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Even trash like us have pride. When given a job... you can bet we'll come through!!
Yu Hojo to Suneater in "Suneater of the Big Three"

This article is about the Shie Hassaikai member of the Eight Bullets. For the No. 23 Pro Hero known as "Mt. Lady", see Yu Takeyama.

Yu Hojo ( (ほう) (じょう) (ゆう) Hōjō Yū?) is one of the Eight Bullets who works for Shie Hassaikai.


Yu is a tall, muscular man with shadowed eyes, and his head shaven to use his Quirk more efficiently.[1]

He wears a dark dress shirt, the top few buttons left undone, and plain pants, along with a pair of black dress shoes. His choice of mask seems to be a simple medical mask that he wears over his mouth, very unlike the signature beak-like mask that’s worn by the rest of the Eight Bullets.



The bond between Yu, Toya, and Soramitsu.

Yu appears to be a fairly serious individual with fierce loyalty to Overhaul and the Shie Hassaikai. He is straightforward and brutish toward the enemy, but loyal and reliable to his allies.

Yu holds a grudge against the people who took advantage of him in the past. He feels abused and considers himself garbage. However, Overhaul gave him a purpose and Yu is prepared to die for his young master. Yu believes that heroes can't understand the bonds between trash like the Eight Bullets.[2]


At some point of his life, Yu had the job of producing gems for an unspecified individual, who planned to sell the minerals for large profits. However, the gems turned out to be worthless, leading to Yu being beaten within an inch of his life and discarded.

Yu was eventually found by Overhaul in the streets, with the Yakuza offering him the opportunity to become his subordinate. With nowhere else to go, Yu accepted and became one of the Eight Bullets.[2]


Shie Hassaikai Arc

Yu attacking Tamaki.

Yu, Toya Setsuno, and Soramitsu Tabe of the Eight Bullets are tasked with ambushing the heroes raiding the Shie Hassaikai hideout. Mimic drops a group of the heroes inside a small room where the three villains greet them. Suneater of U.A. High School's Big 3 challenges the trio alone.[3]

Yu and Toya launch a preemptive attack on the entire group of heroes, but Eraser Head halts their Quirks and Suneater leaps into action. Suneater restrains the criminal triad and tries to knock them out, but Toya buys them enough times for their Quirks to resurface. Yu immediately activates his Crystallize Quirk and breaks free from his tentacle bonds.

Toya uses his Larceny Quirk to take away Suneater's defense, leaving him open to a crystal-enhanced punch from Yu. However, the villains underestimate Suneater's resolve and he catches the punch using the maximum output of his Manifest Quirk.[4] Suneater repels the villains with his Kraken Super Move and they're forced to make Soramitsu wake up after being knocked out by Eraser Head earlier.

Yu claims heroes will never understand the Eight Bullets.

Soramitsu is able to counter Suneater's Quirk by eating his manifested tentacles. Soramitsu and Toya's teamwork leaves Suneater vulnerable to a powerful punch from Yu. When the hero is on the edge of defeat, the three villains explain their past and why they're loyal to Overhaul. Suneater comments that they're just being used and Yu gets angry, claiming a hero will never understand.

Suneater quickly breaks up the villain's teamwork by blinding Toya. He then manifests Yu's own crystals to halt the next attack. Suneater finishes off the villains with a powerful talon and tentacle combination that defeats the Yakuza thugs.[2] After Deku defeated Overhaul; he was arrested along with the rest of the Shie Hassaikai.[5]


Overall Abilities: Being an Eight Bullets member of the Shie Hassaikai, Yu is a very formidable individual. He also possesses a great handle on his Quirk, Crystallization, which he uses to manifest crystals on his body to amplify the strength of his melee attacks. Yu commonly tag-teams with his fellow Eight Bullets members, Soramitsu Tabe and Toya Setsuno, and employs effective camaraderie when working alongside the two. Yu capitalizes on the openings Toya creates with his Larceny Quirk to disarm opponents, and then uses his crystal-enhanced attacks to barrage his opponents, giving Yu the upper hand in terms of brute force. The teamwork the Shie Hassaikai have with one another is so impeccable, Tamaki Amajiki, the second strongest of U.A.'s Big 3, was caught off-guard and overpowered multiple times in his battle against the three. While Soramitsu, Toya, and Yu did overwhelm Tamaki, the trio were taken by surprise when the hero took advantage of their teamwork and Quirk abilities, resulting in the 3 Shie Hassaikai members being defeated.

Tactical Intellect: Despite his gruff appearance, Yu is a very analytical person. When he threw a crystal-augmented punch at Tamaki, the latter countered the attack, and Yu meticulously deduced that Tamaki created octopus arms filled with thick muscles to absorb the shock of the impact, while simultaneously protecting himself from crystal damage using a thick layer of shells. Even as he continued barrage Tamaki, Yu took notice of the hero's impressive reflexes.


Crystallize ( (けっ) (しょう) Kesshō?): Yu's Quirk grants him the ability to produce sharp, durable crystals from his skin. This is effective for both close-ranged offense and defense.[4] He can also grow his crystals into the form a sword around his arm.[2]


4/6 B
3/6 C
3/6 C
4/6 B
5/6 A
Yu's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book


Handgun: Yu is armed with a pistol, which he uses in combat when his Quirk isn't reliable.[4]



After being deemed useless in his previous job, Yu was discarded on the streets, where he was found by Overhaul.[2] As a result, Yu is incredibly loyal to him.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Yu's name contains the kanji for treasure ( ?), life ( ?), and connection ( ?).
    • "Hō" could come from "jewel/gem" (宝石 hōseki?), and his first name came from the first kanji for the name of his Quirk, ( ?).
  • Yu seems to represent a corruption of the seventh tenet of the real eight precepts of Buddhism, which, among other things, forbids the wearing of jewelry and decorations such as crystals.


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