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Tomura Shigaraki: Origin ( () (がら) () (とむら) :オリジン Shigaraki Tomura: Orijin?) is the twenty-fifth volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The tile is black with purple highlights, with some of it being eroded away. The background is light purple. The author's name is printed in the bottom left corner.

A battered and bloody Shigaraki is seen laughing maniacally, all while his clothing and the logo start disintegrating away due to his Decay Quirk.

The volume illustration features the girls of Class 1-B wearing Santa costumes, referencing the ones Class 1-A wore during their Christmas party.

Author's Notes

Volume 25! Thanks for buying it! The second movie is about to come out! I couldn't be happier!

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

Since the terrifying incident when Tomura’s Quirk manifested, only the greatest villain of them all, All For One, has been able to speak to the broken young boy’s heart. The consequences of that fateful meeting play out in the present as Tomura and Re-Destro, the leader of the Meta Liberation Army, battle for supremacy—and if it takes leveling a whole city to sort out who’s on top, so be it!


Volume Changes

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Chapter 241 (magazine version).png Chapter 241.png Chapter 241, cover
Correction: In the magazine version, the cover originally showed Izuku and Katsuki changing part of the My Hero Academia logo from Villains to Heroes. In the volume release they are left with their hands empty and the logo has been removed.

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