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Your Turn (THE () NEXT (ネクスト) Za Nekusuto?) is the thirty-second volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The title is printed in a yellow to red gradient with a yellow to white gradient background. The kanji for the logo is printed in a light pink with a black outline. The author's name is printed in the bottom left-hand corner in a green to yellow gradient. The cover is surrounded by a purple border on 3 sides and has a lightning bolt, similar to that of Danger Sense, spanning the page originating from the top right-hand corner.

The cover's background is a city, in front of which stands Lady Nagant activating her Quirk. In front of her is Izuku Midoriya looking behind himself.

The volume illustration features Izuku floating over the city. A sign with the title of the series is seen underneath a stoplight.

Author's Notes

Volume Summary

With society wavering on the verge of collapse in the wake of the recent chaos, Midoriya has left his school and friends behind in order to save whatever lives he can out on the streets and lure All For One into the open. But the mastermind villain has his own plans and sends villains for hire after Midoriya, including one familiar face. Chief among these hired guns is Lady Nagant — a fallen former hero who delivers plenty of bang for her buck.


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