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The Unforeseen Simulation Joint (ウソの災害 (さいがい) 事故 (じこ) ルーム Uso no Saigai ya Jiko Rūmu?, lit. "Unbelieveable Disasters Room"), often abbreviated as U.S.J., is a training facility located in U.A. High School.[1] Its purpose is to train Hero students for disaster rescue.


The facility consists of a dome-shaped building composed of eight main sections, with six of them emulating a particular disaster scenario:[2]

  • Entrance: The entrance to the building, consisting of a large blue gate. Located to the north.
  • Central Plaza (セントラル広場 Sentoraru Hiroba?): The central area that connects to the simulation area's as well as the main entrance.
  • Ruins Zone (倒壊ゾーン Tōkai Zōn?): Located in the northeast, this zone simulates a destroyed urban environment, with buildings found in precarious conditions.
  • Landslide Zone (土砂ゾーン Dosha Zōn?): Located to the east, this zone simulates sloped terrain with assorted debris.
  • Mountain Zone (山岳ゾーン Sangaku Zōn?): Located to the south, this zone simulates a rocky, mountainous area filled with cliffs.
  • Conflagration Zone (火災ゾーン Kasai Zōn?): Located to the southwest, this zone simulates a urban environment that is constantly on fire.
  • Flood Zone (水難ゾーン Suinan Zōn?): Located to the west, this zone simulates a maritime environment with a lake, a ship, and even a waterslide.
  • Downpour Zone (暴風•大雨ゾーン Bōfū Ōame Zōn?): Located to the northwest, this zone simulates an urban environment that is constantly hit by heavy rainfall and strong winds.

Additionally, the building is equipped with sensors to detect intruders.



The Unforeseen Simulation Joint was idealized by the Pro Hero and teacher Thirteen as a way to train students on how to act through disaster situations.[1]

During the U.S.J. Arc, the building was invaded by the League of Villains. Through one of its members, Kurogiri, most of the students of Class 1-A were teleported to the various zones located in the facility, where several minor villains awaited for them. The ambushes were unsuccessful though, as most of the students were capable of fighting back themselves until the arrival of reinforcements.

The building was also used as one of the settings for the Final Exams Arc, where Ochaco Uraraka and Yuga Aoyama faced Thirteen for their practical exam.[3]



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