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Heroes and villains are two sides of the same coin... I can see it in that glare of yours. So what is it that really makes someone a hero?


Tsunagu Hakamata (袴田維 Hakamata Tsunagu?),[1] also known as Best Jeanist (ベストジー二スト Besuto Jīnisuto?), is the No. 4 Pro Hero and recipient of the "Best Jeanist" award for eight consecutive years.[2]


Tsunagu is a tall man with dark blond hair. His mouth is not visible because of his long collar which resembles jeans with a black belt with a gold buckle. He also wears a denim jean jacket and a denim jeans with a black belt and a gold buckle.


Tsunagu does not seem to like brutish people and seems to have a very heroic attitude as he wants to show Katsuki what makes someone a real hero.

He's also very selfless and brave, as he did not hesitate to take the full brunt of All For One's attack to save his allies, something the latter praised him with.


A year prior to starting his teaching career Aizawa was called into a meeting with Best Jeanist, Manual, Deathtegoro, Snipe, 13, Endeavor, Buster Hero, Midnight, Ingenium, and Gunhead, They were there with an unnamed police officer to speak about the unwilling civilians injected with Trigger. The officer explained that the people in question were more of victims than villains. Endeavor argued that any public use of a quirk is illegal and that they should treat them as villains and let the police investigate the backgrounds of future captures. He said this is the only way to protect the innocent while not risking themselves through hesitating every time they see a knew enemy. All Might, who was not present, had his reply to the problem delivered by Naomasa. He stated that he would assess the situation at the scene more carefully because as heroes they must not bring harm to innocent citizens. This was in direct opposition to Endeavors answer greatly angering him.


Entrance Exam Arc

Tsunagu is mentioned alongside All Might and Endeavor.[2]

Field Training Arc

He is introduced deducing that Katsuki chose him and his office because he ranks among the top five heroes. Katsuki replies that he nominated him, to which Best Jeanist says that he did since the other candidates have been good kids and that it has been a while since someone like Katsuki has come along, telling Katsuki that reforming brutish people is what he does as a hero. Tsunagu tells Katsuki that he will show him what it is that makes people Heroes.[3]

After Stain's defeat is published, the incident that occurred with the Hero Killer is on Katsuki's mind. Best Jeanist states that the incident is also on his mind but they must remain calm and collected. Best Jeanist tells Katsuki and his sidekicks that they will be running things smoothly as usual.[4]

Hideout Raid Arc

After Katsuki is captured by the League of Villains' Vanguard Action Squad, Tsunagu is enlisted to help in the rescue operation to save Katsuki. Best Jeanist, Endeavor, Edgeshot, and All Might are present and ready to begin the strategy meeting.[5] Before the infiltration begins, Best Jeanist mulls over his inability to help change Katsuki's attitude and attributes it to his pride.[6]

Heroes in Action.png

Mount Lady destroys the front of the warehouse and she, Tiger, Best Jeanist, and Gang Orca infiltrate the partially destroyed warehouse and apprehend all the Nomus while Tiger rescues Ragdoll. Best Jeanist notes that the warehouse has been cleared.[7]

Best Jeanist orders the Police Force to come in and hold position in case there are more Nomus around. Suddenly, All For One appears and reveals that he stole Ragdoll's Quirk. Best Jeanist restrains the villain with his Quirk, but before he can act further, the warehouse is completely destroyed and the surrounding area suffers damage.[8]

Best Jeanist managed to react quickly and used his Quirk to manipulate the clothes of his fellow pro heroes and reeled them backwards, which allowed them to survive All For One's attack. However, Mount Lady, Tiger, and Gang Orca are heavily injured while Best Jeanist himself is also heavily injured but conscious. All For One praises Best Jeanist for his quick thinking; Best Jeanist attempts to use his Quirk to attack All For One, but All For One impales him from afar which knocks out Best Jeanist.[9]

Kamui Woods rescues Best Jeanist.[10]

The Hero Billboard Chart JP, a chart that tabulates the rankings of pro heroes in Japan twice per year, announces the headlines; Best Jeanist, the Number Four Hero, survived the Kamino Ward incident and is taking a rest from his duties as a Hero for an extended amount of time.[11]

Quirk and Abilities

Fiber Master (ファイバーマスター Faibā Masutā?): Tsunagu can manipulate fibers at will as long as the person is wearing clothes. He can unravel a part of his clothes into fabric strings and can use them to restrain targets, as shown when he apprehends the League of Villains' Nomus. This Quirk works better on denim rather than sweats.[12]

Enhanced Durability: Tsunagu was able to take a direct hit from All For One's attack and remain conscious, albeit taking heavy injuries.

2/5 D
3/5 C
5/5 A
3/5 C
3/5 C
Tsunagu's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book


  • His name contains the kanji for "hakama" (?), "field" (?), and a component of the word "fiber" (?).
    • His given name is homophonous with the verb "to tie or fasten".
  • Best Jeanist's favorite animal is the wolf.
  • In series, Best Jeanist leads the fashion world with huge popularity among both young and middle-aged men.[1]


  • (To Katsuki Bakugo) "Heroes and villains are two sides of the same coin... I can see it in that glare of yours. So what is it that really makes someone a hero?"[13]


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