Tsubasa ( Tsubasa?) was a friend of Katsuki Bakugo as a child, and helped him bully Izuku Midoriya for not having a Quirk.[1] He is also the grandson of Dr. Tsubasa, the doctor who diagnosed a young Izuku as Quirkless.


In the flashback, Tsubasa is a plump child, with a rounded face and brown hair almost completely shaved. Due to his Quirk, from his back emerge two red and draconic wings.

As a child, he wore a tank top, green shorts, and sandals.


Not much is known about his personality, but it is known that he was a bully because as a child, he, alongside Katsuki Bakugo, often beat up and belittled Izuku Midoriya for being Quirkless.



Unnamed Wing Quirk: This Quirk gives Tsubasa a pair of wings that allow him to fly.


  • Tsubasa means Wing in Japanese, in reference to his Quirk.
  • In a Volume 7 omake, is implied that he was turned into the Winged Nomu, although it is not confrimed.


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