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Tsunagu Hakamada & Trainees vs. Paranormal Liberation Front is a battle between the Pro Hero Best Jeanist and six hero students trainees against the Paranormal Liberation Front lieutenants along with Gigantomachia and several Near High-End Nomus during the Paranormal Liberation War.


Gigantomachia arrives to help Tomura against the heroes.

Having escaped from the ambush organized by the heroes and students of the U.A., the lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front continue towards Tomura Shigaraki’s location, mounted on Gigantomachia, who continues to lay waste to cities on his way to his master. As they get closer to where he is, Dabi gives Skeptic a series of videos to edit on the fly, as what is shown there is going to tear down the hero society.

Meanwhile, Tomura continues to fight Deku, Endeavor and other heroes, who with great efforts and sacrifices, manage to put him in a desperate situation that allows the will of All For One to take control of his body. Trying to protect Deku, Katsuki is seriously injured by All For One, causing Deku to lose his self-control due to rage and attack All For One who takes the opportunity to try to steal One For All but fails, and both Deku and "Tomura" fall to the ground badly injured.

The war is reaching its climax.

Shoto tries to heal Deku, Katsuki and his father, however Tomura is not defeated yet. Due to his injuries, All For One suggests withdrawing but Tomura refuses to follow his orders and prevents him from taking possession of the body again. At that moment Ingenium and Nejire Chan arrive to help.[1] While Ingenium protects the wounded, Shoto and Nejire confront Tomura trying to defeat him, taking advantage of the fact that he is very weakened from the constant combat and the wounds received. They are about to achieve it, but unfortunately at that moment Gigantomachia finally arrives swatting them aside with his giant hand, and retrieves the now unconscious Tomura and places him on his back, where Spinner tries to tend to him.

As Endeavor wonders what to do to face this new threat, Dabi emerges from the Giant's back and he greets him and Shoto. The flame hero calls him by his name, but Dabi, requests to be called by his true name as he washes off the black coloration on his white hair. Dabi then reveals that his true identity is that of Toya Todoroki. His proclamation shocked everyone but not as much as Endeavor and Shoto, who are horrified to their very core. Endeavor refuses to believe that Dabi is his deceased firstborn, but Dabi assures him that it is the truth and that right now, with the help of Skeptic, he is broadcasting his pre-recorded history, revealing his relationship with Endeavor as well his abusive past on his family.[2]

Toya Todoroki, aka Dabi, reveals the painful truth to his father and brother.

Dabi confesses that he had always wanted to get back at him by making him suffer as much as possible. At first he thought about killing Shoto, his "masterpiece", but when he became Japan's number one hero he was presented with a better option, deciding to wait until he is at the peak of his reputation, even helping in this regard by sending some villains to attack him. And now that the hero society itself is reeling from this conflict, the perfect opportunity has come, and now he's revealing many of Endeavor's darkest secrets to give the last push. And to rub salt into the wound, his video also shows some of the Hawks' secrets and crimes, revealing that he is the son of a thief and a murderer, showing him killing Twice, framed in a worse light than in reality, and stating that he killed Best Jeanist while he was recuperating. [3]

What none of them know at the moment is that Best Jeanist is alive, having faked his death, and at that moment he is heading towards them on a plane. He watches Dabi's pre-recording and realizes he was waiting to unveil all of this dirty information when the heroes are at their lowest point. He vows to not let Dabi get his way under his watch. Jeanist prepares to be airdropped on the battlefield to assist his fellow heroes.[4]


Multiple fiber strings interrupt Dabi's attack.

After Dabi finished his speech, Endeavor is so astonished to know that his son Toya is alive and everything he has done in order to destroy him, that he is unable to move when Dabi decides to take action and attack him. Trying to hold back his tears, Shoto yells at his father to get him together, while he and Nejire faces Dabi. While Endeavor is still not moving, Dabi jumps off Gigantomachia's back, ready to attack his dumbstruck and catatonic father with a Prominence Burn.

As Dabi prepares to finish Endeavor off, several wires fall from the sky and capture him. After jumping off the plane with several carbon fibers wires containers, Best Jeanist apologizes to everyone for the delay, ensuring he is ready to come back to his duties. As soon as he lands, Best Jeanist uses his Fiber Master Quirk to manipulate the many wires he brought with him, ensnaring all the Lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front along with Gigantomachia and the unconscious Tomura.

Bakugo smirks at the thought that Best Jeanist was missing while Dabi is in disbelief because he was sure Hawks brought him his corpse. Best Jeanist declares that Dabi overreached with his ambitions and now he will come apart like inferior denim. Dabi, however, says that even thought he is alive, the truth about Todoroki Family that was gone public cannot be undone, and ignites his flames in order to free himself.

Best Jeanist restrains the League and Gigantomachia.

Mr. Compress is surprised that Gigantomachia has been pinned down while Spinner, who was tied up with Tomura, noticed that the giant has been panting once they arrived, as soon as his previous orders were issued. Knowing that Gigantomachia will do anything unless Tomura gives him further instructions. In his desperation, Spinner bites on Tomura’s head and shakes him awake as Nejire tries to stop him from doing so by attacking him.

However, before she can shoot, she's blasted by Dabi's flames, much to Shoto and the others' horror, falling into Ingenium’s arms. As he burns away the wires with a terrifying grin on his face, Dabi mockingly tells Endeavor that another child with a bright future has been burnt up by his flames. Upon seeing this, Deku tries to move his injured body again to help but can’t. Best Jeanist himself starts faltering but tries to stand his ground, refusing to allow the No. 1 Hero to fall here.

Shoto clashes with his insane older brother

Tomura ultimately gains a bit of consciousness to spout out an order for Gigantomachia to destroy, before falling unconscious again. Upon receiving orders from his master, Gigantomachia has a burst of power and begins to tear his restrains, forcing Best Jeanist to do his best to keep the giant in place. Not far from there, on the battlefield where the heroes face the Near High-End Nomu, four of these creatures decide to stop fighting and head towards where Gigantomachia is.

Gigantomachia continues to struggle against Best Jeanist as Shoto clashes with his brother, angry at him for hurting Nejire and also because one of the villains he sent against Endeavor nearly killed their brother Natsuo, the sibling who Dabi was the closest to among all the four. Dabi expresses no regret whatsoever and merely says it was a shame he survived because his death would make Endeavor suffer, much to Shoto’s shock. Incredulous, Shoto asks him if he's lost his mind, to which Dabi says yes and that he no longer has feelings for anyone. He starts to push Shoto back excited at the thought of finally being able to kill him.

Lemillion saves Best Jeanist from the Nomu.

Meanwhile, Mr. Compress tells Spinner that luck is on his side, as four Near High-Ends have arrived and are heading towards Jeanist, who’s grappling with a now active and flailing Gigantomachia, with clear intentions to kill him. His fibers are on the verge of breaking and the Nomu attacks don’t seem to be helping either. The battered Deku watches on helplessly at the approaching Nomus, and attempts to move in order to help the hero, but he can't due his body being very badly injured. Desperately, he says to himself not to be the worthless Deku who cannot save anyone.

All of a sudden, Lemillion arrives, using his Permeation Quirk to pop from the ground and punching the Nomu away from Best Jeanist, leaving Deku shocked,[4] who asks him how did he get here. He replies that they received a message about the current situation in Jaku City from the Villa Backup Team, so he rushed there at once using his Permeation's special mode of travel, as the villain hideout that was being occupied by the Nighteye Agency wasn't far from there. Internally, Lemillion thanks Eri for getting her to get his Quirk back the day before the operation.

The Nomus recover from the blow and restart the attack. While Lemillion uses his Permeation to avoid the projectiles fired by one of the creatures, he admits that he is not someone that can beat the nomus down with a punch, so when it looks like Best Jeanist is about to be surrounded, he screams for help.

Best Jeanist is assisted by the trainees.

Going to great lengths despite his injuries, Katsuki uses his Quirk to fly in and protect Best Jeanist, thinking to himself that the explosions from the time he saved Deku were stronger, faster and more condensed than his usual ones. He realizes that once he's feeling a sensation of a total crisis, his explosions rise in power. Ingenium and Nejire Chan also help to ward off the creatures from the heroes, with the former mad at Katsuki saying he shouldn't pushing himself too much because it could be fatal, while Lemillion asks Nejire Chan if she is okay despite getting struck by Dabi's flames earlier. Nejire Chan says she's alright now that Lemillion has arrived.

Seeing his former trainee, asks the falling Katsuki if he's experienced the world, calling him "Katsuki", Katsuki grins, replicating was only temporary, and declares to everyone that his hero name is "Great Explosion Murder God: Dynamight". The hero thinks it's a childish name, Ingenium finds it too long, Nejire Chan expresses her disturbance by it, even the villains Mr. Compress and Spinner find it really tacky. Only Lemillion likes it because there’s humor in it, which Dynamight denies. Lemillion replies with his motto, saying Sir Nighteye's words that a world without smiles and humor has no bright future.

Dabi is ready to burn up Shoto.

As they continue to struggle the Nomu and Gigantomachia, on the other side of the fight, Dabi's overcomes his youngest brother and get Shoto in a chokehold, increasing the heat of his blue flames while their father watches helplessly. Shoto warns him that in doing so, he would burn himself as well, but Dabi doesn’t care. He looks at the powerless Endeavor and ask his brother what kind of face their father will make when he sees his “puppet masterpiece” burn up and die by the flames of his “failed experiment”'.

When he is about to deal Shoto the killing blow, they are separated by Blackwhip tendril. The villain looks in confusion, as it is revealed that Deku shoot his Quirk from his mouth, a technique he dubs 'Froppy Style'. Dabi yells at him to not interfere in people's family business, but Deku says he’d interfere because Shoto is his friend and Endeavor is his mentor who made him stronger. He gives a small speech as to how Endeavor is not the man he once was, as he is atoning for his past sins to become a better person, then he finally adds that he is not Endeavor.

Endeavor knocks Gigantomachia out.

Dabi laughs at Deku stating the obvious and continues with another monologue that he's the pitiable result of a hero's cruelty, that justice is losing to evil, and that what comes next is a future where chaos will blow away all of the heroes' hypocrisy. However, Deku’s speech helps to break Endeavor out of his trance.

Deku feels a strange sensation in his head, and suddenly notices that Gigantomachia is going to breaks free from Best Jeanist's fibers. When everyone starting to panic, Endeavor quickly shoots up with his Hellflame Quirk into the giant, sending him crashing back down, knocking himself out as a result. Gigantomachia starts losing strength, much to the lieutenants' dismay and confusion. Lemillion explains that he got a word from the U.A. students about the sedative force fed into the behemoth. It didn't show any effect before, but now the anesthetic finally appears to be working.[5]

With Gigantomachia out of action, Best Jeanist uses his Quirk to hold him down to the ground, while Lemillion, Ingenium, Dynamight and Nejire Chan are battling the Near High-End Nomus. Deku and Endeavor are left unconscious after their last actions. Using his Quirk, Lemillion manages to evade the attack of one of the Nomus and hit him in the face, although he hardly causes any damage. This make him realize why the Pro Heroes were struggling so much with them. Even though they have simple movements, they about equal power to the High-End that appeared in Kyushu.

Compress, Spinner and Tomura are strangled by Best Jeanist.

Ingenium warns Dynamight, addressing him by his entire hero name, to step back as he is in no condition to continue fighting the villains. Dynamight, reluctantly, admits that his classmate is right as he struggles to talk, but he wants to assist Jeanist as much as he can, and stand his ground to distract the Nomu from his mentor.

With Gigantomachia out of the picture and the student facing the Nomu, Best Jeanist redirects his efforts toward restraining the League of Villains, and wring Tomura, Spinner and Mr. Compress. The last one notes that due to the Quirk, he is unable to touch the cables and without physical touch, he cannot activate his Compress Quirk. He is only able to touch his own behind. He adds that even Tomura is struggling to do anything. Best Jeanist activates his new Ultimate Move, Blackout Bind, to choke the members of the League in his grasp to knock them unconscious.

After gouging out himself, Mr. Compress rescues Tomura and Spinner.

Mr. Compress manages to speak to Spinner, tells him he loved the League, and to help Tomura, who he sees as the key, as he's about to buy them some time. Then, he uses his Quirk on himself to remove a chunk of his lower body to give his arms enough room to untangle himself from his bindings. He makes this sacrifice because he believed in Tomura’s cause, but also because his league allies had not yet achieved their goals.

Once free, he uses his Quirk to compress Tomura and Spinner to free them, then leaping up Gigantomachia's back effortlessly, despite his injury. Best Jeanist tries to stop him by taking control of the fibers on his clothes, saying that he has no hope of escaping with wounds that fatal, but Mr. Compress continues to use his free hand to tear at his clothing and pop off parts of his body to remain free. Along the way, he comes across with Skeptic, who yells at him to release him too, which he does by compressing him. While doing this, Mr. Compress begins to think of Oji Harima, the great thief of the past.

Mirio runs to prevent Tomura from waking up.

Meanwhile Dabi and Shoto are still fighting. Shoto tries to execute a Flashfire Fist attack on Dabi, but the older brother blasts him unconscious with his own version of Jet Burn. With their father passed out, Dabi decides there's no point with continuing the fight if he isn't fully broken. and reunites Mr. Compress when he calls for him, letting his ally using his quirk on him.

Having rescued all of his allies, Mr. Compress decides it's time for the big reveal. While Lemillion and Best Jeanist's cables charge toward him, Mr. Compress declares that he is the great-great-grandson of Oji Harima. Throwing off his mask, he cries that he has saved his best trick for last, as the "first and final escape artist performance of Mr. Compress", and releases Spinner and Tomura right in front of Lemillion.[6]

Lemillion is about to strike Spinner after knocking out Mr. Compress.

After spending a few minutes unconscious, Deku wakes up after hearing a voice inside him. As soon as he is up, Deku looks for Shoto. He is relieved to see him alive. Suddenly, he feels another sharp pain in his head. He figures that it’s the Quirk of the fourth wielder of One For All, called Danger Sense. That the Quirk is activated right at that moment is a complete inconvenience for him because the pain it’s causing takes a massive toll, making it hard for him to be conscious.

Meanwhile, after having hidden Dabi and Skeptic's marbles in Spinner's scarf, Mr. Compress tries to buys some time to his lizard fellow to wake Tomura up, but he is easily defeated by Lemillion. Mr. Compress regrets that he could not be of more useful. Before fainting, Mr. Compress knows that his last hope is that Spinner regains Tomura's consciousness, since he is the only one who can command the Nomu.

"Tomura" uses Radio Waves.

As Lemillion is about to strike Spinner, the lizard villain sees burnt remains of the amputated hand that his leader puts on his face, and remembers Tomura's conversation with Doctor Garaki about how attaching the hands of his deceased family fed his rage, but also kept him at peace. With Lemillion and Best Jeanist's cables are about to grab them, Spinner quickly places the hand on Tomura's face, getting him to wake up, although it is All For One's consciousness that is in control of the body.

As soon as he wakes up, All For One uses Radio Waves to blow Lemillion, the cables, and all the other fighting heroes away, while also congratulates Tomura for having such wonderful and loyal companions. All For One's attack also served to calls all the remaining Near High-Ends for help. The creatures abandon their battle with the heroes and focus their efforts on rescuing Tomura and Spinner.

Seeing the Nomu approach, Best Jeanist, Nejire Chan, Ingenium, and Lemillion desperately try to stop them while Dynamight, Shoto, and Endeavor are all barely able to stay conscious. However, there are too many for them, and the Nomus manage to rescue All For One and Spinner, starting their flight from the battlefield. Spinner protests that he is abandoning Mr. Compress, and Gigantomachia, plus Himiko is still missing, but All For One tells him that it’s Tomura's punishment for losing to Deku and Endeavor, so he must face those losses for his sake.

Deku makes one last effort to prevent All For One from escaping.

Wounded as he is, Deku makes one last attempt to stop All For One using the Black Whip Froppy style to jump into the air and confront him, but the villain easily blows him away with an air cannon, and tells him that when Tomura's body is complete they will meet again.

As he sees Tomura, now controlled by All For One, escapes with the League of Villains into the distance, Deku reflects that He can't forgive him for all of the people he's killed. However, when he saw him being absorbed by All For One in the vestige world, Deku realizes that his face looked like someone who was crying out for help.[7]


As All For One in control of Tomura Shigaraki's body escaped the battlefield, the remaining Pro Heroes who survived in the front-line along with the ones who finished with rescue and evacuation, promptly headed to the front to stop him, but All For One dispatched three Nomu to confront them. The Near High-End’s distraction tactics ensured that he, Spinner, Dabi, Skeptic, and seven others manage to escape while the other three confront the heroes until they are destroyed.

AFO ordering his Nomu to assault Tartarus.

The flight of "Tomura" puts an end to the great raid against the Paranormal Liberation Front and the result cannot be but for the heroes. Despite having captured the great majority of its members, dozens of heroes and thousands of civilians died as a result of the conflict. Several cities has been completely destroyed with cries of despair overlapping from panicked civilians trapped under rubble. Seeing this, some heroes start to lose faith in themselves and their work. The public is openly voicing their disdain for Endeavor and are openly doubting his ability to be the No. 1 Hero. Dabi's plan is coming to fruition. Society's faith in heroes is crumbling and it couldn't come at a worse possible moment.

As if all the destruction, death, and tragedy wasn't bad enough, that same evening, All For One senses Tomura's body within his cell in Tartarus. Somewhere in the forest, his conscience within Tomura says that he won’t give anyone a tomorrow or rest because it is still his turn, and it will never end. He then orders the Near High-End Nomus to free his original body from the prison.[8]


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