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The Villa Raid Team was a great force of heroes assembled with the objective of taking down the Paranormal Liberation Front and arresting its members.


After discovering the plans and location of the main hideouts of the Paranormal Liberation Front, the commission organizes a major operation to end the villainous organization before they become a threat. Led by Edgeshot, the Villa Raid Team is tasked with raiding Gunga Mountain Villa, the secret headquarter of the PLF.

Thanks to the information provided by the Hawks spies, the Villa Raid team knows that the PLF leaders had organized a conference in the Assembly Hall of the Underground Sanctuary below the village, which would be attended by all members of the organization, for which was the perfect time to arrest them all. They are aware that Gigantomachia is down there, but they know that he will not do anything if he does not receive a direct order from Tomura, who is 80 kilometers from there.

At the agreed time, the heroes initiate the attack, catching the PLF off guard, defeating many of them before they have a chance to react. Lesser groups of heroes are in charge of sealing all the secret entrances to the underground sanctuary, trapping the vast majority of the members there. After the initial surprise, the PLF soon reorganized and offered increasing resistance against the heroes, although they still possess the initiative of the battle.

The situation changes completely when Tomura orders Gigantomachia to go where he is, bringing the original members of the League of Villains with him. The giant obeys the orders, and despite the efforts of the Villa Raid Team, he manages to overcome the blockade. Several of the heroes chase him to stop him, while the rest continue to face the PLF. In the end the Villa Raid Team wins that battle, and a collective total of 16,929 PLF members are captured, but 132 managed to escape. In addition, Gigantomachia could not be stopped in time and managed to reach Tomura, destroying everything in its path, so besides the numerous casualties among the heroes during the battle, there are hundreds of civilians who were injured or killed as a result.


The Villain Raid Team is one half of the largest alliance of Pro Heroes ever assembled, being the other half the Hospital Raid Team. It was created to face the main army of the Paranormal Liberation Force, which numbered in the thousands and included among them the lieutenants of the villainous organization and Gigantomachia.

Due to the large numbers of enemies they had to face, the Villa Raid Team had among its ranks some of the most powerful heroes in Japan, including several top ten, capable of defeating various enemies in a single strike. Likewise, due to the large amount of powers and abilities that they would have to face, he needed a great variety of Quirks to counter them, which is why there were several students among his ranks.

Villa Backup Team

To ensure that no PLF member managed to escape, in the rear was the Villa Backup Team, made up mainly of trainees.



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