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Invasion of the Faceless (無貌の侵略 Mubō no Shinryaku?) is the thirteenth volume of the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The cover features Koichi Haimawari facing off against Number 6 and his army of Anonymous.

Author's Notes

Volume Summary

Number 6 has enacted his plan to bring Naruhata to its knees, releasing dozens of faceless Anon drones into the streets. With Koichi still on the run from the authorities, he’ll need to come to an understanding with Eraser Head in order to stay free. When Number 6 goes after Pop in the hospital, the police and Koichi’s friends may not be able to stop him, and Koichi will have to face down the deranged villain alone...


Volume Corrections

Extra Pages


  • The cover mirrors the cover of Volume 27 of the main series.

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