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Villa Raid Team vs. Paranormal Liberation Front is a massive battle between the many of the Pro Heroes on the Villa Raid Team against the Paranormal Liberation Front forces during the Gunga Mountain Villa Raid.


The team heading for the Villa is ready to attack.

On the outskirts of the Gunga Mountain Villa, hidden under the dense forest surrounding the main hideout of the Paranormal Liberation Front, there is a huge force of heroes led by Edgeshot ready to assault it. Thanks to the information provided by Hawks, they know that that day all the enemy commanders are attending a meeting in the building, so it was the ideal time to attack and arrest them all. Among the heroes there are some students from the U.A. High School, chosen because their Quirks will be useful in assisting the heroes in the impending battle, after which they can retreat.[1]

Shortly after their counterpart at Jaku General Hospital began their assault, the Villa Raid Team begins to move quickly through the forested area, with the hero Cementoss stepping forward and using his Quirk to manipulate the cement in the Paranormal Liberation base in order to open up a huge rift for the heroes to invade in.[2] Inside the building, Skeptic is freaking out at how the Heroes have started attacking them by surprise. He blames Twice for this and wonder how Hawks managed to fool him. When the walls of the mansion start to crack, he alerts his Paranormal comrades that the Heroes are attacking,[3] and rush to assemble forces to fight against the heroes, ordering the Violet and Black Regiments to protect the front entrance while Brown goes to back them up and Carmine goes to the assembly hall.

The Battle of Gunga Mountain Villa is about to begin.

The Amplivolt villain, one of the advisors of the Brown Regiment, admits to Skeptic that the heroes caught them off guard. However, he remains calm, and when Cementos finally tears the building in half, he calmly walk outside to confront the heroes along with a large force of Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers, although many of the villains inside are in a frenzy, due to the unexpectedness of the assault.[2]


Denki overcomes his fears and absorbs the commander's attack.

As more and more heroes are reaching the entrance to the villa, Edgeshot yells at them to take every villain down, leaving no one to escape, also warning them that they are well released and ready to die for their cause. This does not calm Chargebolt down whatsoever, who is running in along with the Heroes. Before the assault began, he had already expressed his disagreement and fear for being one of the few U.A. students who are there to help the heroes. His classmate Tsukuyomi tried to cheer him up to no avail.

Seeing her student gets overwhelmed about his involvement in such a big raid, Midnight approaches Denki to give one advice that will put him at ease: If he can't focus on random people elsewhere, then he must think about the person he cares for the most and act to protect them. Denki looks behind him and thinks about Kyoka Jiro.

The heroes take the initiative in the battle.

The Amplivolt villain pulls out a taser and shocks his hand to activate his Quirk, which allows him to increase the power of electric shocks. He uses all that energy to attack the heroes with his super Move Supreme Discharge: Thundernet. After regaining his confidence, Chargebolt rush in and uses his own Quirk to redirect the attack towards him like a lightning tower, absorbing all of the charges. After proclaiming that he has neutralized a big commander, Chargebolt yells to the heroes that they need to mop up all the others so the one's left behind doesn't need to worry.[2]

While still using his Quirk to split apart the Gunga Mountain Villa, Cementoss congratulates Chargebolt for his action and he thanks him for the compliment, showing no signs of being affected by the amount of electrical energy absorbed. The voltage scarred villain recognizes Denki as electric based Quirk user, and although he was surprised that he nullified his attack, he picks out several tasers, ready to unleashes a even more powerful attack and check how many million volts he can withstand.

Midnight uses her fans and Quirk to knock out some PLF members.

Before the villain has the chance to overwhelm Chargebolt’s voltage limit. Edgeshot suddenly appears in front, and uses his Foldabody to attack with Thousand Sheet Pierce, piercing the lungs of the voltage villain and several others PLF soldiers around him. With tiny holes in their lungs, the villains could no longer fight properly. Edgeshot's attack is followed by Midnight's, who uses a pair of fans to spread the scent of his Somnambulist Quirk and puts them all to sleep. After this, it is the turn of Kamui Woods, who uses Lacquered Chain Prison of his Arbor Quirk to restrain and defeat even more PLF members with efficiency.

One of the lesser enemy soldiers is surprised to see that even members of the regiments are being put down with extreme ease by the heroes. Before he or any other can do anything to prevent it, dozens of Paranormal soldiers suddenly sink into the ground due to Mudman is using his Quirk Softening to turn it into quicksand. Some of the soldiers begin to use their Quirk to try to escape the trap, but then Shemage uses her Quirk to cover their bodies with mushrooms and fungi, further hindering their movements. Both students are congratulated by the heroes because their quick actions give them the advantage against the remaining foes on the battlefield

The heroes making sure that no villain can escape.

While all this happens, other groups of heroes are dedicated to sealing off all the secret entrances to the mansion. Meanwhile, Re-Destro and Trumpet are in Underground Sanctuary Assembly Hall. Because they still don't know the Gunga Mountain Villa is under attack, they are giving a conference to thousand of followers, until the messengers arrive totally altered to warn them of the unexpected hero attack, reporting them that every one of their communications and escape routes, barring the one located at the mansion, has been blocked by the heroes. Shocked to hear the dire situation the entire organization has come under, Re-Destro's Stress levels skyrocket.[4]

As Re-Destro, Trumpet and a group of followers head up to protect the last passageway to the underground, while outside Fat Gum and Suneater request Tsukuyomi to accompany them on blocking the paths to the sanctuary of the villains, in order to leave thousand of Paranormal Liberation members trapped there. Tsukuyomi understands that they need his help because the paths is out of Cementoss's range, and his Quirk is very useful in darkness.

Suneater opens the path to his allies.

In front of them, there are dozens of enemy soldiers willing to give their lives to protect the last pathway. Suneater steps up to remove them from the equation. He uses his Super Move: Vast Hybrid - Centaur, turning his hands into vines that end with different hard fruits, and uses them to defeat them all and open the way for his allies. Suneater finishes his victory by delivering a nice one-liner. Impressed, Fat Gum says he wants to hear him say it again, only for Tamaki to be too embarrassed to do so.

Fatgum and Tsukuyomi reach the long and dark tunnel that leads to the underground sanctuary, and thanks to that darkness, Tsukuyomi unleashes the full power of Dark Shadow with his new move Ragnarök. Tsukuyomi floods the tunnel with Dark Shadow's berserker state, crushing the entire hallway to seal off the villain's escape route.

Re-Destro clashes with Dark Shadow!

Seeing the shadow beast approaching them, Trumpet and other Front members start retreating, but Re-Destro steps out of the crowd and immediately pushes his Stress levels to their maximum. He manages to withstand Tsukuyomi’s attack with brute force, however because his quirk doesn't extend to his prosthetic legs, they cannot bear the impact and break under the force of Dark Shadow. Re-Destro gets blasted through the rear wall of the tunnel and reveals the secret passageway being used by the liberation front.

Tsukuyomi recalls his living Quirk as the roof of the tunnel begins to collapse, sealing it off. Dark Shadow is shaking, and informs him that down there there is a really dangerous foe. Tsukuyomi thinks that he is talking about to the one they just defeated, but Dark Shadow corrects him telling him that it is another being, far more powerful than even the man who withstood their Ragnarök.

Fat Gum takes the students to a safe place

Fat Gum overhears their conversation and reassures that Gigantomachia won't attack without his master' order and the boss is not present. After this, Fat Gum uses his Fataxy super move, tucking Tsukuyomi into his belly to keep him protected, and carry him back to the rear guard. Tsukuyomi asks him how did they acquire such detailed intel, and Fatgum replied that it was Hawks who provided it. Hearing the name of his mentor makes Fumikage to recall his time with him, when he was mentored.[5]

Since their role in the battle is over, Fat Gum also picks up Chargebolt, Mudman and Shemage to carry them in his body to the back lines. As they move away, the rest of the heroes continue to fight the Paranomral Liberation Front. Mt. Lady is hit by several of the enemy's attacks while on her giant form, but all they manage to do is anger her and strikes back in retaliation.

Mudman and Chargebolt ask if it really is time for them to be moved to the rear because they feel they can still do more. Fat Gum says that the Pros had the students subdue a slew of opponents with their wide range Quirks and close them in, and now they will gradually take them down, so they are done borrowing the strength of the kids and will take care of everything else.

Geten's retaliation holds back the heroes and tears down part of the villa.

Tsukuyomi looks back at the mansion one last time. Just then, Tokoyami sees a blast of fire coming out of the mansion, fleetingly seeing Hawks in trouble.[6] Knowing that fire is the Hawks' Quirk's weakness, Tsukuyomi wants to come back to help him. Fat Gum tries to stop him, but Fumikage manages to jump out of his body and fly back. Chargebolt yells what he is doing and Tsukuyomi responds by saying that Hawks is on the top floor in the building and he could be in trouble.

Inwardly, the hero comments on how Tsukuyomi is strong enough to be able to break free of his fat, which was something that had never happened before to him. Fat Gum them ejects Chargebolt, Shemage, and Mudman out his body and tells them to run the rest of the way before running back to stop Tsukuyomi. When he reaches the battlefield, he sees a gigantic Mt. Lady being blown away by Geten's ice wall, having to jump aside to avoid being crushed.

Floating on a block of ice, Geten yells he won't let the Heroes interfere with Re-Destro's will anymore and they won't go down that easily, calling them 'dogs of the state'. Thanks to his attack, the ice villain has disrupted their siege, so he reorganizes the defence forces of the villa and commands the PLF soldiers into concentrating on one point each and taking the Heroes down. A Hole Villain emerges from Geten's ice to attack Gang Orca.

Himiko and Compress are captured by a hero.

Tokoyami's fears are confirmed and he manages to rescue Hawks before being cremated by Dabi,[7] who wanted revenge on him for killing Twice. Before dying, Twice created a clone of himself who ran to help Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress, both of whom were escaping from Eel Boy. The Hero finally manages to catch Himiko and Mr. Compress, but as he tells them that their days of criminal activity are over, Twice's clone appears and stabs the Hero in the back of his head, killing him.

Both Himiko and Compress are happy to see Twice, without being aware that he isn't the real one. Mr. compress asks Twice to use his Quirk to create the greatest number of clones, while he and Himiko escape from there, but he answers replies that it will no longer be possible, since to reach them he had to fall from a considerable height, and spent too much energy trying to hold himself together. Finally, the two villains realize that “Twice” is just a clone when as he slowly starts to melt away.

Twice's Double clone kills the hero to save his friends.

Twice’s clone apologizes to them, as he was fooled by Hawks and his naivety is responsible for the hero raid. The clone cleans Toga's face with a replica of the handkerchief she gave him during the Shie Hassaikai Raid, thanking her for being kind to him. He apologizes one more time as he melts away, signifying that the original had been killed. Toga embraces the melting Twice and thanks him one last time for saving her. With those final words, Himiko and Compress mourn over the loss of their dear friend as the clone fades away.[8]

Enraged by Twice's death, Himiko loses all her composure and decides to kill as many heroes as she can to avenge her friend's death. Mr. Compress tries to make her see reason, but despite his best efforts to convince her otherwise, Himiko goes out to confront the heroes. She drinks the blood of the hero who tried to restrain them minutes ago, taking on his appearance with her Quirk, and infiltrates the heroes' lines.[9]

Mt. Lady attacks back Geten in retaliation

Meanwhile in the underground sanctuary, Re-Destro hurries his subordinates to bring him other spare of prosthetic legs, protesting for their delay. Suddenly, one of his minions informs him that Gigantomachia has started moving, as the large monstrosity has picked up his master's scent.[7] At Jaku General Hospital, the raid team couldn't stop Tomura from waking up. After destroying a large area and killing numerous heroes with a decay wave, Tomura calls Gigantomachia and orders him to bring everyone to the city. Gigantomachia responds by roaring.

On the surface, the heroes and the front soldiers continue to clash. Amid all this turmoil, Fat Gum sees Tsukuyomi flying away, with an injured and unconscious Hawks in his arms. Fat Gum yells at Tokoyami to informs him that there should be medics in the rear guard. Meanwhile, one Hero asks Cementoss if he is alright and he says yes, and that he will help break through Geten's ice. Mt. Lady gets back up and attacks Geten, intending to pay him back for his earlier attack.

Gigantomachia breaks through the villa floor.

As a group of Heroes follow Mt. Lady, who is breaking the ice, one of them notices that the Hero next to him was the one who had supposedly captured Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress. Before he can react, said "hero" takes out a knife and slits his throat. He then proceeds to move through the group of heroes at high speed, cutting up them all with the knife. Several of them also end up with their throats cut, and only some manage to block the attack.

The survivors realize the "hero" is actually Himiko Toga using her Quirk. In the ruined villa, Dabi finds Mr.Compress sitting by a structurally secure balcony railing as he observes the fights down below, Mr. Compress reveals to Dabi that Toga has gone berserk after seeing Twice's death.

Himiko climbs Geten's ice mountain, as the effect of her Transform Quirk ends and her disguise begins to melt away. She mutters that she just wants to live in a world without complicated rules in which she can live happily and with the things she love, but the heroes are always mess everything up. Suddenly, one of Gigantomachia's massive hand rises up out of the ground behind her, who seems unphased by this while glaring fiercely at the heroes.[9]

Mt. Lady tries to hold back Gigantomachia and the PLF.

Gigantomachia grabs all the original members of the League of Villains to carry them on his back. Dabi spots Skeptic and takes the opportunity to also take him with them despite their protests to stay to protect Re-Destro. Gigantomachia starts running towards his master, not caring if he tramples heroes or villains in his way. Many of them stray out so as not to get crushed. In her giant form, Mt. Lady holds him back, struggling to really keep him put, while swearing she will not let him pass her.[10] Despite doing her best to stop him, but she just can’t match the raw power Gigantomachia has and is easily thrown aside as he surges forwards towards Tomura.

Several of the heroes attack the giant villain to stop him and the PLF lieutenants, but their attacks have little effect on the behemoth. Geten then jumps into action, blasting these heroes with a barrage of ice spikes. The ice villain is confused by the current situation, since the sudden intervention and departure of Gigantomachia has turned the battle into a total mess. This confusion leaves him open to Cementoss’ attack, which surrounds him and traps him with a gigantic wave of liquid cement, while yelling to his fellow heroes that whatever happens, they must take their lives on the job.

Re-Destro emerges from the underground sanctuary to aid his comrades.

Then, with his Stress Quirk activated at 100%, Re-Destro emerges from the underground while battling Edgeshot. The Ninja hero had entered the underground sanctuary just when Gigantomachia emerged, and now he desperately tries to hold off Re-Destro, piercing his left shoulder with his Foldabody Quirk, while the villain only finds it displeasing. Once outside, Re-Destro understands that if Gigantomachia is on the move, it can only mean that Tomura has been awakened prematurely in an incomplete status. Outraged, he uses the power of his Stress quirk to release a huge blast of raw power at Edgeshot, while yelling at the heroes asking what did they do to the Paranormal Liberation savior and leader.

Several Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers go after Gigantomachia after one of them yelled to follow him as the time for the liberation has finally come. Likewise, a group of heroes also chase the giant villain in order to stop him before he can reach a city and cause a catastrophe.[11]

The details from the end of this battle are unknown.


Heroes guarding the prisoners while they are put in police wagons.

The battle between the Villa Raid Team and the Paranormal Liberation Front continues until it ends in what appears to be a victory for the heroes. Edgeshot managed to defeat Re-Destro though he ended visibly exhausted from the fight and moderately injured. Likewise, the fight between Cementoss and Geten ended in a draw, with the hero injured with ice icicles and the villain embedded in concrete. Trumpet and most of the Paranormal members were captured. A collective total of 16,929 people was sent to prison.

However, in the overall raid operation, thousands of heroes were injured during the confrontation and dozens more died in battle. Gigantomachia’s rampage, in addition to allowing 132 villains to go missing, destroyed several cities, causing countless casualties among the civilian population. And as if this were not enough, Tomura Shigaraki had managed to escape.[12]


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