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The U.A. Sports Festival Arc ( (ゆう) (えい) (たい) (いく) (さい) (へん) Yūei Taiikusai-hen?) is the fifth story arc in My Hero Academia and the fifth story arc in the U.A. Beginnings Saga.

The time has come for the annual U.A. Sports Festival, a tournament of physical capability that gives the Hero course students the chance to show off in front of Pro Heroes who might want to hire them someday. Everyone is going for the gold, but there can only be one winner.


U.A.'s Meeting About the League of Villains

The chapter begins in the U.A. Conference Room. The U.A. faculty is having a meeting about the League of Villains. Naomasa Tsukauchi informs the U.A. faculty that he could not find or obtain any information on the perpetrators who attacked the USJ the other day. All Might tells the U.A. faculty that the ringleader, Tomura Shigaraki, displayed a childlike mindset, which intrigues the U.A. faculty. Naomasa says that the villains they captured the other day all swore allegiance to Tomura and surmises that these villains may have been attracted by Tomura's childlike mindset due to being pressurized by the great amount of Heroes in this present age. Naomasa declares that he will be assisting the police in order to continue capturing more criminals. Before the meeting ends, Mr. Principal suggests that due to his childlike mindset, they could help Tomura grow but then supposes that it's naïve of him to think that way.

The Sports Festival Approaches: Ochaco's Goal and All Might's Request

Ochaco's determination to win the Sports Festival.

In Class 1-A, Shota has announced to his students that the U.A. Sports Festival is approaching and encourages his students to use the special event to get noticed as the country's top pro heroes will be watching it. The students start getting pumped up for the event, especially Ochaco, who is noted to be uncharacteristically spirited.

Ochaco embarrassedly tells her motivations to Izuku and Tenya.

After the fourth period of Modern Literature ends, at noonday break, Ochaco, while walking with her friends Izuku and Tenya, tells them that she wants to become a Hero to earn money, though she admits that it is a selfish reason. However, Tenya says that becoming a hero to make a living isn't selfish at all. Ochaco decides to tell Izuku and Tenya about her family; her family works in the construction business, but due to there being no work her family is poor. A flashback occurs showing a young Ochaco asking her father to allow her to help in the family business but Ochaco's father refuses, saying that he wants Ochaco to make her own dreams come true. The flashback ends. Ochaco declares that she will become a hero and earn lots of money so that she can use the money to make the lives of her parents easier. Both Izuku and Tenya find Ochaco's goal to be admirable. All Might appears and asks Izuku to have lunch with him, to which Izuku complies.

In the break room, both All Might and Izuku eat their lunch with All Might informing Izuku that his time limit has shortened to 50 minutes, to which Izuku apologizes, but All Might tells him to forget about it. When asked about One For All, Izuku tells All Might that he has gained a small amount of control over One For All when he had attacked Nomu at the USJ, which pleases All Might. All Might informs Izuku that his time as the Symbol of Peace is nearing the end, saddening Izuku. All Might says to Izuku that he wants Izuku to tell the world at the U.A. Sports Festival that he is the next generation's "All Might", shocking Izuku.[1] However, Izuku is skeptical about fulfilling All Might's request. All Might tells Izuku to think about it and that he won't force Izuku to do it. He then asks Izuku not to forget how he felt at the Seaside Park.

Preparation for the Sports Festival

After school has finished, Class 1-A tries to leave their homeroom, but they find that the exit to the classroom is blocked and crowded by many students. Katsuki says that the other classes are scoping the class that was victorious against the villains the other day before the big event. Katsuki threatens the other classes to back away, but one of the students says that many students in the General Department like himself can be transferred to the Department of Heroics based on the results of the U.A. Sports Festival and that the reverse is also possible. The student then says to consider his talk as a declaration of war. A student from Class 1-B loudly says that he came to see the class that defeated villains and remarks on their arrogance. He then yells at Class 1-A to not embarrass them at the Sports Festival. Izuku starts to realize that many other people are striving to become great heroes and it's not just him who wants to become a great hero.

During the two weeks, Class 1-A train individually to prepare themselves for the upcoming Sports Festival.

The Sports Festival Begins!: Shoto's Declaration

Shoto tells Izuku that he's going to beat him in the festival.

Two weeks have passed and the day of the U.A. Sports Festival has finally arrived. Security has been beefed up heavily and the Sports Festival is being broadcast live. In the Class 1-A waiting room, just before they are about to head out, Shoto Todoroki approaches Izuku and states that he is stronger than Izuku, and also that he suspects he and All Might have a special connection and that because of this, he is determined to beat him. Izuku admits that Shoto is far stronger than him but says that everyone, including the students from the other departments, is giving it their all to aim for the top and declares to Shoto that he is going to give it his all as well, which intrigues Shoto.

Class 1-A walks out to the Freshmen Stage. The U.A. Sports Festival has now begun.[2]

Katsuki angers the other classes with his declaration.

The other freshmen classes also walk out. The Chief Referee for the Freshmen Stage of U.A.'s Sports Festival, Midnight, asks for the player representative who is Katsuki Bakugo to come towards the stage. Katsuki goes to the stage and tells Midnight he will place first, causing the other classes to rebuke him. Izuku notes that Katsuki is being serious about his declaration, though at the same time making the rest of Class 1-A targets for the other classes.

First Event of the Sports Festival: The Perilous Obstacle Race Around The Stadium

Midnight announces the preliminaries (or the First Event) of the Sports Festival. She reveals the first event to be the Obstacle Race;: a nearly 4 km race around the stadium.

The Obstacle Race starts and Izuku finds trouble in securing a place in the race. Shoto Todoroki makes his move by freezing the ground causing dozens of students to become stuck in ice and skids himself into first place. However, all of Class 1-A avoid Shoto's ice. Shoto comments that he expected them to avoid his ice. Minoru tries to attack Shoto with his Quirk, but Minoru is knocked away by a Villain Robot. The first obstacle is revealed: lots of Villain Robots from the Entrance exam block the way. However, Shoto instantly freezes many Villain Robots with his ice, defeating them. The Villain Robots come crashing down, blocking the way for the other students while Shoto himself forges ahead, having gained a huge lead over the others.

Izuku beats a 1-Point Robot without his Quirk.

Izuku is confronted by some Villain Robots, deciding that now is the time to put his head to use, no longer shaking in fear unlike in the Entrance Exam.[3] Izuku dodges a robot's attack, then picks up a piece of metal and waits for the robot to approach him. As the robot gets momentum, Izuku slices its head off with the metal, not wanting to use his Quirk so early in the first phase. Izuku decides to keep the metal as a shield and runs ahead as the students (many from Class 1-A) start going past the Villain Robots onto the next obstacle.

The Obstacle Race enters its second stage; The Fall, a canyon that must be trekked by walking on ropes. Meanwhile, Shoto who is in the lead has already finished trekking across The Fall and goes to the final obstacle: The Land Mine Field. Many students start crossing the Fall with Katsuki catching up to Shoto and Izuku nearly finished crossing it. The lead Shoto has starts diminishing due to him having to carefully cross the Land Mine Field. Katsuki, because he is unaffected by Explosions, blasts himself towards Shoto, thus gaining the lead. Shoto and Katsuki start having a brief scuffle for the lead.

Izuku's Ploy of Victory

Izuku takes the lead of the Obstacle Race.

The Obstacle Race has entered its final stage with Izuku having reached the final stage. Realizing that the leaders in the race are too far away to catch up on foot, Izuku hatches an idea: he places himself onto the metal shield and detonates a land mine, causing him to blast himself into the lead.[4] Katsuki and Shoto stop fighting one another and immediately run to catch up to Izuku and almost overtake him. However, as Izuku begins to lose momentum, he uses the metal sheet and slams it on the ground, setting off several mines and blowing dust into Katsuki and Shoto, forcing them to stop. Izuku runs ahead to the finish line and crosses it, placing first, much to All Might and Izuku's happiness. Shoto crosses the finish line, placing second and Katsuki crosses the finish line, placing third. Soon, the other students cross the finish line.

Second Event of the Sports Festival: The Cavalry Battle

Midnight states that the 42 students at the top have earned the right to advance while the other students fail to advance. Midnight announces the second event of the Sports Festival: The Cavalry Battle. The top 42 students each form a team of 2-4 for this event and earn points by grabbing headbands from the other teams. The number of points each student is worth is dependent on their placement in the Obstacle Race. However, Izuku, who placed 1st, is an exception to the points rule and is instead worth 10 million points, which horrifies Izuku.[5]

Midnight explains that the time for the Cavalry Battle is 15 minutes and that the point value of each team will be the total accumulation of each of the headbands taken. Midnight says the one to wear the total point accumulated headband will be the rider. Midnight continues to explain that the headband can only be worn around the head or the neck, and that if a team crumbles or loses a headband, that team is not out of the game. Midnight says that Quirks can be used but cannot be used for malicious aim. Midnight orders the students to begin team negotiations and have 15 minutes to team up.

The students begin teaming up, with Izuku having trouble finding a team due to the amount of points he is worth and the fact that nobody knows his Quirk. Ochaco approaches him and asks to team up with him, saying that she would rather team up with friends much to Izuku's joy. Izuku tries to get Tenya to join. However, Tenya, while stating that Izuku is a friend, also sees Izuku as a rival. Tenya says that he wants to improve himself and grow from his experience in facing against Izuku, thus Tenya joins Shoto's team which consists of Denki and Momo. The girl with gadgets from the Obstacle Race introduces herself as Mei Hatsume from the Department of Support and asks to join Izuku's team with Izuku impressed by Mei's support items. Izuku then ponders who his last teammate will be, looking for someone that can provide power. Izuku spots the teammate he's looking for.

Fifteen minutes have passed and Midnight announces that the Cavalry Battle will begin soon. Team Midoriya has been formed; consisting of Izuku as the rider, Ochaco, Mei, and Fumikage Tokoyami (who is revealed to be the last teammate) as the head of the horse. Izuku tells his teammates that he is glad to be with them.[6]

Team Midoriya.

Before the Cavalry Battle begins, Shoto explains to his teammates (Tenya, Denki, and Momo) their formation and what role they will play. When asked if he will be using his ice and fire to faint attacks, Shoto replies that in combat he will never use his left side as he glares at his father, Endeavor, in the stands.

The Cavalry Battle Begins: Target the 10 Million Point Headband!

The Cavalry Battle commences with many teams targeting Team Midoriya. Team Tetsutetsu and Team Hagakure attack but Team Midoriya escapes their attack with Fumikage's Dark Shadow, Ochaco's Quirk, and Mei's Hover Boots. Team Tetsutetsu attacks again but Fumikage blocks them with Dark Shadow. Suddenly, Team Mineta attack as well, forcing Team Midoriya to escape from them, breaking one of the Hover Boots and limiting their mobility. Katsuki appears and tries to attack Izuku, but Fumikage's Dark Shadow blocks his Explosion.

Katsuki's team (consisting of Eijiro, Hanta, and Mina) arrive and Hanta uses his tape to reel him into the formation. Katsuki's headband is suddenly swiped by a Class 1-B student called Neito. Neito explains that his class was observing Class 1-A during the Obstacle Race and used their observation to their advantage for the Cavalry Battle. Neito then insults Katsuki, telling him that it must be sad to be a villain's victim every year. Absolutely enraged, Katsuki tells Eijiro that they are changing plans; before they get to Izuku they plan to fight Neito first.

Izuku then says to his teammates that things should be easier now. However, Izuku takes his words back when Team Todoroki confronts them. Shoto declares that he will be taking Izuku's 10 million point headband.[7]

Team Midoriya vs. Team Todoroki: Katsuki's Overflowing Ambition

Team Bakugo prepares to confront Team Monoma. To ensure no other team interrupts them, Team Todoroki electrocute and freeze the other teams in their tracks as well as taking some headbands as well. Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki begin their fight, Fumikage's Dark Shadow attacks but Momo uses her Creation Quirk to block Dark Shadow.

Meanwhile, Katsuki fights Neito but Neito is rebuking his efforts by using Katsuki's Quirk against him. Katsuki attacks again but Neito uses Eijiro's Quirk to block the attack. Katsuki sees that Neito has a Quirk that copies other peoples' Quirks to which Neito confirms he does. Neito says that Katsuki was the one who fanned the flames of war with his declaration. Katsuki furiously declares that he will place first by beating everyone.

Team Todoroki has trouble breaking through Team Midoriya's defense. With only a minute left, Tenya tells his team to hold on tight. Tenya uses his move Recipro Burst and in an instant, Shoto takes Izuku's headband. Panicking, Izuku does not know what to do. However, Ochaco pushes her team forward, telling Izuku to get the 10 million point headband back. Team Midoriya runs toward the immobile Team Todoroki and Izuku decides to finally use One For All. Shoto, noticing this, inadvertently activates his left side in response. Izuku and Shoto prepare to have a final clash.[8]

The Cavalry Battle's Last Minute: Everyone's Desperate Struggle

Katsuki assaults Team Monoma but is blocked off by a solid air wall. However, Katsuki breaks through the defense and grabs two headbands. Hanta uses his tape to reel Katsuki back onto the warhorse.

Wanting to defeat Team Monoma completely, Katsuki orders his team to attack; having Hanta use his tape and Mina using her dissolving fluid. Team Bakugo rides on Mina's fluid using Hanta's tape to reel them faster, catching Team Monoma off guard. Katsuki and Neito clash but Katsuki's ambition to become number one gives him the strength to defeat Neito and takes the rest of his headbands. Katsuki immediately decides to go after Izuku and Shoto.

The crowd cheering as the battles go on

Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki have a final clash. Izuku uses One For All to create wind pressure which knocks away Shoto's blazing left arm. Shoto is shocked when he realizes he is using his fire power. Izuku grabs a headband thinking that it is the 10 million point headband and takes it from the shocked Shoto. After putting some distance between them, Izuku checks the headband but is surprised that it's a seventy-point headband. For the last ten seconds, Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki charge, preparing to clash again as Team Bakugo arrives but are too late to join the battle as the Cavalry Battle ends.

The first four teams advance to the final event of the Sports Festival: Team Todoroki places first, Team Bakugo places second, Team Shinso places third. Izuku tries to apologize to his teammates, however, Fumikage reveals he grabbed a 615-point headband during Izuku’s fight with Shoto, putting Team Midoriya at fourth place, allowing them to advance, much to Izuku’s joy as his eyes explode with tears.

The Boy Born With Everything: Shoto's Goal

After the Cavalry Battle ends, the Sports Festival takes a noonday break. Shoto takes Izuku aside to confront him as Izuku wonders what Shoto wants. Meanwhile, the number one hero, All Might, greets the number two hero, Endeavor. All Might states it has been a long time and invites him for tea.[9]

Shoto says that Izuku made him broke his pledge; that he would never use his fire power. Izuku notes that his Fire Quirk would have helped and wonders why he didn't use it. After facing him in combat, Shoto notes how Izuku's Quirk is very similar to All Might's, which alarms Izuku. Luckily, Shoto only assumes that Izuku is All Might's illegitimate son, but Izuku denies that type of relation. After hearing this, Shoto concludes that Izuku still has some connection to All Might. He then says that Izuku should know about his father, Endeavor, who has been the number two hero forever, and if Izuku is connected to All Might, the number one hero, he has all the more reason to win against Izuku.

Elsewhere, the two top heroes meet each other. All Might says that they have not spoken to each other in ten years and that he wanted to give him a shout out. Endeavor replies that he can take his tea offer to some other place and tells him to go away. As Endeavor leaves, All Might stops him, saying that his son Shoto was able to show a great performance even without using his full power. All Might then asks Endeavor for advice on how to raise the next generation. Endeavor then comments on All Might's attitude, finding it to be annoying and then says that he will make Shoto a hero that surpasses All Might, then angrily walks away.

Shoto then explains his reason why he must win against Izuku: his father wanted to advance his position above All Might but could never do it with his own power and devised a plan; a Quirk Marriage that would allow him to conceive a child with an enhanced Quirk and raise that child to rise above All Might. Shoto spitefully says that he will never be the tool of scum like Endeavor. Shoto then goes on to explain some of his past; that his memories of his mother have always been about her crying and that she despised his left side and dumped boiling water on him, much to Izuku's shock and horror. Shoto explains that the reason he must beat Izuku (someone who is connected to All Might) is a personal triumph over his father, saying that he will become the number one hero without using his father's Quirk and that it would be his total disavowal of him. Shoto then walks away, saying that he will climb over him using only his ice powers. While Izuku sympathizes with him, he states that he cannot lose either because of everyone who had supported him up to this point and not wanting to let them down. Izuku takes Shoto's war declaration and echoes it; saying that he will beat him. As Shoto walks away, Katsuki can be seen hiding behind a wall, implying that he had heard their entire conversation, before he leaves himself.

After the noonday break is over, the Sports Festival resumes. The girls of Class 1-A appear in cheerleader uniforms (courtesy of Minoru and Denki's scheme). The girls realize they have been tricked, with Momo being most upset of all. The final event of the Sports Festival is revealed; a tournament event.[10]

Final Event of the Sports Festival: The Battle Tournament

Before Midnight can commence the drawing to determine the pairing for the tournament event, Mashirao requests withdrawal from the event, saying that his participation in the Human Cavalry Battle was done by being manipulated and insinuates that it was because of Hitoshi's Quirk. Mashirao says that he understands that the tournament event is a rare opportunity and that walking away would be foolish, but while everyone was giving their best on their own he wasn't doing his best due to being manipulated. Toru and Mina try to persuade him to reconsider, but Mashirao replies that he is saving his dignity. Nirengeki Shoda from Class 1-B also requests to resign, feeling that he does not deserve to participate in the tournament event. Midnight, liking his reasoning for resignation, accepts Mashirao and Nirengeki's requests for withdrawal from the tournament event. Midnight then says that the open slots will be filled in by the team that placed fifth: Team Kendo, but Team Kendo decide to give the opportunity to Team Tetsutetsu, much to Tetsutetsu's happiness. Midnight then announces that Tetsutetsu and Ibara will be replacing Mashirao and Nirengeki. After the drawing takes place, Midnight then shows the pairings for the tournament event. Izuku sees that his opponent is Hitoshi Shinso. Hitoshi approaches Izuku, but Mashirao warns Izuku not to respond to him. Katsuki notices he is fighting someone named "Ochaco" and wonders who that is, while Ochaco looks at Katsuki with a terrified expression.

The Sports Festival has recreational activities before the tournament event. The recreational activities end and the tournament event begins.

Before Izuku steps out for his match, All Might goes to see Izuku, who says that he has gained control of One For All, but Izuku denies this, saying that he can only increase his strength by a minuscule amount, with All Might replying that he is hardly a five on a scale of one to a hundred, which saddens Izuku. All Might tells Izuku not to frown and encourages him to smile when he is full of anxiety and fear, saying that he is always watching Izuku.

The Battle Tournament Begins!: Izuku vs. Hitoshi

The first match of the first between Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinso begins. Hitoshi calls Mashirao an idiot for throwing away the opportunity to participate in the tournament. Izuku is angered by Hitoshi's insults and attacks him, telling him to take back his words, but Izuku mysteriously stops moving.[11] Shota Aizawa and Present Mic talk a little bit about Hitoshi's history and about his Quirk. Hitoshi orders Izuku to go out of bounds. Izuku then turns around and starts to walk out of the arena. In his head, Izuku tries to stop himself but his body is moving on its own accord and is starting to lose consciousness. He then remembers that Mashirao told him about Hitoshi's Quirk before the match. Mashirao told him a strong bump could break the spell. He then goes on to tell Izuku to win the match for him.

Suddenly, eight mysterious eyes pop out of the dark in front of Izuku. Izuku starts to freak out and wonders what is happening to his fingers. One For All starts to activate on Izuku's fingers by itself and breaks Hitoshi's spell with brute force. Hitoshi becomes confused by how he was able to break out of it. Izuku then remembers that All Might said One for All was passed down through the ages and hypothesizes that those people could be previous users of One For All.

Hitoshi then tries to get Izuku to talk to him again by taunting, but Izuku remains silent, now knowing that answering Hitoshi will result in him being brainwashed by Hitoshi again. Hitoshi says that he was born with a Quirk unfit for combat and unwanted by society, telling Izuku that a combat Quirk user like him will never understand how he feels. However, while running towards Hitoshi, Izuku understands Hitoshi's situation as he himself was in a similar situation (he was born without a Quirk and thus he was also unfit for combat like Hitoshi) before he received One For All. Izuku reaches Hitoshi and begins pushing him out of the ring, but Hitoshi retaliates by punching Izuku in the face. Despite this, Izuku continues to push Hitoshi out of the ring. Hitoshi grabs Izuku's neck but Izuku counters by grabbing Hitoshi's arm and then throws Hitoshi over his shoulder, slamming Hitoshi hard into the ground and in the process, causes Hitoshi's feet to go out of bounds, which ends the battle. Izuku is declared the winner and advances to the second round.[12]

The Boy Unfavored by Fate: Hitoshi's Resolve

Izuku has defeated Hitoshi and advances to the second round. Lying on the ground defeated, Hitoshi remembers his past; where people at his previous school disliked his Quirk due to its villainous nature. After the crowd cheers for the combatants, Izuku questions Hitoshi as to why he wants to join the Department of Heroics. Hitoshi replies and says that he cannot help what he truly longs to be. The students of the General Department applaud Hitoshi's efforts while some people in the crowd comment on the usefulness of Hitoshi's Quirk against villains. Hitoshi declares that one day he will enter the Department of Heroics and show everyone that he will become a great hero. Hitoshi tells Izuku to not lose too pitifully and leaves.

In Recovery Girl's Office, Izuku has his minor injuries attended to. Izuku tells All Might about the mysterious figures he saw while being brainwashed. All Might says that he also saw something similar to what Izuku experienced in his younger days. All Might theorizes that what Izuku saw were the imprints of those who wielded One For All in the past. All Might remarks that instead of the imprints, it was Izuku's own willpower that activated One For All to help him break free of Hitoshi's brainwash. Izuku isn't satisfied with the explanation, but All Might tells Izuku not to dwell on it and tells him to go and watch the next match. After Izuku leaves, Chiyo comments to All Might that Izuku also saw him, to which All Might remarks that it's a good thing.

The Battle Tournament's First Round Continues

On his way to his first round match, Shoto encounters his father, Endeavor, and tries to ignore him. Endeavor tells his son that he is disappointed with his behavior and reminds him of his duty to surpass All Might, ordering him to stop fooling around. Shoto declares to his father that he will never use his left side and will only rely on his mother's power. Endeavor replies to his defiant son that while his tactic may work now in high school, he will eventually be pushed to the point of being forced to use it, much to Shoto's fury.

The second match of the first round between Shoto Todoroki and Hanta Sero begins. Hanta wraps his tape around Shoto, hoping to get him out of bounds. However, Shoto (still furious from his conversation with his father) creates a massive pillar of ice in retaliation, completely immobilizing Hanta and freeing himself in the process. Hanta, unable to move at all, is declared the loser, and Shoto is declared the winner, thus moving on to the second round. Shoto goes to the nearly frozen Hanta, apologizes for what he did, and thaws him out with his fire power. Izuku notes that the image of seeing Shoto using his fire power to melt his ice seemed immensely sad to him.[13]

The third match of the first round ends in the blink of an eye; Ibara Shiozaki defeats Denki Kaminari by making his Quirk backfire on him with her type advantage Quirk. In the stands, Izuku is writing down information on Ibara's Quirk, causing Ochaco to note that he has been incredible ever since she met him. Ochaco suddenly tells Izuku that she has to go to the waiting room and leaves.

The fourth match of the first round, Tenya Ida (who is equipped with Mei's support gear) versus Mei Hatsume. During their match, Mei uses the opportunity to advertise her support equipment and items. After ten minutes of cat and mouse, Mei, feeling that she has shown everyone her support gear effectively, walks out of bounds. Tenya wins due to this action but he is not pleased with Mei using him.

Tenya goes to the waiting room and finds that Ochaco is in it. Izuku arrives shortly afterward to check on Ochaco, saying that the fifth and sixth matches went by in a flash; Mina defeated Yuga after making his belt malfunction and Fumikage defeated Momo by striking first while preventing her from using her Creations. Ochaco expresses concern about her match with Katsuki, prompting Tenya to mention that he might go easier on her because she is a female, but Ochaco replies that Katsuki is the type to never go easy. Meanwhile, the seventh match between Eijiro and Tetsutetsu rages on, both of them hitting each other blow for blow. In the waiting room, Izuku offers to give Ochaco a strategy against Katsuki, but Ochaco politely denies the offer, saying that she will be fine. The match between Eijiro and Tetsutetsu ends in a draw, both of them having beaten each other to the point of exhaustion, thus the combatant who will move on to the next round will be decided by an arm wrestling match. Ochaco leaves the waiting room, telling Izuku and Tenya that she will meet up with them in the finals.[14]

Final Match of the Battle Tournament's First Round: Katsuki vs. Ochaco

The match between Katsuki and Ochaco begins with Ochaco making her move first. She tries to reach Katsuki, but Katsuki uses an Explosion on her. Katsuki reaches down to the floor to grab her, only to find Ochaco's jacket lying there. Ochaco moves behind Katsuki to attack him, however, Katsuki's reflexes allow him to attack her with an Explosion, knocking Ochaco back. Ochaco tries to get up first, but Katsuki reaches her more quickly and uses another Explosion on her. Katsuki then uses more Explosions on her, causing the crowd to rebuke Katsuki's actions. Shota criticizes the crowd for thinking that way, saying that Katsuki is on guard due to his opponent's strength. Ochaco, despite being battered and wounded from Katsuki's Explosion assault, thanks Katsuki for not letting his guard down as it allowed her to put her plan into motion; to create a meteor shower from all of the rubble utilizing the effects of her Quirk. Ochaco fires the meteor shower of rubble at Katsuki, planning to use the shower of rubble as a distraction so that she can attack him directly with her Quirk. However, Katsuki uses a huge Explosion, destroying Ochaco's meteor shower of rubble and knocking her back onto the ground at the same time. Ochaco attempts to drag herself back up to face Katsuki, however, Ochaco's heavy wounds finally take their toll, and Ochaco collapses onto the ground, unable to move. Midnight goes to check her and declares that she is unable to battle anymore, thus Katsuki is declared as the winner.[15]

Ochaco's Defeat: Izuku's Determination

Katsuki leaves the ring and goes up the corridor. Katsuki encounters Izuku and accuses him of giving Ochaco strategies to use against him. However, Izuku denies this accusation, saying that Ochaco was the one who came up with the meteor shower strategy to use against him and tells Katsuki that Ochaco was the one giving him a hard time, much to Katsuki's anger.

Izuku goes to see Ochaco who is in one of the waiting rooms and has had her wounds healed. Ochaco tells Izuku that she is fine and states to him that she cannot afford to lose again.

Meanwhile, Eijiro and Tetsutetsu have their tie-breaker arm-wrestling match to determine who moves on to the next round. Eijiro defeats Tetsutetsu in the arm-wrestling match, allowing him to move on to the next round. The first match of the second round is about to begin shortly, with Ochaco apologizing to Izuku for using up his time and says that she will be rooting for him. After Izuku leaves, Ochaco gets a call from her father. She tries to tell him that she tried her best for their sake, but her father says that there isn't any rush, telling Ochaco that he knows that she will become a great hero, causing Ochaco to cry.

The Fated Battle: Izuku vs. Shoto

Izuku is walking to his second-round match but surprisingly encounters Endeavor along the way which shocks him. After Endeavor tells Izuku that his Quirk can rival All Might, Izuku tries to leave, not wanting to be anywhere near him. As Izuku leaves, Endeavor tells Izuku to do his best not to give Shoto a disgraceful match. Before leaving, Izuku tells Endeavor that he isn't All Might and Shoto isn't him.

The first match of the second round is about to commence with both Izuku and Shoto in the ring. The match begins and both Izuku and Shoto prepare to attack.[16]

The battle starts with Izuku trying to strategize against Shoto. Shoto uses his Quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot and shoots pillars of ice towards Izuku on the ground. Izuku uses One For All on his middle finger and flicks it causing a shockwave of wind pressure that destroys Shoto's ice. Izuku then does the same thing again with his index finger to strike Shoto which hits him but Shoto creates ice behind him to prevent himself from being blown out of the ring. Shoto then uses his ice power on the ground and Izuku destroys the incoming ice using the wind pressure from his Quirk. Using the ice, Shoto creates a board of ice to get into the air. He then uses his ice power on the ground again, knocking Izuku back and in the process causes Izuku's foot to become trapped in the ice. Shoto starts to attack the defenseless, but Izuku creates another wind pressure that frees himself and knocks Shoto back. Shoto, noting that Izuku is in a critical position after seeing his broken fingers, decides to end the battle and launches another wave of ice. However, Izuku fires another wind pressure attack destroying the ice which shocks Shoto. Izuku criticizes Shoto for only using half his power to aim for the top and says that he hasn't even managed to injure him with that half power. Izuku clenches his broken right hand into a fist and yells at Shoto to fight him man to man. Angry, Shoto wonders what Izuku is planning.[17]

Shoto thinks that his father paid Izuku to go all out against him. Enraged, Shoto charges towards Izuku. However, as he gets close to Izuku, Shoto starts to experience the frostbite from using his ice power too much and his movements become sloppy, which stops him from evading properly. This causes Shoto to get hit in the stomach by Izuku's One For All enhanced punch, knocking Shoto down onto the floor and becoming slightly injured. However, Shoto gets back up and launches a wave of ice at Izuku but it is weaker than before. Izuku destroys the ice attack with a blast of wind pressure and knocks Shoto back. Shoto asks Izuku why he is going so far, to which Izuku replies that he wants to live up to his mentor's expectations and wants to become an awesome hero who can answer people with a smile. Shoto is hit by Izuku again who states that while he may never understand Shoto's circumstances and resolution, he thinks that becoming number one without using his full strength and doing it to disown someone is a joke which causes Shoto to tell Izuku to shut it.

The Origin of Shoto Todoroki

Shoto starts remembering his miserable past; about how his father started to train him at five years old to become a hero to the point of throwing up. Shoto also remembers how his father was abusive towards him and his mother as well as preventing him from being with his siblings. Meanwhile, Shoto begins to experience the full effect of his frostbite, causing icy marks to appear over his right side. Shoto, unable to move properly, is hit by Izuku again. Shoto remembers the incident where his mother threw boiling water over his face and his father admitted her to the hospital due to the incident, which caused Shoto to start hating his father.

As Shoto gets up, Izuku tells Shoto that his fire power "belongs to him and only him." After Izuku says these words, Shoto finally remembers what his mother said to him in the past; that he isn't a slave to his bloodline and can become whatever he wants to be. Touched by his mother's words and moved by Izuku's words, Shoto decides to activate his fire power, setting the left side of his body ablaze (causing Endeavor to smile wickedly in satisfaction), telling Izuku that he wants to become a hero as well and smiles.[18]

Izuku's and Shoto's Final Clash

Endeavor, filled with joy to see his son finally deciding to use his fire power, walks down from the bleachers to watch the match at a closer range, telling Shoto to surpass him and realize his ambition. Both Shoto and Izuku power up for their final attack; Shoto launches a great wave of ice at Izuku while Izuku jumps using One For All to get as close to Shoto as he can and launches a great wind pressure blast at Shoto. Cementoss creates a cement wall between the two combatants in an attempt to stop them. However, both Izuku and Shoto press onwards with their attacks. After thanking Izuku to himself, Shoto uses his fire power to ignite the cold (generated by his wave of ice) to create a huge wind blast which, along with Izuku's wind pressure attack, creates a huge shock wave which blasts both of them back and destroys Cementoss' cement wall in the process. The shock wave is felt throughout the entire arena.

After the shock wave subsides and the dust and smoke clears, Shoto is seen standing in the ring with a quarter of his shirt ripped off and without any injuries. Izuku, however, is standing out of bounds. Izuku finally succumbs to his grievous wounds and falls flat onto the ground. Shoto is declared the winner and thus Izuku is eliminated from the tournament event.[19]

Izuku's Heroic Quality and Shoto's Contemplation

Shoto leaves the ring and encounters his father in the corridor. Endeavor tells Shoto that he is proud of him for accepting to use his fire power and that he has become the perfect upgrade of him. He goes on to say that after he graduates, he will let Shoto become his sidekick. However, Shoto tells Endeavor that he cannot change so easily and has not rescinded his disavowal of him. Shoto then says the only reason he used his fire power was that for a split second he completely forgot about him. As he walks away, Shoto says that he needs to contemplate his fire power.

Izuku is taken to Recovery Girl's office to have his wounds attended to. Recovery Girl scolds All Might for making Izuku push his limits and tells All Might not to try and praise Izuku for going so far. Suddenly, Izuku's friends; Ochaco, Tenya, Tsuyu, and Minoru enter Chiyo's room, wanting to see how Izuku was doing. However, Chiyo makes them leave, saying that Izuku is going to undergo surgery. Izuku, even though he is weak and in pain from his severe injuries, apologizes to All Might for being unable to live up to his expectations and that all he wanted to do was help Shoto after seeing his sadness. Izuku then asks All Might for his forgiveness. All Might responds by saying that his match was simply an unfortunate outcome but praises Izuku for helping Shoto with his problem, saying that reaching out and helping people with their personal problems is one of the principal qualities of a hero, happy that Izuku has such a quality.[20]

The Second Round of the Battle Tournament Continues: Izuku's Doubt and All Might's Confidence

After Izuku's surgery is completed, Chiyo warns Izuku not to abuse his power and that she won't heal anymore of his self-inflicted injuries. Chiyo also asks All Might to find a different method Izuku can use to make better use of One For All. Izuku and All Might leave Chiyo's office. While walking through the corridor, Izuku sadly tells All Might that he thinks that someone else should be his successor. However, All Might reveals to Izuku that he used to be Quirkless just like him, which surprises Izuku. Izuku says to All Might that he never knew about that information, causing All Might to reply that Izuku never asked him. All Might tells Izuku that he chose him to be his successor at first due to him being similar to his former self and admits to Izuku that he has surpassed his expectations after seeing Izuku's actions. All Might says to Izuku that only he will be able to truly shine with the power of One For All. Having been cheered up by his mentor, Izuku apologizes to All Might. All Might tells Izuku to watch the rest of the Sports Festival, to which Izuku complies.

Izuku returns to the stadium where the tournament event is being held, finding out that he missed two matches. Tenya approaches Izuku, glad to see that his friend's surgery went well. Izuku and Tenya chat with each other about how Tenya defeated Ibara, and how his brother has been watching the Sports Festival but cannot watch it fully as a result of busywork.

Meanwhile, Eijiro and Katsuki battle each other in the ring to determine the final contender in the top four. Eijiro manages to give Katsuki a more troublesome time than Ochaco did. However, after Katsuki injures Eijiro with an Explosion, Katsuki realizes Eijiro's Quirk weakness: that Eijiro's Hardening weakens with consecutive strikes. Katsuki then assaults Eijiro with a continuous barrage of Explosion which greatly wounds Eijiro and knocks him out, making Katsuki the winner.

U.A.'s Strongest Freshmen Revealed: The Battle Tournament Nears the End

The Top Four of the battle tournament event are Shoto, Tenya, Fumikage, and now Katsuki. Seeing that the battle between Eijiro and Katsuki is over, Tenya tells Izuku he will be back shortly as he heads to the ring.

The first match of the semi-finals is Shoto versus Tenya. The match begins with Shoto launching an ice attack at Tenya, but Tenya dodges Shoto's attack by jumping into the air. Tenya activates Recipro Burst and attacks Shoto with a speed-enhanced kick, but Shoto narrowly dodges. Tenya quickly counters and attacks Shoto with another speed-enhanced kick, which slams Shoto down onto the ground. Despite being injured, Shoto grabs Tenya's leg but Tenya kicks Shoto away. Tenya grabs Shoto and proceeds to try and throw Shoto out of bounds before Recipro Burst ends. However, along the way, Tenya realizes that there is ice in his mufflers and he slows down. Shoto tells Tenya that he put ice in his mufflers when he grabbed his leg and freezes Tenya's entire body. Due to being unable to move, Tenya is declared defeated and Shoto advances to the final round of the tournament event. While walking away, Shoto admits to Tenya that he could not fully evade his Recipro Burst and says that he expected no less from it. Tenya calls out to his brother.

Meanwhile, in an unknown area, there appears to be a hero on the ground with blood everywhere. In the same area, a mysterious figure is disgusted by the fact that pro heroes call themselves "heroes", saying that they are not worthy of being heroes. The mysterious figure declares that there is only one person that is worthy of being called a hero. The mysterious figure comes into the light, revealing a disfigured face covered with bandages. The bandaged figure claims that the only person who is worthy of being called a hero is also the only one who is allowed to do him in and that hero is All Might.[21]

The second match of the third round begins. It is Fumikage versus Katsuki. Unlike his previous matches, Fumikage is at a major disadvantage and is forced to go completely on the defensive due to the light from Katsuki's Explosions weakening Dark Shadow and that Dark Shadow hasn't fully replenished its strength. Even worse, Katsuki's fierce fighting style prevents Fumikage from countering. Despite this, Fumikage does manage to keep Katsuki at bay. Tired of his persistence, Katsuki manages to get past Fumikage's Dark Shadow and lands behind Fumikage. Katsuki uses Stun Grenade which causes an explosion around him, hitting Fumikage and his Dark Shadow in the process. After the smoke clears, Katsuki has Fumikage pinned down. Katsuki tells Fumikage that it's his fault for telling people about Dark Shadow's weakness but admits that it wasn't a fair matchup to begin with. Although he can still get up and fight, Fumikage, knowing he is at a severe disadvantage, surrenders. Fumikage's surrender causes Katsuki to win, thus the final match will be between Katsuki and Shoto.

Ominous News and a New Evil Arrives

Tenya tells Izuku and Ochaco to watch the final match closely for their payback later to which Izuku and Ochaco agree. Tenya's phone starts ringing and excuses himself. Tenya goes to answer his phone in private. Tenya picks up his phone, noticing that his mother is calling him. Tenya apologizes to his mother for losing in his match and that he was too careless. However, Tenya's mother tells him that she is not phoning about that and tells Tenya to stay calm. Tenya is shocked at the news his mother is telling him and becomes distraught.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure from before is revealed to be the Hero Killer, Stain, who appears on a rooftop. Stain says that the current society is distorted and twisted and declares that he will make them face reality. After Kurogiri appears, Stain draws his katana and aims it at Kurogiri. However, Kurogiri asks Stain to withhold his blade and says that he has been wanting to meet him due to his notoriety. Kurogiri asks Stain for a moment of his time, teleporting Stain and himself away.[22]

The Battle Tournament's Final Match: Katsuki vs. Shoto

Shoto waits in the waiting room for his final match to begin. Shoto thinks about Izuku's words; that his powers are his and only his. Shoto admits that he did not think that way before he fought Izuku. The door slams open, revealing Katsuki, who barged into the wrong room. Shoto doesn't pay attention to Katsuki, much to Katsuki's annoyance. Katsuki complains about Shoto's attitude towards a fellow finalist. Shoto continues to ignore him until Katsuki uses a small Explosion on the table to get his attention. Shoto says to Katsuki that Izuku is the type of person who is compelled to drag out peoples' problems and help them. Shoto asks Katsuki, as Izuku's childhood friend, if Izuku has always been the type of person compelled to help people's problems. Katsuki remembers how Izuku tried to help him in their childhood, Furious, Katsuki angrily kicks the table over, telling Shoto that he does not care about Izuku and doesn't care about Shoto's problems or feelings. Before he leaves, Katsuki tells Shoto to give everything he's got and that he will make Izuku bow before him when he reaches the top.

The final match of the tournament event between Katsuki and Shoto begins.[23] Shoto makes his move first and attacks Katsuki with a huge pillar of ice, trying to end the fight quickly. However, Katsuki thaws himself out with an Explosion. After breaking out of Shoto's ice, Katsuki uses some Explosions to somersault himself into the air. While in the air, Katsuki grabs Shoto's hair and shirt and throws Shoto onto the ground, but Shoto creates an ice wall behind himself to prevent himself from being thrown out of the ring. Katsuki immediately attacks Shoto again with an Explosion. Shoto dodges Katsuki's Explosion and he counters by throwing Katsuki into his ice wall while in the process throws himself out of harm's way.

Katsuki becomes angry at Shoto for not using his full power, telling Shoto to not stand in front of him if he is not fighting to win. Katsuki prepares his next attack by jumping into the air and spinning himself around with two Explosions in his hands. As Katsuki makes his preparations, Shoto is in deep thought of whether to use his left side or not; having trouble deciding if it is the right choice to use it. Shoto admits to himself that since fighting Izuku he is struggling with what to do and how he should proceed. Shoto is confused and conflicted from his deep thinking. After Izuku yells at Shoto to keep fighting, Shoto decides to get his head in the game and activates his left side. After activating his left side, Shoto remembers the trauma of his mother's reaction to his fire power and becomes disheartened, causing him to deactivate his fire power. Katsuki's preparations are complete and after gaining momentum for his explosions from spinning, attacks Shoto with his move, Howitzer Impact, an explosive tornado that hits Shoto.

After the smoke clears, Shoto is out of bounds, seemingly knocked out. A furious Katsuki walks to Shoto and grabs him by his shirt, dissatisfied with Shoto's performance. However, Katsuki is knocked out by Midnight's perfume before he can do anything to Shoto. Because he went out of bounds, Shoto loses and Katsuki is declared the winner of the final match and tournament event as well as the winner of U.A.'s Freshmen Sports Festival.[24]

Closing Ceremony of U.A.'s Sports Festival

The closing ceremony of the U.A.'s Sports Festival reaches the award ceremony. Fumikage Tokoyami, Shoto Todoroki, and Katsuki Bakugo stand on the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st podium respectively to receive their medals. However, due to being furious at Shoto and to prevent him from unleashing his fury at him, Katsuki is fully restrained; his arms and hands restrained with locks, his body wrapped around a wooden log, chained to the podium and a face mask.

All Might appears to give the winners their medals. All Might gives Fumikage his medal for placing third, congratulating him and acknowledging his strength. Fumikage replies that his words are too kind. He gives Fumikage a pat on the back and a congratulatory hug, telling Fumikage that in order to defeat his problem with unfavorable matchups he shouldn't always rely on his Quirk and that he should increase his own strength to deal with unfavorable matchups better, to which Fumikage says he will comply. All Might gives Shoto his medal for placing second, congratulating him, and says that he understands that Shoto had his reasons for suppressing his left side in the final match. Shoto tells All Might that he realizes that he must come to terms with things to solve his problems. All Might gives Shoto a congratulatory hug, saying to Shoto that he won't pry any further and that he knows fully well that Shoto can solve anything with his power. All Might then goes to give Katsuki his medal for first place, finding the restraints to be a little too much. All Might takes Katsuki's face mask off, causing Katsuki to yell that he doesn't deserve to be number one since his final match was unworthy. However, All Might tells Katsuki that society will acknowledge him as number one even if he does not. All Might gives Katsuki his medal. Afterward, All Might gives a speech to everyone; saying that everyone who participated in the Sports Festival had a chance to stand on the podium and that the future generation of heroes looks bright. All Might yells out "Great Work" to everyone, congratulating them for their efforts. With that, U.A.'s Sports Festival comes to an end.

Two Days of Rest: Path of Change

At the Hosu General Hospital, Tenya immediately barges into the room his brother is in and is shocked at Tensei's injuries. Tensei, despite being weak, tells Tenya that he is a brilliant little brother and apologizes to him for not being able to be the role model Tenya sees him as. Tenya begins to weep.

The next day, Shoto decides to go and see his mother who is in hospital. Shoto's older sister, Fuyumi, is surprised that Shoto is going to see their mother after such a long time and asks Shoto why he is going, but Shoto does not reply to her. At the hospital, Shoto arrives at the door to his mother's room. Shoto believes that the only way to solve his problems and move forward (coming to terms with using his left side and overcoming his trauma from childhood) is to meet his mother and talk to her. Shoto takes a deep exhale and enters his mother's room.

As Shoto meets his mother, Ochaco is walking home after picking up some groceries. She opens the door and is surprised to find that it is unlocked. Ochaco is shocked to see her parents in her apartment. Her parents tell her that because she did so well in the Sports Festival, they decided to come see her and throw her a nice get-together for her efforts. Ochaco cries in happiness.

At his home during breakfast, Izuku and his mother talk to each other. Izuku's mother says that she fainted seven times during the entire Sports Festival with Izuku saying that she almost had a rougher time than he did. Izuku's mother talks to Izuku about his Quirk, saying that it is a risky power and that risk doesn't put her mind at ease but she will keep cheering him on. Izuku realizes that all he has been doing is making the people watching over him worry about him. Izuku decides that he needs a method of his own that won't make people worry about him and once he finds that method, it will truly be his starting line. Izuku's mother asks him if he wants to watch the replay of the Sports Festival, to which Izuku says he will later.

Meanwhile, at his home, Katsuki angrily brushes his teeth, still unable to let go of his fury.[25]

Story Impact

  • Izuku displays growth in his personality.
  • Class 1-B students and some of their Quirks are introduced.
  • Shoto Todoroki's father and number two hero, Endeavor, is introduced.
  • Quirk Marriages are introduced. As revealed by Shoto, his father married his mother solely to conceive a child who could surpass All Might.
  • Shoto Todoroki's past is revealed. His father Endeavor married a woman solely for her Quirk to "create" a child who could surpass All Might. Shoto was put through harsh training despite his and his mother's pleas. Endeavor abused her, resulting in her becoming mentally unstable and burned the left side of Shoto's face. She was then hospitalized resulting in Shoto hating his father. Since then, he regularly uses his Ice powers rather than his left side solely out of spite and anger.
  • Izuku discovers that his Quirk One For All is much more than just super strength.
    • He also learns that there is the lingering presence of the previous users of One For All inside.
  • Izuku fights against a student named Hitoshi Shinso and wins, making this the first time he wins against another student.
  • Shoto reveals his Half-Hot side. After his fight with Izuku, he begins to realize that to be a true hero, he needs to give it his all. After Izuku points out how his left side is not his father's but his own, Shoto begins to use his fire power again.
  • All Might reveals he too was born without a Quirk just like Izuku and was part of the reason he chose him.
  • Because of the serious injuries that Izuku obtained from his fight with Shoto, his right-hand gains scars and becomes slightly deformed. Izuku realizes he needs to gain a better understanding of One For All, foreshadowing his training in the Vs. Hero Killer Arc.
  • Tenya Ida reveals he has an older brother named Tensei Ida. Tensei was heavily injured by a villain named Stain and left him unable to be a pro-hero anymore.
  • A mysterious villain named Stain is killing pro heroes, claiming they are not real heroes as All Might is the only one.
    • He is found by Kurogiri who attempts to recruit him into the League of Villains. However, he is unsuccessful.
  • Katsuki Bakugo defeats Shoto Todoroki and becomes the champion of the U.A. Sports Festival (Freshmen Stage). However, he takes his victory in spite due to Shoto not using his powers at full strength.
    • Katsuki's performance and personality would also catch the attention of the League of Villains down the line.
    • Civilians who watched his fights also see his behavior as "villain like", noting how he could become a villain, which foreshadows Katsuki's rescue attempt in the Hideout Raid Arc.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • Steel: Tetsutetsu's Quirk allows him to turn his skin into steel.
  • Copy: Neito's Quirk allows him to duplicate and use another person's Quirk after coming into physical contact with the user.
  • Big Fist: Itsuka's Quirk grants her the ability to enlarge both of her hands to a gigantic size.
  • Brainwashing: Hitoshi's Quirk allows him to put someone in a state where the victim is forced to obey whatever he commands.
  • Zoom: Mei's Quirk allows her to make her vision zoom in on whatever is in her line of sight. If she really focuses, Mei can see things as far as five kilometers.
  • Vines: Ibara's Quirk gives her hair-like vines that grow on her head.
  • Scales: Hiryu's Quirk allows him to sprout strong, durable reptilian scales from his skin.
  • Softening: Juzo's Quirk allows him to soften any non-living thing he touches.
  • Solid Air: Kosei's Quirk allows him to solidify any air he breathes out, allowing him to create walls and/or platforms.
  • Cemedine: Kojiro's Quirk allows him to spray large amounts of a fast drying glue-like liquid from the holes in his face.
  • Somnambulist: Midnight has the ability to emit a sleep-inducing aroma from her body.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events



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