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Defend the Tower! (タワーを守れ! Tawā o Mamore!?) is the seventh volume of the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

This covers features The Crawler upside-down in the center, with Captain Celabrity, Pamela, the FeatherHATS, Edgeshot and Best Jeanist surrounding him, in front of the Tokyo Sky Egg.

This illustration features Pamela and Captain Celebrity.

Author's Note

The week that chapter 52 was released (where we learn about Captain Celebrity's past), I was a guest at Napoli Comic-Con in Italy. It was so much fun!

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

I was invited to Napoli Comic-Con in Italy, and I had a blast. Ever since I got back, I've been in a daze and can't stop thinking about it.

—Betten Court

Volume Summary

Knuckleduster has saved his daughter Tamao, but for now, he’s not letting anyone else know that he’s back. That’s just as well, since Koichi and Pop Step have their hands full getting ready for an all-out entertainment extravaganza—Captain Celebrity’s final appearance in Japan at the Sky Egg stadium! Unfortunately, the high-speed villain from Osaka is also preparing to initiate a major catastrophe at the event. When the chips are down, Captain Celebrity and Koichi may not be the heroes we want, but are they the heroes we need?


Extra Pages


  • The cover mirrors the cover of Volume 20 of the main series.

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