Water Hose (ウォーターホース Wōtā Hōsu?) were Pro Heroes and Kota Izumi's parents.[1]


When Kota Izumi was three, both of his parents were defending a village from the A-rank Villain Muscular and they sacrificed themselves to save the civilians. The heroes' efforts were constantly praised by others, but it ended up scarring their only son, Kota.[2]

The duo managed to injure Muscular enough to drive him away, destroying his left eye and leaving him with a deep physical scar.[3]


It has been stated that they both had water-based Quirks.

They were able to cause a serious injury to a powerful A-rank Villain.


Battles & Events

Battles & Events



  • Their databook entry spells out their name as "Water Horse".[4]


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