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Tsuyoshi in "The Heroes Are Here!"

Tsuyoshi (?) is a character from My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions.


Tsuyoshi is a young boy with dark and short hair, spiked downwards, with a few spikes upwards, having an especially large one. He wears a hooded shirt, shorts and sneakers.


Tsuyoshi seems to be quite confident in himself and his Quirk, since, although his mother had warned him to watch out with villains, Tsuyoshi was certain that his Quirk was enough to deal with them, although when he encountered bullies, he was too scared to act.

Being still a child, he is quite easily impressed by heroes, although he is also easily disappointed when they display outlandish and awkward behavior.

He seems to like football a lot, since he saved money for a long time to buy a special football ball.


My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions



Bristle: Tsuyoshi's Quirk allows him to make his hair super hard.[1]


  • His Quirk shares similarities to the unnamed hardening Quirk possessed by Crimson Riot.


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