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Tsumuji Kazetani ( (かぜ) (たに) (つむじ) Kazetani Tsumuji?), also known as Gust Boy (ガストボーイ Gasuto Bōi?), is an original villain from the My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle arcade game.


Tsumuji Kazetani sketch.png

Tsumuji is a man of average light, light brown skin and a lean build. He has grayish-blue hair that he ties back into a ponytail, and an elongated face, causing his mouth to protrude forward like a bill. His Quirk mutated his hands, increasing their size and giving him very flexible wrists and slick, durable bright orange fingers. He wears a black sleeveless unitard with a purple belt, has a small desk fan attached to his back and teal sneakers with similar fans attached to them. A pair of goggles protects his eyes during combat.


Little is known about his personality.



Fan: Tsumuji's Quirk gives him fan blades in place of his fingers, as well as the ability to rotate his wrists. This Quirk gives him the ability to produce strong winds and even tornadoes. It can only be used for a maximum of one minute at a time, otherwise, Tsumuji will suffer Tenosynovitis (inflammation that causes sore joints, swelling, and stiffness) in his hands.


He carries multiple knives and a blade shaped like a paper fan.


  • His surname, Kazetani, contains the kanji for “wind” ( kaze?) and “valley” ( tani?). His given name, Tsumuji, means “rotation” ( tsumuji?).


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