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Red Riot ( (レッ) () (ライ) (オッ) () Reddo Raiotto?) is the sixteenth volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The volume cover features Fat Gum and Suneater in the two top sections of the cover with Red Riot in the center using his Quirk. The background of the cover is black, and the logo is as well but with a red outline.

The volume illustration is of Nejire Hado sitting in her hero costume, on what appears to be curtains.

Author's Notes

Thanks for purchasing volume 16! It’s getting cold, huh! I actually get excited about winter, because I love it!! COLD, though!!

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

The Hassaikai crime gang, led by the young boss Kai Chisaki, has been working on a plan to distribute a Quirk-destroying drug. The key to this evil scheme is the young girl Eri, held prisoner in Kai’s hideout. Sir Nighteye|Nighteye asks other heroes to form a team to launch a rescue attempt—and the students of Class 1-A are going into the lion’s den with them! But Nighteye, who can see the future, refuses to look at the fates of anyone on the mission…


Extra Pages

Next Volume Quote

Next Volume! Mirio is Amazing! Look forward to it

Mezo Shoji

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