Two Heroes (2人 (ふたり) 英雄 (ヒーロー) Futari no Hīrō?) is the special tie-in volume released alongside the film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Volume Cover and Illustration

The top portion of the logo is white surrounded by a white, blue, and black color gradient, while the bottom portion has a white, yellow, and red color gradient. The author's name is printed in white with a black outline and is placed in the bottom right corner. The cover shows the main students of Class 1-A featured in the film, including Izuku, Katsuki, and Ochaco, who are all dressed in their formal clothing. Along with Melissa, they are all falling downwards towards I-Island, as sundown is taking place in the background.

Author's Notes

Volume Summary


  • Character File (キャラクターファイル Kyarakutāfairu?)
  • Interview with Kohei Horikoshi (堀越耕平先生ロングインタビュー Horikoshi Kōhei Sensei Ronguintabyū?)
  • ???: All Might Rising (ALL MIGHT:RISING (オールマイト:ライジング) Ōru Maito: Raijingu?)

Extra Pages

Volume Quote

This book includes information from the movie! So please be careful and read it at your own risk.

Melissa Shield


  • The volume had a limited release of a million copies to be handed out with the premiere of the film in Japan.
  • The volume was released through VIZ's website in the United States.

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