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All It Takes Is One Bad Day (All (オール) It (イット) Takes (テイクス) Is (イズ) One (ワン) Bad (バッド) Day (デイ) Ōru Itto Teikusu Izu Wan Baddo Dei?) is the twenty-fourth volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The cover of volume twenty-four showcases the League of Villains front and center over a solid black background. The six central members of the League sit on red wreckage of what appears to be traffic poles and lights. Spinner and Mr. Compress appear to be trying to fix some wreckage and change the "Hero" in the title of the volume to "Villain", shifting the title to "My Villain Academia". Tomura sits in the middle of it all while Dabi appears aloof sitting next to him. In the front row are Twice and Himiko Toga, who are peering out toward the reader.

The volume artwork shows Twice unmasked as he smokes a cigarette. It also features the My Hero Academia logo with the "Hero" crossed out and replaced with "Villain".

Author's Notes

Thanks for picking up volume 24! It turns out this volume is wall-to-wall villain stories. I have to say sorry to those of you who were hoping for more Deku... But I think this should be interesting, so please enjoy it!

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

A new player emerges in the underground world of villains in the form of the Meta Liberation Army. Led by the CEO of the Detnerat Corporation, the MLA is preparing for a new metahuman revolution. In their eyes, the League of Villains is an obstacle to be removed, but Tomura and his band of miscreants aren’t about to go down quietly. It’s army versus league in all-out war, and dominance must be established.


Volume Corrections

  • In the volume release, Jin Bubaigawara's dialogue in Chapter 233, page 1, is corrected due to the inconsistency of some facts regarding Himiko Toga's Double.

Extra Pages

Next Volume Quote


  • Volume 24 marks the first time a villain is featured on the manga spine.
    • If the dust jacket is removed from the Japanese Volume it'll reveal an unmasked Jin Bubaigawara.
  • Volume 24's cover is the first to not feature any protagonists (though in the context of this volume and the next, the League of Villains functions as protagonists).
  • Volume 24 is the only volume to not have Izuku Midoriya appear in any of the chapters (with his only appearance in the volume itself in the Afterword)
  • Volume 24 and Chapter 229's title comes from the quote from the DC Comics graphic novel The Killing Joke.

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