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Tsutsutaka Agoyamato ( (あご) 大和 (やまと) (つつ) (たか) Agoyamato Tsutsutaka?)[1] is a student in U.A. High School's General Department.


Tsutsutaka is a tall young man with a large chin and dark hair in the shape of a pompadour, similar to the shape of his chin.

During school hours, Tsutsutaka wears the standard U.A. uniform for male students.



Not much is currently known about Tsutsutaka's personality, other than he's annoyed by Class 1-A and their popularity, believing that the entire school suffer from the repercussions of them being targeted by the League of Villains. He is seen badmouthing them and their plans to hold a concert, later only showing up to see them fail. After their spectacular performance however, Tsutsutaka apologizes for wanting them to suffer misfortune, admitting that they did great.


U.A. School Festival Arc

Tsutsutaka was having a talk with Chikuchi Togeike, one of his fellow General Department students, where they criticized Class 1-A and their decision to hold a live show to lift the rest of the school's spirits, saying that the current state of things were their fault for being attacked and the Hero Course handling things poorly. Katsuki Bakugo overheard this exchange and the students shot him dirty looks, enraging him. This played a part in Katsuki wanting to make 1-A's performance a resounding success so as to silence their critics.[2] On the day of the Festival, Tsutsutaka remains openly skeptical of Class 1-A.[3] His attitude changes completely, however, when he sees their performance and is blown away. After the Festival is over, he and Chikuchi come up to Class 1-A and apologize, leaving most of them bewildered but Katsuki in glee.[4]

Chapter Appearances

U.A. School Festival Arc
169. School Festival Absent
170. With Eri Absent
171. Gentle and La Brava Debut
172. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 1) Absent
173. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 2) Absent
174. Golden Tips Imperial Absent
175. Morning, the Day Of Absent
176. Deku vs. Gentle Criminal Absent
177. At the Construction Site Absent
178. The Woman Called La Brava Absent
179. School Festival Start!! Absent
180. Unbeknownst Absent
181. For Someone Else Appears
182. Let It Flow! School Festival! Appears
183. Festival All Day Long!! Appears
Tartarus Escapees Arc
307. Been a While!! Absent
308. Full Power!! Absent
309. Can't Be a Child Anymore Absent
310. Masters and Pupil Absent
311. Here We Go!! Absent
312. Hired Gun Absent
313. High-Speed Long-Range Mobile Cannon Absent
314. The Lovely Lady Nagant Absent
315. Platitudes Absent
316. Your Turn Absent
317. Scars, Blood, Filth Absent
318. Reckless Absent
319. Friend Absent
320. Deku vs. Class A Absent
321. From Class A to One For All Absent
322. Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight Absent
323. That Single Step Absent
324. A Young Woman's Declaration Absent
325. The Bonds of One For All Absent
326. Who Are You Really? Absent
327. Rest!! Flashback
328. No Man Is an Island Absent


  • Tsutsutaka's surname contains the kanji for "chin, jaw" ( ago?) and "ancient Japan" (大和 yamato?), and his first name contains "tube, cylinder" ( tsutsu?) and "prosperous, thriving or brawny" ( taka?).
  • Tsutsuka's English voice actor, Jim Foronda, also voices Muscular.


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