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Yo Shindo vs. Goto Imasuji is a battle fought between Grand against the villain Muscular.


Grand and Turtle Neck are sent to a ruined city to convince a group of civilians who are sheltering in the Taguchi building to evacuate the place and take refuge in Ketsubutsu Academy High School, due to the presence of a dangerous villain known as Jailbreaker in the area. However, the civilians have no faith in the heroes, especially both of them, who are still kids, and hence they refuse the offer, assuring Ketsubutsu students that they will defend themselves in case they are attacked.

Here's Muscular!

Having been unable to convince them otherwise, Grand and Turtle Neck decide to return. On their way back, their classmate Shikkui Makabe calls them on the phone, desperately informing them that Jailbreaker is heading exactly where they are and that they should get out of there immediately. Unfortunately, before they have the chance to run, they hear the sound of buildings being smashed, and soon Jailbreaker crashes on to a nearby building. Jailbreaker is none other than the villain Muscular, who is a bit disappointed to have found only two heroes to crush. Pulling out a blade, Grand asks his partner to call their master for backup and evacuate the citizens, while he deals with the villain.[1]

Some distance from there, Deku sees the destruction caused by Muscular.[2]


Grand is no match for Muscular.

Turtle Neck arrives back to Taguchi building just as the civilians are about to leave to protect the city. She ask them to run away, but they don't listen. Then, they all hear a powerful shaking coming from outside, and Turtle Neck watches in despair as Muscular had managed to pin Grand down on the roof of a nearby building, crushing him with his arm reinforced with his Pump Up Quirk.

Muscular taunts the Ketsubutsu student, asking him asking if that's all he got. Grand uses his Vibrate Quirk on Muscular's arm to free himself, but the villain assures him that his attack is no use since he is using 12,000 layers of muscle fibers as armor to protects his body.

Grand uses Tremoring Earth on Muscular.

Upon hearing this boast, Grand decides to use his power to the maximum even if it temporarily leaves him immobilized, and attacks Muscular with his Super Move, Tremoring Earth, in an attempt to stun and disorient the villain. Unfortunately for him, Muscular bulks up his protection, and his attack seems to have no effect on him.

In front of Turtle Neck and the citizens, Muscular is ready to kill Grand and it is then, Deku arrives and smashes the villain into the roof of a nearby house. Once the dust clears, Deku is shown carrying a badly-injured Grand, telling Muscular that his Danger Sense wouldn't shut up because of him.[1]


Deku arrives for a rematch against Muscular.

Despite wearing a mask, Muscular recognizes Deku by his voice and is delighted to met him again. The villain grabs a tile, and while he is molding it, he tells Izuku he was looking forward to fighting him again, not because he wanted revenge for being defeated in their previous battle, but because he is the only one capable of satisfying his bloodlust in a straight fight.

Grand is carried away to safety by Deku, who narrowly avoids Muscular throwing a huge chunk of a building straight at him. He is handed over to Turtle Neck, who'll treat his wounds while Deku decides to handle his old nemesis himself. He apologizes to Turtle Neck for not arriving in time to prevent many building from being wrecked, but ensures that from now on there will be no more damage. Due to the large amount of smoke, she cannot see Deku well, but she does remember his voice somewhere.


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