Dragon Bone Dragon Bone 10 August 2015

My Hero Shopping Diary No.1

Good day to all,

It's been few months since I've been dropping by for proper edits, since the wiki has already tons of great information pooled by everyone here.

So instead, I took the time to source and do some shopping on merchandise. Overall it took me 3 months to source and import a couple of interesting merchandise from My Hero Academia. So far my collection includes the Japanese tankobons, a large-sized poster, and a clear folder. I've heard about the can badges but wasn't really interested in collecting them as it'll mean another hassle to unnecessarily overspend.

My next coming merchandise hunt could be one of the T-shirts and also the first English volume. It's a little interesting to post blog posts as some sort of diary here while …

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Dragon Bone Dragon Bone 3 June 2015

First MHA blog post

Hello to all,

Apologies for the hyper-inactivity over the past few months. As my main focus were thrown into Majin Bone back then. Never fret though, I did secretly implant a couple of improvements into a few pages here before my huge hiatus in this Wiki.

Alright back to the introduction, it's my pleasure to start a brand new Wikia project (three concurrently, to be precise) and I really, really look forward to working with everyone here.

Seems like someone did bear a grudge with me back then over a couple of mistakes but ended up displaying their frown in the wrong area. But I'm not going to persist in that since that's regarded as a misunderstanding.

Over time, I'll try my best to provide the best of information and news related to the manga…

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