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World Heroes' Mission (ワールド ヒーローズ ミッション Wārudo Hīrōzu Misshon?) is the special tie-in volume released alongside the film My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.

Volume Cover and Illustration

The top portion of the logo has clear orange lettering surrounded by a white box, while the bottom portion is orange with a clear backing. The author's name is printed in white with a black outline in the bottom right corner.

The cover features Endeavor's trainees Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki on a mission with civilian Rody Soul.

Author's Notes

The third movie! Thank you for your interest! Isn't it great to have three movies made? Thank you! Thank you world!

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary


  • Introduction (イントロダクション Intorodakushon'?)
  • Part 1: Character Reports (キャラクターレポート Kyarakutā Repōto?)
  • Part 2: Special Writings (スぺシャル ライティングス Supesharu Raitingusu?)
  • Part 3: Horikoshi's Precious Drawings (ホリコシズ プレシャス ドローイングス Horikoshizu Pureshasu Dorōingusu?)
  • Original Design by Kohei Horikoshi (堀越耕平先生デザイン原案集 Horikoshi Kōhei Sensei Dezain Gen'an Shū?)
  • Tell me! Horikoshi Sensei! Q&A My Hero Academia (教えて! 掘越先生! 「ヒロアカ」一問一答! Oshiete Horikoshi Sensei! Hiroaka Ichimon Ichitō?)
  • "Hawks: Soothe" (描き下ろし漫画「ホークス: SOOTHE (スーズ) Egaki Oroshi Manga Hōkusu: Sūzu?)

Extra Pages

Volume Quote

Thank you for looking so far! But this book touches on the movie in depth, so it's best to read it after you've seen the movie!

—Izuku Midoriya


  • This is the first of the movie tie-in volumes to receive a limited release in English, through select screenings in American theatres.

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