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End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End ( (はじ) まりの () わり () わりの (はじ) まり Hajimari no Owari Owari no Hajimari?) is the eleventh volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

The title logo is white and yellow with a black outline. The author's name and surname is written in black and printed in the bottom left corner. The cover features All Might, who is injured, and covered in blood. The right forearm section of his costume is also torn off, exposing his arm. He faces the reader with an enraged, intimidating expression, as he's about to throw a punch.

In the volume illustration, Tomura is clutching his head in distress, as several hands grab him around various section of his body.

Author's Note

Volume 11. Published in the 11th month, containing the #1 hero's climactic battle. Lots of ones.

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

Katsuki’s abduction by the League of Villains was a carefully calculated move designed to draw out the heroes—All Might in particular—and destroy them. Izuku and his comrades set out on a rescue mission that eventually pulls in not only All Might but also several other heroes! The casualties mount, until at last the mastermind of the plot appears—All for One, the only villain powerful enough to take on All Might head-to-head and possibly win!


Volume Changes

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Chapter 94 (magazine version).png Chapter 94.png

Chapter 94, page 1
Change: The page is completely redrawn with an additional panel added.

  • Three additional pages were added to Chapter 94 in the Volume release.

Extra Pages

Next Volume Quote


  • This is the first volume cover to not feature any U.A. students.

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