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U.A. Students vs. Chojuro Kon is a battle fought between U.A. students Tailman, Tsukuyomi, Tentacole, Ingenium, Shoto, Cellophane, and Sugarman against the villain Chimera during the Hero Work Recommendation Project.


Nine and his gang travel to Nabu Island with the goal of getting a very specific Quirk from a little boy called Katsuma who live there. After hijacking a ferry and crashed into the harbor, Nine orders his teammates to cause much destruction as possible in order to isolate the island from the outside as well as divert attention from their true goal while he hunts down the boy. Once they have landed on the island, the four villains scatter.

Chimera knocks out the island's communication towers

Obeying the orders of his leader, Chimera destroys the communication towers, rendering all connections to the outside world severed. Then he heads to the beach to generate the requested distraction. What Chimera or any of his allies didn't count is that at that time the students from Class 1-A of the U.A. High School are on the island for the Hero Work Recommendation Project. When they notice the attacks, the students confront the villains and evacuate the island's inhabitants to safe places. Several of them face Chimera on the beach.[1]


Mashirao face Chimera.

When the villains start their assault, Mashirao, Tsuyu and Mezo were at that time monitoring the popular tourist beach area. Once Chimera arrives at the beach, Mashirao orders Tsuyu and Mezo to evacuate the residents and the tourists that are on the beach while he fights the villain. Mashirao attacks with his Ultimate Move Tornado Tail Dance, but Chimera blocks his attacks easily with one hand thanks to the enormous strength provided by his Quirk.

Mashirao asks him what his objective is, but Chimera simply tells replies that he is too young to be a hero, and starts throwing boulders at him. Mashirao is saved by Fumikage who arrives to assist. He attempts to attack with Dark Shadow, but the villain punches the living shadow back, much to the Fumikage shock. The blow is powerful enough to generate a strong wind that knocks back Fumikage. Outmatched, Mashirao informs his partner that they cannot use cell phones, so he has to head back to the Hero Office to request for backup while he tries to stop the villain the best he can. Although reluctant, Fumikage obeys.

Chimera begins to crush Mezo's head.

Fumikage flies as fast as possible to Class 1-A headquarters to report a villains attack. Quickly, Tenya splits the Class into groups in order to deal with the separate threats. While other students deal with the threat in the town, he, Shoto, Hanta, Rikido and Fumikage will intercept the villain at the beach as Ochaco and Koda assist with the evacuation of the tourists and residents.

Back on the beach, Mashirao continues to fight Chimera before he was defeated after taking a devastating punch. Mezo attempts to attack the villain with his Octoblow, but Chimera caught him by the head before he can do it. Chimera teases Mezo's appearance and starts to strangle him with raw strength. Tenya and his team arrive to intercept the villain, while Tsuyu, Ochaco and Koda evacuate the civilians.

Chimera punches Rikido away.

Tenya kicks the villain's head, getting him to release Mezo, and moving him away from Chimera. Shoto uses his ice while Hanta uses his Tape, restraining Chimera with their Quirks. Then, Tenya orders Fumikage and Sato to attack. Approaching from the sky, Fumikage releases Rikido to attack Chimera with his Sugar Rush attack, but the villain uses his immense strength to break free of his restraints and strikes the young hero. Even though he had blocked the blow, the powerful punch throws Rikido against the rocks, knocking him unconscious. His classmates are shocked by the outclassing strength of Chimera, who continues his assault

Chimera's fire overpowers Shoto's.

Shoto uses his ice to attack Chimera, but the villain manages to reject it with a punch and then attack Shoto, who is pushed aside by Hanta before taking the blow. Mashirao and Mezo have been incapacitated and are evacuated by Ochaco, and despite Hanta, Shoto, Tenya, and Fumikage's teamwork, the villain outmatches everyone effortlessly with his adaptable abilities. Hanta asks what they can do, Tenya replies that the only thing they can do at the moment is to keep the villain on the sidelines, at least until the evacuation team finish moving the people.

Chimera charge at the students. Fumikage fights back with Black Abyss while Tenya uses her Recipro Burst to smash a boulder and throw the debris at him. Chimera stomps the ground hard enough to generate a blast wave with which he rejects attacks and then continues his charge. Shoto fires of a blast of his flames but Chimera expels a more powerful fire from his mouth and easily overpowers Shoto's attack, who quickly creates a large block of ice to protect himself and his allies.

Time to retreat.

Chimera continues fighting the students until he sees a flare in the sky. This was a sign from his allies indicating that he must withdraw. Chimera obeys the order not without first congratulating the exhausted students by saying that for today they can preserve their lives.

Shoto wants to chase him, but Tenya stops him by saying that if they couldn't defeat him outnumbering him, trying to face him alone is very dangerous, plus they must prioritize population safety.[1]


Chimera concerned about his leader's health.

After the villains' first assault, much of the town has been left in a dilapidated state, with destruction and damage everywhere. Class 1-A regroups and shelters everyone at the factory to treat the wounded and feed the hungry.

For their part, the villains hole up in a lighthouse. Chimera discovers that the reason for the withdrawal was because Nine began to feel bad due to his illness while fighting against other students. He is also surprised to find that Mummy is not there, indicating that he had been defeated and captured by the heroes. Villains decide to rest there all night until Nine recovers enough to launch their next assault the next morning.[1]


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