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Warping ( (てん) (そう) Tensō?) is a stolen Quirk used by All For One and the Nomu Johnny.


Kyudai uses Johnny to warp Tomura to Gigantomachia.

This Quirk allows the user to produce a black ooze-like liquid from other peoples mouths. The black liquid then envelops the persons entire body and acts as a warping portal, vanishing along with the target before reappearing at a different location. It's possible to create multiple portals at once.

Warping utilizes specific people as a destination, unlike Warp Gate, which uses coordinates.


The user is limited to only either bringing targets to their current location or sending them away from their current location. Furthermore, the user can only teleport people they are sufficiently acquainted with, or people who are at least standing close to someone they are sufficiently acquainted with, as was the case when All For One was able to use this Quirk to warp Katsuki Bakugo to his location.[1][2]

The warping distance of this power is shorter than that of Warp Gate.

According to Kyudai Garaki, every time Johnny uses this Quirk, he develops a severe case of tonsillitis.[3]


  • The black liquid apparently has a horrid smell.


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