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X (バツ Batsu?) is a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


X is a rather tall woman with dark skin, full lips and beady, almond-shaped eyes of a very dark greenish-color that somewhat resemble those of an insect. She has long, dark blonde hair that reaches her waist, parted in the center with two shorter clumps left over her shoulders to frame her face, and she also appears to possess a set of short, bug-like antennae protruding downwards from her forehead.

Her hero costume consists of a sleeveless black dress with three yellow claw-shaped markings decorating either side of her torso, and a short, black and white pinstriped skirt with a V-shaped belt around her waist. Around her neck, she has a thick furred collar of a pale yellow color, and she also wears black and yellow-striped vambraces with plain black extensions that extend up to her shoulders, a red jewel decorating each of them at the top. She also wears pale thigh-high boots with two hollow red hexagons decorating them at the top, these, and the rest of her appearance, giving her a clear resemblance to a bee.


Not much is known about her personality at this time.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

X was one of the guests in the I-Expo reception. She was captured by Wolfram and his henchmen.

After I-Island's security system was reclaimed by Melissa, she was freed.



X Ray (X (エクス) Ekusu-sen?): Nothing is known about her Quirk apart from its name.



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