I was watching the anime again but something bothered me. Eraser head said mirio togata is closest to being the number 1 hero. This has led people to believe mirio to be more powerful than Endeavor but I do not agree with this. To start of Endeavours quirk is far more powerful than mirios permeation. It is true that Mirio has complete mastery over his quirk but so does Endeavor and so having control over an amazing quirk is better than having control over a bad quirk so Endeavor wins when it comes to quirks. Endeavours punches can send nomus back a couple meters and can break through solid concrete. Mirio is able to break through solid ground with a punch however due to his quirk Endeavor is also able to burn through and destroy flesh as seen when he fought high end and the no eyed nomu so once again Endeavour wins. Versatility wise I would say they are both pretty even as there can utilise their quirks in many ways and durability wise mirio wins because attack’s can slip through him. All things considered Endeavor is more powerful than Mirio. Mirio is closest to being number 1 due to his likeable personality and the fact that Endeavor is considered to be a scary guy by the public.

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