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Doesn't matter how many punks with ambition you bring along. That only increases the risks. It's far better to have a small number of experienced elites.
Dabi in "Good Evening"

The Vanguard Action Squad (開闢 (かいびゃく) 行動 (こうどう) (たい) Kaibyaku Kōdō Tai?) was a group of ten elite villains who were newly recruited to the League of Villains. On their first mission, they invaded the Beast's Forest and attacked U.A. High School students. They serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc.


Forest Training Camp Arc

The Vanguard Action Squad invades the training camp.

The Vanguard Action Squad was created shortly after the Hero Killer inspired various criminals hiding behind the scenes to join the League of Villains. Many of them were recruited by Giran, including the original two recruits, Dabi and Himiko Toga.[1]

Several other criminals followed suit, and eventually, Tomura Shigaraki formed the Vanguard Action Squad with the intention of attacking students from U.A. High School. Their first mission was to capture Katsuki Bakugo and destroy the image of a peaceful hero society set by U.A. and All Might. Dabi is the defacto leader of the group, and it is comprised of ten elite villains with either powerful Quirks or good combat abilities.

They made their first appearance when they invade the Beast's Forest belonging to the Pussycats, in order to attack the students training there. Dabi burns the forest while Mustard fills it with poison gas. This was to keep their meeting point a secret while at the same time cornering the students inside the forest.[2]

The villains capture Katsuki.

Muscular, Moonfish and Mr. Compress are tasked with looking for Katsuki. Magne and Spinner fight the Pussycats to hold them off from protecting the students.[3] Nomu was released to incite chaos[4], Mustard maintains the cloud of toxic gas[5], and Himiko is tasked with collecting three different blood samples.[4] Dabi and Twice distract Eraser Head and Vlad King with clones of Dabi. [3][6]

Moonfish, Muscular and Mustard are all ultimately defeated by the students. Mr. Compress successfully captures Katsuki and brings him to the rendezvous point. After a battle with the students, Kurogiri retrieves the conscious villains and warps them to safety.[6] 


The Vanguard Action Squad has been noted to be comprised of elite villains as opposed to the weaker criminals used to invade the U.S.J facility. Dabi alone was able to keep Eraser Head and Vlad King, two talented Pro-Heroes with extensive combat prowess, distracted long enough for the mission to finish. The villainous team greatly injured half of the Pussycats and many of the students from both Class 1-A and B. The succeeded in their mission to capture Katsuki and managed to escape with only a few casualties. [6] 


Vanguard Action Squad

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