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Villa Raid Team & Trainees vs. Paranormal Liberation Front is a battle during the Paranormal Liberation War between some of the heroes from the Villa Raid Team and the hero student trainees of the Villa Backup Team to stop Gigantomachia as he headed towards Tomura taking the lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front with him.


Gigantomachia rises out of the ground.

As the Hospital Raid Team raided Garaki's secret laboratory to prevent Tomura Shigaraki from completing his upgrading, the Villa Raid Team battled the forces of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Their well-planned assault had allowed them to take the initiative in battle, and to trap many of the PLF members in the great underground sanctuary under Gunga Mountain Villa. Among them was Gigantomachia who, according to the information Hawks had provided, would do nothing unless he received a direct order from his master Tomura.[1] Therefore, it was imperative for the Hospital Raid Team to prevent Tomura from awakening prematurely from his operation.

Unfortunately, they failed to prevent Tomura from waking up, who, after completely destroying the place and killing dozens of heroes with a powerful wave of decay, uses a communication device to order Gigantomachia to come over to where he is, bringing the others with him, because this is when they are going to to destroy everything. Gigantomachia responds by roaring.[2]


Gigantomachia makes his way to find his master.

As the Villa Raid Team continue their confrontation with the Paranormal Liberation Front on the surface, Gigantomachia suddenly emerges from the ground, interrupting the battle.[2] Following Tomura's orders, he grabs all the original members of the League of Villains to carry them on his back. Dabi spots Skeptic and takes the opportunity to also take him with them despite their protests to stay to protect Re-Destro. Gigantomachia starts running towards his master, not caring if he tramples heroes or villains in his way.

In her giant form, Mt. Lady clashes with Gigantomachia in a valiant attempt to stop him, while swearing that she will not let him pass her.[3] Despite her best efforts, she is no match for Gigantomachia's raw power, being pushed backwards while shoving her hands against his shoulders. Gigantomachia is so unstoppable that, despite being a few miles away, Earphone Jack is shocked when she detect him with her Quirk, and tells her teammates of the Villa Backup team that something really huge is coming their way. The Heroes who are with them decide to go to hold the line, ordering the students to stand back.

Gigantomachia decides to take a shortcut and throws aside Mt. Lady.

Gigantomachia continues to advance through the forest surrounding Gunga Mountain Villa, knocking down trees and hardly affected by Mt. Lady's attempts to hold him back. Several of the Villa Raid Team's heroes decide to abandon the battle to help Mt. Lady, but many are stopped when Geten attacks them. Similarly, several of the soldiers of the Paranormal Liberation Front go after Gigantomachia after one of them yelled to follow him as the time for the liberation has finally come.

Kamui Woods follows Gigantomachia as he swings across the trees, carrying Midnight on his back, who asks him to get as close as possible to the Behemoth. He yells at Mt. Lady to hold on just a bit longer, but Gigantomachia grabs the Mineyama Hero's leg and swats her violently away before deciding to take a shortcut to Tomura Shigaraki.

Dabi protects Gigantomachia from the Heroes.

Despite Kamui Woods' concerns for Mt. Lady, Midnight convinces him to stay focused on getting closer to Gigantomachia's face. They have to stop him before he reaches the city and causes a catastrophe, since power alone is not enough to stop him. As she begins to rip off her sleeve, Midnight plans to put Gigantomachia to sleep using her Somnambulist Quirk. Kamui agrees with her plan, but suddenly, he gets blasted by Dabi’s blue flames while Mr. Compress throws several of his marbles at Midnight, which turn into the pieces of building debris he stored, slamming her, as Gigantomachia makes his way.

Midnight crashes to the ground after being hit with debris from Mr. Compress. Lying on the ground in a bad shape, she tries thinking of various people who could put the giant to sleep until she finally thinks of Creati. She contacts her through their comms, and after confirming she knows the situation, informs Creati that she needs to put Gigantomachia to sleep with an anesthetic, despite doing is against the law. Creati is confused by what she is asking, so Midnight clarifies that she must give the Heroes the sedatives and then she and the rest of the students must get out of there. Before Creati can ask what is going on, Midnight is ambushed by an adviser from Dabi's regiment.

Gigantomachia held back by Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods.

Creati loses contact with Midnight as the others around her wonder what she was talking about. Creati is overwhelmed by the situation. Gigantomachia is getting closer and closer and there is no hero there who can help as everyone is facing the PLF soldiers in the forest. After carefully considering which option to take, Creati finally chooses to stay and fight, and gathers the other students to prepare an attack on the enemy.

She asks Earphone Jack and Tentacole to use their Quirks to determine Gigantomachia's size and how far he is from them. She asks Mudman to lend a hand and order the remaining students to prepare for action. Tentacole reports that Gigantomachia is 25 meters tall while Earphone Jack informs her that he will be there at any moment when she suddenly notices that he is being slowed down. It turns out that two Heroes are working together to hold on to his left leg. Despite his burns, Kamui Woods is using his Arbor Quirk to entangle Mt. Lady's arms with Gigantomachia's leg, slowing him down just a little bit, giving students time to set up a trap.

Gigantomachia falls right into the students' trap.

Following the information they give her, Creati's plans begin when she uses her Quirk to create a large number of vials of undiluted sedative, giving each student a vial.[4] Her plan is to try to get Gigantomachia to swallow at least a 30-liter vial filled with sedative, because due to gargantuan's sheer size, injecting the sedative via syringe would be almost impossible, and decides to throw the solution into his mouth instead. Following Creati's lead, the students set the trap for Gigantomachia. Mudman uses his Quirk to soften up the ground and Creati creates explosives with her Quirk and plants them in the softened areas. They also position several chords covered in Grape Juice's orbs.

Mudman finishes setting the trap, while Lizardy immediately urges him to return to the others, as her detached eyes are floating above the forest, fearfully watching the giant advance on the student's position. Many of them look worried about Midnight, but Pinky encourages them by telling them that she surely is alright, helping them to press on.

U.A. students try to open the mouth of the giant villain.

As the Heroes around him battle the PLF in the forest, Gigantomachia continues to advance without stopping, dragging Mt. Lady along with him, as she stills holds onto his leg while yelling at the unconscious Kamui Woods to wake up. Gigantomachia runs right through the trap that the students set for him, losing his balance because of the earth softened by Mudman, and falls to the ground. The PLF lieutenants on his back withstand the impact of the fall as best they can, while the heroes and villains who were fighting momentarily stop the confrontation due the shock to see Gigantomachia falling. That's when the students begin their assault.

The students charge at him with Vine wrapping her Quirk around Gigantomachia's neck. Gigantomachia raises his head and breaks the vines, but then realizes that he has strings in Minoru's orbs stick to his chin. While the giant tries to get out, Sugarman, Battle Fist and Gevaudan activate their Quirks to pull the ropes with all their might, intending to open his mouth wide enough to allow their teammates to throw the sedative inside him.

Villains are constantly attacked.

The PLF lieutenants get up after the sudden fall, with Mr. Compress being shocked to see that they are attacked by numerous U.A. students. Along with Tailman, Tentacole climb onto the monster's huge back so Can't Stop Twinkling he can fire his Navel Laser at the lieutenants, forcing them to take cover. Dabi notices on of Jiro's extended earphone jack ready to attack them but he singes it with his fire. She falls back, but does not appear to be seriously injured.

Tailman and Tentacole throw at them multiple Pointers Disks from Chargebolt's Sharpshooting Gear, which stick to their bodies. Then, with the help of Emily and her Quirk Poltergeist, Chargebolt rises high enough, ready to launch a powerful electric shock without risk to his teammates. But before he can attack, he gets hit with debris released from marbles shot by Mr. Compress with his prosthetic.

Dabi quickly uses his Quirk to burn the area to create a wall of fire around the giant, keeping the students away, and also preventing Shemage to use her Quirk. While doing this, Dabi realizes that Gigantomachia has a Quirk that lets him convert morale into psychical energy and another one to block out pain, along other Quirks that make him the perfect bodyguard.

Mina approaches Gigantomachia with a vial in her hand.

The Giant tries to get out of the trap, but Creati refuses to allow him and activates the explosives she planted in the softened area, causing Gigantomachia to sink further into the ground. Spinner suggests that Machia should use his Quirk which allows him to dig underground, but Mr. Compress advises against it, as they are on his back and could die if he does. Mr. Compress realizes they may actually be holding him back.

Suddenly, Mt. Lady appears and pushes Gigantomachia down on the ground as some heroes suddenly swarm his back to attack the lieutenants. Understanding that the students are trying to get something into Gigantomachia mouth, Mt. Lady forcibly opens it. At that moment, Pinky manages to pass through Dabi's flames thanks to her Acidman Ultimate Move, ready to throw her canister into Gigantomachia's mouth.[5] The students outside the wall of flames are worried because some of their classmates are still in there.

Gigantomachia throws off Mt. Lady.

While Mt. Lady keeps the Behemoth's mouth open and the Heroes keep the lieutenants busy, Pinky gets close enough thanks to her Acidman protecting her from the fire. She tells herself to let her fear-stricken heart melt away as she yells for Gigantomachia to fall asleep. Unfortunately, at the same time, Gigantomachia speaks, saying he must first shake off the Heroes to get to his master as fast as possible. Pinky stiffens up, because she recognizes his voice and realizes that he is the scary figure who once concerned her and her friends during her middle school years. Fear floods her heart and makes her loses grip on her vial when she was about to launch it.

Gigantomachia digs his head into the ground to protect his mouth. This sudden movement also allows him to grab Mt. Lady's head and he finally manages to shake her off of him by throwing her away, using only one arm, knocking her out. With despair on her face, Pinky tries to grab her vial, as she’s about to be crushed by Gigantomachia's other arm.

Eijiro saves Mina from Gigantomachia.

Suddenly Red Riot jumps between her and Gigantomachia’s palm, while he is in his Unbreakable from, and pushes her out of the way of Gigantomachia's attack. Real Steel also appears and helps Pinky escape as he says Mudman is trying to extinguish the fire. Pinky is concerned about Kirishima, but Real Steel reassures her, trusting in his friend's abilities.

Gigantomachia stands back up, sending the Heroes crashing into the ground, and puts the PLF lieutenants on his back as he believes he finally got rid of all the meddlesome Heroes. Then he realizes Red Riot is using his hardened hands to climb on his body, as the young Hero announces his name and how he won't let there be any blood. As Red Riot is face to face with Gigantomachia and about to chuck his vial into Gigantomachia's mouth, Himiko throws her knife straight into the canister and shatters it. However, Red Riot managed to grab Pinky's when he saved her, and throws it into Gigantomachia's mouth, saying he won't let her chivalry go to waste.

Red Riot manages to throw the sedative inside Gigantomachia's mouth.

Seeing him, Gigantomachia is about to smash him with a slap, but the students start firing at him with cannons created by Creati, while Lizardy flies in and grabs Red Riot, pulling him away. Creati is dedicated to driving her classmates away from Dabi’s flames with the help of fireproof suits of her creation, and says to her mentor, Majestic, through the comms, that now that Gigantomachia has ingested the sedative, they need to make him move around so it will spread faster.

Majestic congratulates her and the rest of the trainees for what they managed to do. He uses his Quirk Magic to fly in with several other Pro Heroes like Fat Gum, Gang Orca and Suneater among other, ready to take Gigantomachia down. Annoyed by the constant interruptions, Gigantomachia transforms,[6] taking on an armored appearance, and with his enormous strength he finally manages to get out of the trap and easily defeats the Heroes, killing some of them with his sheer strength. He then continues making his way to Tomura, destroying everything in his path.


Gigantomachia ready to destroy everything in his path.

Before falling in the face of his monstrous strength, Majestic uses his Quirk to help the students get to safety, but not before telling all of them that they all made the right decisions and should never doubt it. Once in a safe place, the students can do nothing but stare terrified at the destruction left by the monster.

Momo points out that the only reason none of them are dead since they weren't considered worthy enemies. An astonished Sero asks his partner Mezo about the situation of the Heroes, but he is unable to give him an answer. Dismay spreads between them to the point that some wonder if the drug really has an effect on the giant.[7]


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