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Our Brawl (ぼくらの (だい) (らん) (せん) Bokura no Dairansen?) is the twenty-third volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The title is black and white with shades of yellow and orange. The author's name is printed in black with a white outline and is placed in the bottom right corner. The background sports a darker shade of orange, accompanied by light orange stripes of varying lengths.

The cover features Izuku on the right raising his fist, and Hitoshi on the left holding his hand outward, both in their hero costumes. Threading between Hitoshi's hands is his Capturing Weapon, which snakes across the page and into the background with an 'X' formation. Inverted below the weapon are the League of Villains group upside-down.

The volume illustration features Hawks.

Author's Notes

Volume 23! Thanks for choosing to take this one home! I wrote a comment in an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump a while back having sticker phobia, but then I remembered all the fans who've sent me fan mail decorated with stickers. That comment probably hurt them... I'm sorry I ever wrote that. I've got a second stomach for fan letters, and I always get such a kick out of reading them.

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

The final match of the battle training between Class A and Class B continues. Zapped by Hitoshi’s mind control, Izuku enters a fugue state where he meets one of the former users of One For All. What powerful Quirks have yet to be unlocked? Izuku will surely need the full potential of One For All someday, but in the meantime, a new enemy—the Meta Liberation Army—begins to make its moves.


  • 213. Realm of Souls ( (たましい) (しょ) (ざい) Tamashī no Shozai?)
  • 214. Our Brawl (ぼくらの (だい) (らん) (せん) Bokura no Dairansen?)
  • 215. Final Face-Off! Midoriya vs. Shinso! ( (さい) (しゅう) (きょく) (めん) (みどり) () VS (バーサス) (しん) (そう) !! Saishū Kyokumen! Midoriya Bāsasu Shinsō!!?)
  • 216. Class A vs. Class B: Conclusion ( (けっ) (ちゃく) A (エー) (ぐみ) VS (バーサス) B (ビー) (ぐみ) Ketchaku! Ē-gumi Bāsasu Bī-gumi?)
  • 217. The New Power and All For One ( (あたら) しい (ちから) とオール・フォー・ワン Atarashī Chikara to Ōru Fō Wan?)
  • 218. The Meta Liberation Army ( () (のう) (かい) (ほう) (ぐん) Inō Kaihō-gun?)
  • 219. Go! Slidin' Go! (ゴー!スライディン・ゴー! Gō! Suraidin Gō!?)
  • 220. My Villain Academia ( (ぼく) のヴィランアカデミア Boku no Viran Akademia?)
  • 221. Memento from All For One (オール・フォー・ワンの () 土産 (みやげ) Ōru Fō Wan no Okimiyage?)
  • 222. Tomura Shigaraki: Distortion ( () (がら) () (とむら) Distortion (ディストーション) Shigaraki Tomura: Disutōshon?)
  • 223. Cockroaches (ゴキブリ Gokiburi?)
  • 224. Revival Party ( (さい) (りん) (さい) Sairin-sai?)

Volume Corrections

Extra Pages

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  • As of this volume, every member of Class 1-A has been featured on a volume spine.

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