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The Villain Factory ( (ヴィラン) 製造工場 (ファクトリー) Viran Fakutorī?) is a group of villains from the spin-off series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. The group is responsible for the creation of the Instant and Next-Level Villains.[1]


The main objective of this criminal organization is that the pinnacle of their experiments will lead to the creation of a being that can rival All Might in power.[2] The Villain Factory is headed by an unseen mastermind who, in order to achieve his main goal, does not hesitate to resort to all types of unethical methods, like human experimentation, terrorism, and a laundry list of other crimes and wrongs.

The Villain Factory imports large quantities of illegal substances, among which the Trigger stands out, a drug that that gives a boost to an individual's Quirk, simultaneously weakening their sense of reason. The mastermind contacts and supplies their agents with Trigger, who in turn distribute the drug through the streets for free, causing numerous incidents when drug users transform into Instant Villains, all for research purposes towards his goal.

If they consider that one of these Instant Villains has potential, they kidnap him and subject him to all kinds of bioengineering experiments and modifications, transforming him into a Next-Level Villain, who is released in the city to cause problems, all with the aim of collecting even more data and information for the main goal.


The Villain Factory is an incredibly dangerous and mysterious organization, with the authorities knowing very little about them and the general public being unaware they even exist. They have accomplished this with very few active agents.

Thanks to Kuin Hachisuka's Queen Bee Quirk the Villain Factory are able to incite chaos whenever and wherever they wish by having her bees inject ordinary civilians with Trigger, turning them into powerful Instant Villains. The Villain Factory's own creation, known as Number 6, possesses skill far greater than the former acclaimed Pro Hero O'Clock - being able to land ten blows in an instant, while O'Clock could only manage four, he is also even more dangerous than Hachisuka was.[3]

The Villain Factory are capable of bio-engineering, being able to modify people into dangerous Next-Level Villains, one such modified person - Octoid - was able to nearly kill the pro hero Eraser Head, and hold off him as well as the Trigger enhanced Hotta Brothers, the bio-engineered Kirihito Kamachi and the Vigilante known as The Crawler all at once.

Known Members

Villain Factory


  • It is possible the Villain Factory has some sort of connection to the villain All For One, as Number 6 is shown to possess the Overclock Quirk, which was stolen from O'Clock by All For One.[4] Detective Eizo Tanuma comes to this conclusion as well after investigating the similarities between the Villain Factory's incidents and All For One's Underground Masquerade.[5]


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