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Vanishing Fist (バニシングフィスト Banishingu Fisuto?) is an Ultimate Move performed by Endeavor using the Hellflame Quirk.


As the name implies, Endeavor shapes his flames into a large fist around his hand and delivers a powerful punch with explosive impact.

Endeavor first used this when he took advantage of the fire created by Katsuki Bakugo's Grenadier Bracers that hit Tomura Shigaraki. He struck Tomura's body with the flaming fist and nearly defeated the wounded villain.[1]

During the second war, Endeavor used Vanishing Fist in both his hands to barrage All For One. The attack was so ferocious that the heat passed through the villain's Hardflame Fan.[2]

He also used a fist of fire to replace his own arm when it was severed in that battle,[3] combining it with Jet Burn to amplify its destructive power even further.[4]

Related Techniques

Vanishing Jet Burn.png Vanishing Jet Burn (バニシングジェットバーン Banishingu Jettobān?): A combination of Jet Burn and Vanishing Fist, Endeavor forms a giant fist using his flames and blasts his opponent away with great force.[4]


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