Spoilers For Chapter 290.

So has Hawks has done quite a few shady things in the name of the Greater Good: Endangering hundreds of civilians by luring High-End to the city,  attacking Best Jeanist in his home and presenting a villain with a corpse (which he may or may not have killed himself)

In Chapter 290, Dabi has exposed Endeavour publicly on a TV broadcast - Which will undoubtedly will be massive blow to Hero Society. Though, Dabi still hasn't played all his cards yet, as he's aware of Hawks's many actions. Especially if they grew up together in the government program like theories suggest. It would seem the perfect time for Dabi to expose the Number 1 and 2 in one swoop. It would bring Society to its knees.

Would the public be so forgiving towards Hawks, they'd pardon him from any legal consequences?  Hawks is under the shady Commission after all; If their reputation comes under fire, I have no doubt they'd be willing to scapegoat Hawks if necessary. From there, Hawks could be labelled as a wanted man and forced on the run.

So what do you think? What will Hawks' fate be once he wakes up in Hospital? Will he continue being a hero, retire quietly or will become a fugitive?

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