Transform ( (へん) (しん) Henshin?) is the Quirk used by Himiko Toga.[1]


Explanation of Transform.

With this Quirk, Himiko can shape-shift into another person's appearance after consuming some of their blood.[1] It gives her the full ability to copy a perfect image of them, including tiny details. She can even replicate the voice of the person she’s transformed into.

This Quirk can only aesthetically transform its user into a perfect replica. The user cannot replicate their target’s personality, knowledge, or other such details. These details must be discovered separately by the user if they wish to mimic their target exactly.

The amount of time the user can utilize a particular transformation is proportionate to the amount of blood that is consumed. One cup of blood equates to roughly one day’s worth of being able to be transformed into that person. If the blood of multiple people has been ingested, then the Quirk user can transform into any of them, and without having to return to their original shape between transformations.

When transforming, the user is covered by a sort of gray slime, which they can mold over their body into whatever shape, texture, or state of dress they want. It allows clothes to be included in the transformation, though the downside is that the transform ability can't cover clothes so any clothes worn prior to the transformation would have to be removed to complete the disguise.

After undergoing an Awakening, Transform also allows the user to duplicate the Quirk of the person they transformed into, provided they have enough prior knowledge of said Quirk through studying and researching.

So far, Himiko has impersonated the following people:

And the Quirks that Himiko has managed to duplicate are:


Transform doesn't grant the user any level of knowledge about mimicked Quirks the way Copy does, severely limiting the user's ability to use said copied Quirks until they have studied them enough to use them properly.[8]

Additionally, this Quirk, while proven to be very useful, didn't provide any kind of offensive or defensive support prior to its Awakening.


  • Himiko's ability to copy another person's Quirk when she transforms into them was first implied by her prototype design, then used in the video game My Hero One's Justice before its official debut in the main series.


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