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The U.A. School Festival ( (ゆう) (えい) 文化祭 Yūei Bunkasai?) is an annual event held by U.A. High School where students from all grades and courses can de-stress by participating in spectacles of different themes.


The school festival highlights everyone.

The School Festival is an event that U.A. High School celebrates every year where students from all grades and courses plan things for everyone at school to have fun. There are exhibits, performances, spectacles, food stands, etc. One of the best-known events is the Beauty Pageant.

Although the Festival is organized mainly for the students to blow off steam and have fun, it also offers the opportunity for many students to make themselves known, especially to those who are not from the hero course.

If the Sports Festival is where the hero course highlights, the School Festival is where the support course, general studies, and business course students have their chance to shine. It doesn't get the same level of attention as the Sport Festival, but for them, it's an event they all look forward to.[1]

Cultural Festival Events

  • Class 1-A's Band Performance.
  • Class 1-B's Play.
  • Class 1-C's Haunted House.
  • Beauty Pageant.
  • Obstacle Course.
  • Development Studio exhibition.
  • Cosplay.
  • Maid Café.
  • Bouncy Ball.
  • Scoop Battle at the Pool.
  • Short Student Films.
  • Singing Competition.[2][3]



Nezu talks to the Commissioner General.

Due to an increase in crime since All Might’s retirement, and the fact that U.A. High School is usually targeted by villains, the Police Force's Commissioner General came to visit U.A. himself to persuade principal Nezu to cancel the event. Nezu acknowledges he has a point, but refuses to do so, arguing that it is precisely in difficult times when students need the festival. Nezu managed to convince the Commissioner General so the festival can be held, assuring him that they have reinforced security and agree to suspend all activities and evacuate immediately if alarms sound, even if it is a false alarm.[4]

With the approval of the commission, every course must pick a specific theme to display at the festival. Class 1-A spends an entire homeroom class trying to decide on what to do but they're unable to come to an agreement. Shota Aizawa warns his class if they don't pick a theme they will have to present a public lecture.

Everyone works hard for the festival.

Surprisingly, Shoto Todoroki gets his classmates to agree on a musical performance with Kyoka Jiro as the lead.[1] Katsuki Bakugo agrees to play the drums so he can destroy the other courses with his sound. Momo, Denki, and Fumikage join Kyoka and Katsuki on the band team. Shoto, Hanta, Eijiro, Yuga, and Koji make up the staging team. Everyone else will dance during the performance.[5]

Class 1-B decides to do a play as their theme and Mei Hatsume's class will present their inventions. There's also a beauty pageant that Nejire Hado plans on winning even though Bibimi Kenranzaki usually does.[4] Class 1-A practices in the weeks leading to the festival and Izuku is moved to the staging team even though he wants to dance for Eri. They need Izuku to move Yuga across the room so he can act as the disco ball.[6]

The school festival start at 9:00 AM

For weeks all the students work hard for the event. By the night before the festival, Class 1-A has their performance down packed. However, the rope used to lift Yuga has worn down. Izuku goes shopping for a new one first thing in the morning but he encounters the Gentle Criminal. Gentle plans on invading the festival to boost his infamy and Izuku makes stopping him his priority.[7]

Fortunately, Izuku manages to defeat him and capture him along with his partner La Brava, both being taken to the police station and preventing the festival from being canceled.[8]


Class 1-A's Musical Performance

The band team play the song.

Class 1-A's live dance performance starts at 10:00. The curtains open up showing the music band and the dancers in position, as the crowd begins cheering. Then the lights go out.

In that darkness, Katsuki yells out for the performance to begin and generating an explosion as he starts playing the drums to which Momo, Denki, Fumikage and Kyoka begin playing their instruments following suite and the dance team begin the performance. The audience is surprised by the flashy introduction, as Kyoka thanks them for being there before she starts singing.

Everyone is pumped with their singing and dancing. Even those students who showed up simply to criticize them are unable to hide their enjoyment and start cheering and dancing with everyone else. At the given time, Izuku throws Yuga into the air, who uses his Quirk Navel Laser to fill the room with light effects to the audience's delight, being picked up by Mashirao to continue dancing. Then Izuku leaves the stage to prepare Yuga to be the mirror ball and maneuver him during the finale.

Musical Performance finale.

When the performance is about to end, Hanta and Shoto combine their Quirk to create garlands of ice, while Momo uses her Quirk to shoot confetti to create a dazzling end to their performance. Class 1-A begin launching some of them into the air, making it all the more spectacular, and Ochaco uses her Quirk to get some of the audience to join in on the fun.

The show ends with applause and a great ovation from the audience.[9] Later, some of the audience praise Class 1-A's performance. Thanks to word of mouth, even some of the students who didn't personally see the concert received the feelings that the class had poured into their act.[3]

Class 1-B's Play

Romeo demands Count Paris to release Juliet.

Class 1-B put on their fantasy stage play "Romeo, Juliet and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the Kings", which is a crazy mishmash of several famous works such as Romeo & Juliet, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and more.[4]

In the only scene shown, Romeo (played by Neito Monoma) protects one of his companions from the attack of Count Paris (played by Tetsutetsu) and demands the return Juliet (played by Yui Kodai) to him. But in a dramatic and totally unexpected plot twist, Count Paris reveals to Romeo that what Obi-Wan (Gandalf in the anime) had said to him about his father, the King of Gondor, is not true because... he is his father! Astonished by the revelation, Romeo can only shout that's a lie, as he drops his sword due the shock.

After the play ends, the students who watched it believe they crammed way too much into that, but they couldn't help finding it hilarious and enjoyable.[3] Subsequently, Neito himself conducts a survey asking students who attended the culture festival whether they preferred 1-A's concert or 1-B's play. 1-B's play win by two votes.[10]

Beauty Pageant

Itsuka shows her beauty and martial art skills.

At the beauty pageant, eight female students of different years and departments battle it out for the title. The most prominent participants are Itsuka Kendo, Bibimi Kenranzaki, and Nejire Hado, and each one will show her beauty and abilities to take first place.

Itsuka parades, showing off her skills in martial art by breaking a couple of boards with her hand. The presenter praises her performance, in which she teared her dress for the martial arts demonstration, defining her as the perfect combination of beauty and strength.

Bibimi's over the top parade.

Then it’s Bibimi's turn, who considers Itsuka's performance as boring, is ready to dazzle everyone with her parades, in which she moves around the catwalk in a golden robotic vehicle she modeled after her face using her skill as a Support Course student. The presenter considers his performance stunning, although some students are clueless about what's going on.

When it was Nejire's turn. Due her main strength being flashy, she uses her Quirk to dance elegantly and gracefully in the sky, creating a rose in the air and many are speechless by her beautiful performance.

Nejire draws a rose in the air

After the parades of the rest of the participants, the presenter announces the start of the voting and the results will be announced at the closing event. Neito steps onto the catwalk and insistently asks attendees to vote for Itsuka Kendo, until Itsuka herself knocks him out and takes him out of the place.

At the agreed time the results are announced. Nejire takes the victory after gaining the most votes, with Bibimi humbly accepting her defeat.[3]

Obstacle Course

After the beauty pageant, Eijiro informs his classmates that there is an Obstacle Course and asks who wants to compete. Katsuki decides to participate. The event consists of running on a track with various obstacles along the way to reach the finish line and press a large button[3]

Haunted House

Class 1-C run the Haunted House. Hitoshi Shinso is responsible for scaring the fellow students by dangling from the ceiling as a bloody corpse. Denki, Minoru, Mina and Toru decide to participate, being scared by Hitoshi.[3]

Development Studio exhibition

After working hard for weeks on creating their newest inventions, the department of support' students show them to other students and several company representatives. Mei Hatsume presents her Super Cute Baby – 202, a giant robot suit. When the festival is over, she finally goes to sleep.[3]


Everyone at U.A. High School continues having fun and enjoying the events and attractions of the festival, until it’s over and everyone must return home.[3]


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