Today's my debut! Pleased to meet you all! You can call me Mt. Lady!

Template:Character Infobox/Pro Yu Takeyama ( (たけ) (やま) (ゆう) Takeyama Yū?),[1] also known as the hero Mt. Lady (Mt. (マウント) レディ Maunto Redī?), is the No.23 Pro Hero.


Mt. Lady is a voluptuous young woman who has purple eyes and long, voluminous, creamy blonde hair curled into two strands.

Her hero costume is composed of a purple and cream colored skintight bodysuit, which is accented with orange stripes. The suit also has three peculiar orange diamond shaped dots on the purple top that are located under her chest. She also wears a purple domino mask with horn-like protrusions on the sides


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Mt. Lady's vanity

Mt. Lady is a young woman who seems to enjoy the attention that being a hero gives her and she does not feel any shame from having to take that fame from another hero while basking in the glory. She is also shown to be vain as she uses her ample sex appeal to further her popularity or to gain something. Shown during Minoru's internship, she also appears to be very lazy.[2]

However, she is not careless, as shown that she will not transform into her giant form in confined spaces in fear of destroying nearby buildings and risk harming civilians as she is careful when fighting a villain who has taken hostages. Despite her vanity, she has shown to be selfless as she stopped Mr. Compress from reaching Izuku's group after they saved Katsuki Bakugo even though she was already heavily injured from All For One's attack.[3]



Gigantification (巨大化 Kyodai-ka?): Mt. Lady's Quirk allows her to grow to a gigantic size. However, she cannot adjust between her base-height and the height created via her Quirk, making her only able to be either 162 cm or 2062 cm tall.

Super Moves

  • Canyon Cannon (キャニオンカノン Kyanion Kanon?): While in her giant form, Mt. Lady performs a flying kick.[4]
  • Titan Cliff (タイタンクリフ Taitan Kurifu?): Mt. Lady grows into her giant form and headbutts the enemy. Mt. Lady used this move to intercept Mr. Compress.[5]


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Battles & Events

Entrance Exam Arc

Battle Trial Arc


Sketches of Mt. Lady from Ochaco's prototype design and the final concept.

  • Yu was created from using Ochaco Uraraka's original prototype concept. From the sketch on the left, Yu's hair was shorter and blue, had no horns, and a different costume design.
  • Yu's name has the kanji for "tall mountain or mountain peak" (?), "mountain" (?), and "superiority" (?).
  • Yu's anime voice actress, Kaori Nazuka, also voices Toru Hagakure.
  • Possibly, Yu is inspired by Western superheroes and supervillains like Stature, Giganta or Garganta.
    • Yu also shares many visual similarities with Stature, including costume and hair.


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