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School Festival ( (ぶん) () (さい) Bunkasai?) is the nineteenth volume of the My Hero Academia.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The top portion of the logo is black and white, while the bottom portion is printed in various colors with a white outline. The author's name and surname is printed in white with a black outline on the bottom right corner.

The cover features Kyoka holding her bass with a somber expression on her face while sporting different accessories like wristbands and a pair of headphones. In the background are the other members of the Class 1-A band and Mina, who coordinated the dancing. All the characters are placed on a light pink background with white polka dots, which emphasizes the more lighthearted and slice-of-life nature of the arc.

The volume illustration features Izuku and Mei, with the latter riding a motorcycle and the former riding a hover vehicle that looks similar to an ATV. At the bottom left of the drawing is a road sign that says the series title and the volume number.

Author's Notes

Volume 19! Thank you for purchasing it! It seems I'm about to go overseas for the first time ever. Wow!

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

In the wake of tragedy, Class 1-A prepares for the upcoming School Festival. While the students are busy planning for success, other forces are at work with their own agendas, and Izuku, amid the preparations, continues to train with All Might. But when he runs into the failed hero Gentle Criminal, what lesson will he learn?


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