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Whirlwind ( (せん) (ぷう) Senpū?) is the Quirk used by Inasa Yoarashi.


Whirlwind grants the user the ability to control the air around them.

Inasa generating vicious gusts of wind.

Inasa is able to manipulate gusts of wind with little to no movement from his body at all, letting him create strong gales and small tornadoes that he has full mastery over. Great winds may be used to propel Inasa, the people around him, and different objects all at the same time.[1]


While Inasa can activate his Quirk even while subdued, Whirlwind loses significant strength and speed if he becomes unable to move around his limbs.[2] As high temperatures are known to push air away, large amounts of fire may affect the flow of Inasa's wind, disrupting his control over his Quirk.[3]


Inasa has great delicate control over his Quirk. He can channel countless different wind currents at once and manipulate them to move debris and people without making them collide with one another.[1]

Offensively, Inasa often sends strong gusts of wind at his opponents, blowing them away. For defense, Whirlwind is effective at deflecting projectiles and giving Inasa the maneuverability to evade incoming attacks.

Inasa using Whirlwind to fly.

Inasa's Hero Costume helps him generate miniature tornadoes that allow him to fly. This occurs by flushing the wind through the tubing around his body to suspend him in a tornado.[4] Inasa is able to propel himself off the ground through wind bursts as well, which bestows him with a speed boost that does not require his costume to perform.

Initially, Inasa's Whirlwind clashed with Shoto's Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk because the latter's heat would compromise airflow.[3] However, once Inasa and Shoto began working together, they became capable of combining their Quirks to achieve different feats, such as a spiraling flame tornado[2] or a playground made of ice.[5]


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