Warping ( (てん) (そう) Tensō?) is a stolen Quirk used by All For One and the Nomu Johnny.


This Quirk allows the user to produce a black liquid that acts as a warping portal.

The black liquid apparently has a horrid smell. It usually spurts from the target's mouth, completely enveloping them before vanishing alongside the target. It's possible to create multiple portals at once.


Warping utilizes specific people instead of coordinates to function as destination points (unlike Warp Gate). Targets are limited to being brought to or sent away from the user, and the person acting as the destination point must be someone the user sufficiently acquainted with.[1][2] However, this wasn't the case when All For One was able to use this Quirk to warp Katsuki Bakugo to his location. The warping distance of this power is also shorter.

According to Kyudai Garaki, every time Johnny uses this Quirk, he develops a severe case of tonsillitis.[3]


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