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U.A. Teachers vs. League of Villains is a battle fought between the staff of U.A. High School and the remaining members of the League of Villains during the U.S.J. Incident.


Having defeated Nomu by punching the artificial human beyond the U.S.J., All Might is exhausted and unable to fight any further. Sensing an opportunity, Kurogiri goads Tomura Shigaraki into continuing their attack.

Izuku jumps into action to save All Might.

Meanwhile, Denki Kaminari is held hostage by Tesla who is advancing on Kyoka Jiro and Momo Yaoyorozu who are unable to fight back.

As the two villains charge at All Might, Izuku Midoriya suddenly leaps into the fray; breaking both of his legs with One For All in his desperation to save All Might. Tomura quickly responds by thrusting his hand through a warp gate that appears in front of Izuku. Just as he is about to activate his Decay and kill Izuku, Tomura's hand is suddenly shot.[1]


Present Mic attacks the villains.

After having shot Tomura and saving Izuku's life, Snipe redirects his aim and shoots twice more, saving Denki, Kyoka, and Momo from the electric-type villain that was holding Denki hostage. At this moment, the villains and students across the U.S.J. realize that reinforcements have arrived in the form of Tenya Ida who has brought back the faculty members of U.A..

A group of villains attempts to fight back and run up the stairs to attack the teachers but Present Mic repels them with a wave of intense, paralyzing sound produced by his voice alone. As the villains reel in pain from the noise, Ectoplasm exhales a wave of ectoplasm that transforms into an army of clones that beat the villains back and knock them down the stairs. Principal Nezu directs the teachers to protect the students and defeat the remaining villains.

Tomura escapes after assuring that he will kill All Might.

Tomura contemplates retreating in the face of overwhelming odds when he is suddenly shot multiple times by Snipe who hits his arm and legs. Kurogiri shields the collapsed Tomura as best he can from further gunfire.

Snipe comments that they require someone whose Quirk can capture them all from a distance. Hanta Sero props Thirteen up and she activates her Black Hole Quirk. Kurogiri recognizes the attraction of intense gravity and in order to escape the attack of the Pro Heroes, he begins to warp himself and Tomura away. As they vanish, Tomura offers a final threat and promise to return to All Might before disappearing completely.[1]


Tomura and Kurogiri escape, but all the remaining villains are arrested when the police arrive. They also manage to find Nomu nearby and arrest it as well. The students are debriefed and then return to school. All Might, Izuku, Shota, and Thirteen are taken to Recovery Girl to be healed.

The mysterious master tells Tomura that they will soon finish off All Might.

Meanwhile, Kurogiri transports himself and the injured Tomura to their secret hideout. In addition to his injuries, Tomura moans of the defeat suffered and the report about All Might's weakening was wrong. From a blank monitor, his master assures him that the information is correct, they simply underestimated him. A second voice asks about Nomu and Kurogiri regretfully informs he couldn’t retrieve him.

Tomura mentions there was a student who was fast like All Might and stopped them from killing the Symbol of Peace. The master tells Tomura to calm down and they need to gather a new group of villains hand-picked for efficiency so, the next time, Tomura will show the world the horror of his existence.[2]

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the only villains still standing are Tomura, Kurogiri, and Tesla who has Denki captured. In the anime there are more villains to face. Likewise, Present Mic and Ectoplasm fight, when in the manga Snipe and Thirteen are the only ones who attack.


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