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『 The Key of Destiny 』
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『 Introduction 』

Hello folks, I'm WitheredFreddy1993 here. I'm one of the Admins here so feel free to ask me any of your concerns or questions. I'm active on Discord as well. Also, just call me Freddy for short.

I've been working on FANDOM wikis for approximately few years and this helped me improve my writing/cooperation skills too. If you all need help, feel free to message me on my message board.

I upload pictures for the manga/anime, proofread pages to make sure they're good enough for viewers, deleted anything unnecessary such as spam or unneeded images, and reporting any vandals who try messing up articles. (REALLY BUSY RN)

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『 Favorites 』

『 Wikis I Contributed To 』

  • My Hero Academia Wiki (Main)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki (Main)
  • OMORI Wiki (Main)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia (Mostly; Freddy1993)
  • Kingdom Hearts Wiki (Mostly; Freddy1993)
  • Attack on Titan Wiki (Sometimes)
  • Final Fantasy Wiki (Rarely)
  • Kagerou Project Wiki (Rarely)

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My Hero Academia Kingdom Hearts Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Attack on Titan
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