Welcome to My User Page!

Hi, I am Kakarots and I've been contributing to wikia since 2013. I worked on quite a few wikis since then, if you need help on this wiki or another just ask on my massage wall.
Wikis I Work on The Most
Wiki User Right Edits
My Hero Academia Wiki Content Moderator 3000+
Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki Bureaucrat 200+
Dr. Stone Wiki Bureaucrat 400+
Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki Bureaucrat 200+
Act Age wiki Bureaucrat ???

Favorite Characters

1. Mirio Togata 2. Atsuhiro Sako
Class 1-A vs. Mirio Togata (Manga).png Compress gets his revenge.png
Quirk Permeation Quirk Compress
3. Gran Torino 4. Enji Todoroki 5. Ken Takagi
Young Gran Torino.png Endeavor Profile.png Ken Takagi Hero Costume.png
Quirk Jet Quirk Hell Flame Quirk Lock Down
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