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Graduation and Career Path (卒業と進路 Sotsugyō to Shinro?) is the ninth volume of the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The cover features Eraser Head when he faced Garvey, with Loud Cloud in the clouds cheering him on.

The illustration features Pop☆Step.

Author's Note

Vigilantes is a story about not wanting to grow up and postponing social responsibility, so one necessary element concerns the death of one's dreams. That's something that's hard to talk about in the main series, so it's the perfect theme for the spin-off.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

The really explosive developments begin in this volume, and while you readers may be shocked by what happens, keep in mind that I'm the very first person to go "Huhh!?" and "Oh god!" (not out loud, but inside) while drawing these scenes.

—Betten Court

Volume Summary

A villain incident when Aizawa was a student at U.A. changed him forever. Who could have known that fateful encounter would someday have an impact on the present? But as time goes by, life changes for Koichi, Pop, Makoto and everyone else. The glory days of Narufest are over, and it’s time to move on. Makoto puts an important question to Koichi, and Pop struggles to find herself. But Pop’s decision to go it alone may lead her down a dangerous path…


Extra Pages


  • The cover mirrors the cover of Volume 21 of the main series.

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