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Extra content from Volume 17.

Rejected Version Of The Image To The Left

  • Chapter 149.png
  • Volume 17 Himiko and Jin Sketch.png

(Why rejected? They were having too much fun here.)

But I picked it up off the cutting room floor and cleaned it up.

Overhaul Sidebar

Volume 17 Chisaki Trivia.png

With his Quirk, he could easily heal the scar Magne gave him, but the young boss made a conscious decision not to. By keeping it, it serves as a wordless, threatening reminder that both sides have been wronged. Overhaul's a nasty guy!

The Faces

Volume 17 Deidoro Sakaki and Shin Nemoto.png

Deodoro Sakaki

I'm particularly fond of his name.

Jealous of this guy since I can't drink at all.

Shin Nemoto

I was planning to reveal his face, except that Overhaul ordered him to wear the mask, so he would never remove it in front of the boss. The character spoke to me, informing me of that.

Kyoka Jiro Makes Some Noise!!

Volume 17 Music Advice from Kyoka.png

(Final edition)

(From E-san, age 41)

A: Before singing, try buzzing your lips while going for those high pitches!

It's even better if you tug up on the corners of your mouth at the same time!

I was surprised how well this works, seriously!

Good luck!

Kyoka: Buzz

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Volume 17 Horikoshi talks about a gift from the Authors of Vigilantes.png

Here we are again!!

I've received another piece of commemorative art from Betten Sensei, the artist for the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes spin-off series in JUMP+.

I'm sure his schedule's packed, so I really appreciate it!!

Momo: The image in question is on the next interstitial page.

Denki: Wonder who he drew this time?! Maybe me?

Minoru: You’ve already had that privilege though!!

Congratulations On Volume 17 Of My Hero Academia

Volume 17 Tribute by Betten Court.png

Drew another one for you!

Thanks for always working so hard, Horikoshi-san!

- Betten Court

Love this pairing

The Afterword!

Volume 17 Horikoshi Talks about approaching the end of the Shie Hassaikai Arc.png

Thank you for reading!! This arc sure is a long one, but it'll conclude in the next volume.

Also, I want to thank everyone for all the fan letters! They're just the thing to cheer me up, so I appreciate them. There isn't enough time in the world to reply to all of them. Instead, I'm using this space to express my gratitude!

When I'm dead tired after finishing up a draft, my editor brings me a stack of fan letters, and just like that, I've got my strength back. No exaggeration.

Energy drinks don't feel so effective to me lately, so now use fan letters instead.

I'll keep drawing, and I hope everyone keeps enjoying the series! Until next time!!

Staff introduction

Volume 17 Horikoshi's Assistants.png

Works on huge background art.

Has a way to bringing the whole team together.

A new member of our staff.

Most crowd shots are done by Fushimi-kun. Way too good at drawing.

Does backgrounds, inking and tone work at incredible speed.

Works quickly, with efficiency.

We're totally in sync during our meetings
Good work on this one.

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