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The U.A. Entrance Exam (雄英高校入学試 Yūei Kōkō Nyūgakushi?), is a test given to middle school students to determine their acceptance into U.A. High School.


U.A. High's Entrance Exam consists of a written test and a practical test, with the latter being the more important of the two. During the practical exam, candidates conduct mock battles in replica urban settings. Examinees are given ten minutes to use their Quirks to immobilize robotic villains in order to score points depending on the individual robot's point value. The more points one examinee earns, the higher their chance is to get accepted into U.A. High.

Candidates are not allowed to fight other candidates. Doing so results in disqualification. Students hailing from the same middle school are placed in different testing areas to avoid potential cooperation.[1]

Other than scoring villain points, judges monitoring the exam reward rescue points for heroic acts. This criterion is not shared with the students, so they are motivated towards genuine selflessness.[2]

Points Scale

Present Mic explains the exam's point system.

Each defeated Villain Bot is worth a certain amount of points, which are assigned to the Bots according to their difficulty level:

  • 1 Point - Easy Villains
  • 2 Points - Medium Villains
  • 3 Points - Hard Villains
  • 0 Points - Arena Traps

Arena Traps are massive Villain Bots scattered through the city replicas in order to trap and weed out people from getting high scores. They're not meant to be fought, which is why they're worth no points.

Practical Test

The Entrance Exam start.

Following the written test, all examinees arrive at U.A. High for the practical. Inside the auditorium, Present Mic explains the rules of the exam: The students must score points by destroying Villain-Bots with various point values. After the explanation, students are separated into their designated battle center for the practical test.

The test begins without a countdown. From the rooftop of the observation post Present Mic states this is because real battles don't have countdowns. The examinees rush into the battle arena to destroy as many robots as they can, leaving the confused Izuku Midoriya behind, who quickly also runs into the battlefield when he realizes this.

Yuga "assists" Izuku during the Entrance Exam.

Izuku is nervous because only a few hours before All Might had transferred the One For All to him, without noticing any apparent change. And as for how to use the power, he hasn't had time to practice with his new quirk and All Might only gave him a very vague explanation about it. His thoughts are interrupted when an enemy robot worth one point appears in front him.

The robotic villain advances towards him with hostile intentions, but Izuku is so scared that he can't move. Before the robot can attack him, Izuku is saved by Yuga Aoyama, who uses his Navel Laser to destroy the robot. Yuga thanks him for being the “distraction”, but he quickly leaves telling him that they will probably never meet again. Present Mic announces that there are only 6 minutes and two seconds left, and Izuku moves to look for more robots.

Tenya destroys the Villain Bots with ease.

Izuku frantically searches for just one point, but almost all of the robots have already been destroyed, with several students rack up anywhere between twenty and forty-five points within the first few minutes. Ochaco Uraraka levitates robots and sends them crashing down. Yuga Aoyama uses his laser to blow them apart. Tenya kicks them with his engine legs, Katsuki blows them apart with his explosions, and so on and so forth with others.

Principal Nezu says that the best students use a combination of skill, speed, power and focus to score the most points in the end. As time runs down towards its end, U.A. Faculty members press the "Yakuri Switch" to release the gigantic villain bots worth zero points. The purpose of this robot is so that the judge's panel can observe how students react to the desperate situation created by the giant robot. It presents an opportunity for some students to truly shine.

Ochaco is trapped under debris.

The Arena Trap appears, bigger than the buildings that make up the faux city, and causing untold destruction as it advances. All of the students turn tail and run away from the colossal robot, either due to panic or because its destruction does not provide any points. The scared Izuku begins to crawl away in fear, desperate to find at least one robot with points to smash, getting even more nervous when it is announced that there are less than two minutes left until the test ends.

Then he hears a voice behind him. When he turns around he sees that Ochaco, the girl who was kind to him at the entrance, is trapped underneath the debris. She struggles against the weight as the robot as the robot gets closer and closer, but it's obvious she isn't gonna make it before the villain bot crush her.

Izuku shows the true qualities of a hero by saving Ochaco.

Seeing Ochaco in danger is when Izuku displays his heroic nature. Ignoring his lack of points, Izuku doesn't hesitate to rush to her aid. With One For All coursing through his legs, Izuku takes a huge leap all the way up to the robot's head level. Recalling All Might's advises about how to use his Quirk, Izuku conjures the power of One For All in his right arm and destroys the giant in a single and powerful smash. All the other participants watch in awe, while the panel of U.A. judges praises Izuku for his self-sacrifice.[3]

Mic announces that there is only one minute left, and that's when Izuku comes out of his shock and begins to feel the aftershock of the Quirk. Having used One For All for the first time at full power leaves Izuku with both his legs and his right arm broken and completely useless. What is worse, having reached a great height in his jump, now he begins to fall and has no way to land properly.

Ochaco saves Izuku from hitting the ground

Izuku faces a dilemma: he thinks about using the OFA again with his left arm to make a safe landing, but by doing so it would leave his remaining arm also badly damaged and without the possibility of using it to acquire at least one point. On the other hand, if he doesn't, he will crash to the ground. Izuku begins to despair at this quandary.

Fortunately for him, Ochaco returns the favor by saving Izuku from a life-threatening fall, She had managed to free herself in time and immediately use her Zero Gravity Quirk to float herself up towards Izuku on some debris, then used her Quirk on Izuku to stop the fall and save him, to then gently land both on the ground and suffer the side effects of her Quirk.

After being calm knowing that Ochaco is fine, Izuku starts crawling to try to get at least one point, but then Presents Mic declares that the practical test is over, much to Izuku's displeasure as he blacks out.[2]


The other participants are impressed by Izuku's prowess despite not having gained anything from it. Tenya seems to be the only one who realizes his heroism by saving Ochaco and wonders if there is a secret condition to pass the test. Following the conclusion of the practical test, Recovery Girl checks on the condition of the participants, using her Quirk to heal Izuku.

All Might announces to Izuku that he has been accepted into the U.A..

In the monitor room, the judges praise Izuku's action. He was running out of time and had no points, but despite these concerns, he rushed in to save Ochaco's life. While he broke both his legs and his right arm, he displayed truly heroic characteristics that impressed them enough to grant him sixty rescue points. They also grant Ochaco forty-five rescue points for saving Izuku from the fall. Various other students earned rescue points throughout the exam.

Examinees receive their test results a week after the practical test. All Might delivers Izuku his results via a holographic message and announces that he will be teaching at U.A. in the coming year.[2]


Examination Results

Only the Top 10 results of the test are known:[4]

Name Villain Points Rescue Points Rank
Katsuki Bakugo 77 0 1st
Eijiro Kirishima 39 35 2nd
Ochaco Uraraka 28 45 3rd
Ibara Shiozaki 36 32 4th
Itsuka Kendo 25 40 5th
Tenya Ida 52 9 6th
Izuku Midoriya 0 60 7th
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu 49 10 8th
Fumikage Tokoyami 47 10 9th
Yosetsu Awase 50 6 10th


  • In Chapter 3, Present Mic's explanation of the exam references many elements of the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, including silhouettes of Mario himself as well as some of the series' most recognizable enemies, such as Goombas and Thwomps.
    • In terms of the student using their Quirks, the silhouette of Mario uses the Fire Flower and Tanooki Leaf.
  • In Episode 3 of the anime, it is possible to see the date and time of the entrance exam on Katsuki's exam ticket; February 26th, 9:30 am to 11:40 am, lasting a total of two hours and ten minutes.


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