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Eye-Gun Hero: X-Less ( (ガン) (ガン) ヒーローエクスレス Gangan Hīrō Ekusuresu?)[1] was a Pro Hero.


X-Less was a lean man with full lips and an undercut going up from the base of his neck to his forehead, with his remaining portion of hair being combed over to the right side of his head. He also had a long scar on his left face going from his eyebrow to the middle of his cheek. His right eye lacks a pupil.

X-Less' Hero Costume consisted of a blue bodysuit with a light upper half and a darker bottom half. His sleeves were decorated by a dark blue section with three yellow stripes and larger dark blue stripe wrapped around his head and over his right eye. He also wore a red cape.

Sometime before the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he added a pale lens over his right eye, presumably designed to aid the use of his Quirk.


X-Less was a cautious individual as he opted to destroy an unknown machine inside the villain's lair before carrying on with his mission.[2]


Hideout Raid Arc

X-Less is one of the heroes who joined the Hideout Raid Team during the Kamino Incident.[3]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

X-Less is one of the heroes who assaulted Jaku General Hospital, coming into conflict with several High-End Nomu.[4][5] Alongside Present Mic, however, he managed to get to the room where Tomura Shigaraki was being operated on, finding him in a death-like state after Present Mic interrupted the procedure.[1]

Present Mic tasks X-Less with disposing of Tomura while he takes care of Kyudai Garaki. Before doing so, X-Less notices a strange machine still working because the nearby tubes protected it from any damage. Although X-Less doesn't know its purpose, he decides to take no chances and destroys it.[2]

Unfortunately, a destroyed wire falls into the puddle of Tomura's sustaining fluid, which electrifies it and causes Tomura to recover from his near-death state and awaken. X-Less is stunned as Tomura proclaims his discomfort, stating that he is cold. Tomura then kills him, taking the deceased hero's cape for himself.[6] However, it turns out that X-Less' efforts were not in vain as the machine was dedicated to producing the Quirk-Destroying Drugs. With its destruction, most of the drugs are wasted.[7]



Laser ( (こう) (せん) Kōsen?): This Quirk allows X-Less to fire energy beams from his right eye.

Battles and Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

Hideout Raid Arc
84. From Ida to Midoriya Absent
85. Nothing but Fools Absent
86. Before the Storm Debut
87. Clash Absent
88. All For One Absent
89. All for a Certain One Absent
90. Reach Out Absent
91. Symbol of Peace Absent
92. One For All Absent
93. One For All's Ember Absent
94. From Teacher to Disciple Absent
95. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
96. Home Visits Absent
97. Tell It Like It Is, Mom Absent
Provisional Hero License Exam Arc
98. Moving into Dorms Absent
99. Goodbye Two-Digit Chapters, Hello Three Digits Absent
100. Creating Ultimate Moves Absent
101. The Girl Called Mei Hatsume Absent
102. On Cloud Nine Absent
103. The Test Absent
104. White-Hot Battle! To Each Their Own Strengths! Absent
105. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
106. Class 1-A Absent
107. Denki Kaminari's Thoughts Absent
108. RUSH! Absent
109. Rescue Exercise Absent
110. Rescue Exercise Continued Flashback
111. Smoldering Start Absent
112. What's the Big Idea? Absent
113. Test's Aftermath Absent
114. Results' Aftermath Absent
115. Unleashed Absent
116. Meeting in Tartarus Absent
117. A Talk About Your Quirk Absent
118. Meaningless Battle Absent
119. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
120. The Three Absent
121. Second Semester Opening Ceremony Absent
Paranormal Liberation War Arc
253. Shirakumo Absent
254. More of a Hero than Anyone Absent
255. Hero Hopeful Absent
256. The High, Deep Blue Sky Absent
257. Pass It Forward, to Whomever Absent
258. Friends Appears
259. A Quiet Beginning Absent
260. Life's Work Absent
261. High-Ends Absent
262. Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Appears
263. I Wanna Be with You Guys!! Absent
264. One's Justice Absent
265. Villains and Heroes Absent
266. Happy Life Absent
267. Flames Absent
268. Scramble! Appears
269. The Three of Us Appears
270. Inheritance Appears
271. Dark Cloud Absent
272. Good Morning! Death
273. The Thrill of Destruction Absent
274. Search Absent
275. Encounter, Part 2 Absent
276. You Cheated...! Absent
277. Who...? Absent
278. Disaster Walker Absent
279. League of Villains vs. U.A. Students Absent
280. Red Riot, Part 3 Absent
281. Plus Ultra Absent
282. Footfall of Destruction Absent
283. 75 Absent
284. Deep Blue Battle Absent
285. Katsuki Bakugo Rising Absent
286. The Ones Within Us Absent
287. Mistake Absent
288. Save Takeo!! Absent
289. Miss Candid and Miss Shut-Away Absent
290. Dabi's Dance Absent
291. Thanks For Going Strong Absent
292. Threads of Hope Absent
293. Hero-Saturated Society Absent
294. Final Performance Absent
295. Tenacious Absent
296. Hellish Hell Pictured
297. Tartarus Absent
298. Sounds of Collapse Absent
299. Like Those Tragic Tales Absent
300. The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Absent
301. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 1 Absent
302. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 2 Absent
303. Top Three Absent
304. Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi Absent
305. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Absent
306. The Final Act Begins Absent


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