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Masked Fighting Tournament (仮面武闘会 Kamen butō-kai?) is the eleventh volume of the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

This cover features The Crawler holding a fallen Pop☆Step. Next to them, is the Underground Masquerade fighters The Rapper, The Ripper and Tiger Bunny.

The illustration features Iwao Oguro.

Author's Notes

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

—Betten Court

Volume Summary

With Pop possessed and wreaking havoc as Bee Pop, Koichi must push his Quirk to the limits to try to save her. The pressure is on, because if Pop won’t fulfill the duplicitous Number 6’s plans, this evil villain is more than willing to sacrifice her. The chaos downtown has also drawn the attention of Endeavor, the fiery number two hero, and his scorched-earth methods of dealing with trouble make no distinction between villain and vigilante!


Volume Corrections

Extra Pages


  • The cover mirrors the cover of Volume 19 of the main series.

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