absent
Paranormal Liberation War Arc
253. Shirakumo Appears
254. More of a Hero than Anyone Absent
255. Hero Hopeful Absent
256. The High, Deep Blue Sky Appears
257. Pass It Forward, to Whomever Appears
258. Friends Absent
259. A Quiet Beginning Appears
260. Life's Work Absent
261. High-Ends Absent
262. Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Absent
263. I Wanna Be with You Guys!! Appears
264. One's Justice Absent
265. Villains and Heroes Absent
266. Happy Life Absent
267. Flames Absent
268. Scramble! Absent
269. The Three of Us Absent
270. Inheritance Absent
271. Dark Cloud Absent
272. Good Morning! Absent
273. The Thrill of Destruction Absent
274. Search Absent
275. Encounter, Part 2 Absent
276. You Cheated...! Pictured
277. Who...? Absent
278. Disaster Walker Appears
279. League of Villains vs. U.A. Students Appears
280. Red Riot, Part 3 Absent
281. Plus Ultra Absent
282. Footfall of Destruction Absent
283. 75 Appears
284. Deep Blue Battle Absent
285. Katsuki Bakugo Rising Absent
286. The Ones Within Us Absent
287. Mistake Absent
288. Save Takeo!! Absent
289. Miss Candid and Miss Shut-Away Absent
290. Dabi's Dance Absent
291. Thanks For Going Strong Absent
292. Threads of Hope Absent
293. Hero-Saturated Society Absent
294. Final Performance Absent
295. Tenacious Absent
296. Hellish Hell Absent
297. Tartarus Absent
298. Sounds of Collapse Absent
299. Like Those Tragic Tales Absent
300. The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Absent
301. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 1 Absent
302. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 2 Absent
303. Top Three Absent
304. Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi Absent
305. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Absent
306. The Final Act Begins Absent
Tartarus Escapees Arc
307. Been a While!! Absent
308. Full Power!! Absent
309. Can't Be a Child Anymore Absent
310. Masters and Pupil Absent
311. Here We Go!! Absent
312. Hired Gun Absent
313. High-Speed Long-Range Mobile Cannon Absent
314. The Lovely Lady Nagant Absent
315. Platitudes Absent
316. Your Turn Absent
317. Scars, Blood, Filth Absent
318. Reckless Fantasy
319. Friend Appears
320. Deku vs. Class A Appears
321. From Class A to One For All Appears
322. Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight Appears
323. That Single Step Flashback
324. A Young Woman's Declaration Absent
325. The Bonds of One For All Absent
326. Who Are You Really? Pictured
327. Rest!! Absent
328. No Man Is an Island Absent
U.A. Traitor Arc
335. Zygotes Appears
336. Villain Appears
337. A Disposable Life Appears
338. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 1 Appears
339. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 2 Mentioned
340. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 3 Appears
341. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part Minus 1 Absent
342. The Extreme Quiet Before the Storm Appears

Anime Appearances

Season 1
1. Izuku Midoriya: Origin Absent
2. What It Takes to Be a Hero Absent
3. Roaring Muscles Absent
4. Start Line Debut
5. What I Can Do for Now Appears
6. Rage, You Damn Nerd Appears
7. Deku vs. Kacchan Appears
8. Bakugo's Start Line Appears
9. Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida! Appears
10. Encounter with the Unknown Appears
11. Game Over Absent
12. All Might Absent
13. In Each of Our Hearts Appears
Season 2
14. That's the Idea, Ochaco Appears
15. Roaring Sports Festival Appears
16. In Their Own Quirky Ways Appears
17. Strategy, Strategy, Strategy Appears
18. Cavalry Battle Finale Appears
19. The Boy Born with Everything Appears
20. Victory or Defeat Appears
21. Battle on, Challengers! Appears
22. Bakugo vs. Uraraka Absent
23. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Appears
24. Fight on, Ida Absent
25. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Appears
26. Time to Pick Some Names Appears
27. Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Absent
28. Midoriya and Shigaraki Absent
29. Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students Absent
30. Climax Absent
31. The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain Absent
32. Everyone's Internships Absent
33. Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past Appears
34. Gear up for Final Exams Appears
35. Yaoyorozu: Rising Appears
36. Stripping the Varnish Appears
37. Katsuki Bakugo: Origin Absent
38. Encounter Appears
Season 3
39. Game Start Appears
40. Wild, Wild Pussycats Appears
41. Kota Appears
42. My Hero Absent
43. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Absent
44. Roaring Upheaval Appears
45. What a Twist! Appears
46. From Ida to Midoriya Appears
47. All For One Absent
48. Symbol of Peace Flashback
49. One For All Appears
50. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
51. Moving into Dorms Appears
52. Create Those Ultimate Moves Appears
53. The Test Appears
54. Shiketsu High Lurking Appears
55. Class 1-A Flashback
56. RUSH! Appears
57. Rescue Exercises Appears
58. Special Episode: Save the World with Love! Absent
59. What's the Big Idea? Appears
60. A Talk about Your Quirk Appears
61. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Appears
62. A Season for Encounters Appears
63. Unrivaled Appears
Season 4
64. The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A Appears
65. Overhaul Appears
66. Boy Meets... Absent
67. Fighting Fate Appears
68. Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot Absent
69. An Unpleasant Talk Flashback
70. GO!! Appears
71. Suneater of the Big Three Absent
72. Red Riot Absent
73. Temp Squad Absent
74. Lemillion Absent
75. Unforeseen Hope Absent
76. Infinite 100% Absent
77. Bright Future Absent
78. Smoldering Flames Appears
79. Win Those Kids' Hearts Absent
80. Relief for License Trainees Appears
81. School Festival Appears
82. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part Appears
83. Gold Tips Imperial Appears
84. Deku vs. Gentle Criminal Appears
85. School Festival Start!! Absent
86. Let It Flow! School Festival! Appears
87. Japanese Hero Billboard Chart Appears
88. His Start Absent
Season 5
89. All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A Appears
90. Vestiges Absent
91. Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Appears
92. Make It Happen, Shinso! Appears
93. Operation New Improv Moves Appears
94. Foresight Appears
95. Match 3 Appears
96. Match 3 Conclusion Appears
97. Early Bird! Appears
98. That Which Is Inherited Absent
99. Our Brawl Appears
100. The New Power and All For One Appears
101. Have a Merry Christmas! Appears
102. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Absent
103. One Thing at a Time Appears
104. Long Time No See, Selkie Absent
105. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
106. The Unforgiven Absent
107. More of a Hero Than Anyone Appears
108. My Villain Academia Absent
109. Revival Party Absent
110. Sad Man's Parade Absent
111. Tenko Shimura: Origin Absent
112. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Absent
113. The High, Deep Blue Sky Appears


Early concept design of Yuga.

  • Yuga's early design was very similar to how he currently looks, aside from slightly longer, less spiky hair and different pants. His hero name was also supposed to be "Can't Stop Twinkle" instead of "Can't Stop Twinkling".
  • According to Yuga's Volume 1 profile:
    • His favorite thing is himself.
    • Horikoshi says he doesn't really understand this character, but he is fun to draw so that is fine by him.
  • Yuga's surname contains the kanji for "blue" ( ao?) and "mountain" ( yama?), and his first name contains "excellent, superior" ( ?) and "elegant, graceful, refined" ( ga?). His surname is exactly the same as Aoyama (青山), the name of a wealthy and fashionable area of Tokyo, which is often mentioned associating with the word "elegant" (優雅 yūga?).
  • Yuga uses a rose scented fragrance to give himself a romantic tip.
  • Yuga's known U.A. academic data is as follows:
    • Student No. 1 in Class 1-A.
    • Ranked 14th during the Quirk Apprehension Test.
      • His 50-Meter Dash record is 5.51 seconds. His previous record was 8.25 seconds in middle school.
    • Ranked 18th in Class 1-A's grades.
    • Ranked in the Top 16 of the U.A. Sports Festival First-Year Stage.
  • Yuga's Japanese voice actor, Kosuke Kuwano, also voices Hiryu Rin.
  • Yuga is one of the three students attending U.A. confirmed to be a foreigner, the others being Hiryu and Pony Tsunotori.
  • With his birthday taking place in late May (two days after Mashirao Ojiro's), Yuga is the third oldest student in Class 1-A, as everyone was fifteen when they started U.A.'s school year in early April.
  • He might be aware that he's just a fictional character due to his constant breaking of the fourth wall.
  • Yuga's Quirk seems to be based on Cyclops from the X-Men, who would also regularly wear red sunglasses not unlike the ones Yuga wears as part of his hero outfit.
  • Yuga is the only member in Class 1-A to be from outside Japan.


  • (To All For One) "Maman and Papa told me something else. They told me what it is you fear most, All For One. You fear the world learning that Japan isn't finished yet. You fear the light and hope that come with recovery. And you fear Japan inspiring the world to unite once more. So today is the day… and this is the place where you fall!!"


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