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Toshinori Yagi vs. Transformed Villains is a battle fought between the Pro Hero All Might against nearly a hundred of the Underground Masquerade attendees who were turned into violent villains by All For One.


The villains attack the police officers.

In order to prevent the Hero O'Clock for leaving the Underground Masquerade and steal some more Quirks, All For One releases a toxic gas that enhances the Quirks to those who breathe it but also makes them go crazy. O'Clock teams up with The Rapper and Tiger Bunny in order to escape. They head for the exit until they are stopped by the Hooded Man. The three confront him but when they find out that he is a difficult enemy to defeat by themselves, they implement a plan that they had planned before.

While O'Clock and The Rapper distract The Hooded Man, Tigger Bunny manages to escape and meet the Police Force surrounding the building at O'Clock's request. She contacts Detective Eizo Tanuma relaying O'Clock's request to call for All Might. Eizo agrees and orders the activation of the All Might Emergency Paging System.

The All Might Emergency Paging System is activated.

Meanwhile, in the Might Tower, All Might was preparing to rest and sleep after getting rid of multiple incidents within three days, when suddenly the request for help arrives. His assistant Sir Nighteye wants to check if local heroes can take care of the situation first, but All Might transforms into his muscular form and leaves at full speed, without realizing that he takes the pillow with him.

In their hiding place, Kurogiri informs All For One that All Might is on his way,and it’s better for them to escape and not lose their experimental subjects.  All For One is disappointed that he won’t be able to continue to watch the fierce interesting battle between O’Clock and Hooded Man, wishing for chance to get hold of the Overclock Quirk. He asks Kurogiri to help him so that his wishes will be fulfilled.

Kurogiri unleashes Warp Gate and All For One lays his hand on the Masquerade attendants, using his Quirk on them to empowering their Quirks but also to make them go berserk, turning everyone into violent villains. All For One is excited that he is causing troubles, glad that it will hold back All Might while taking care of problems.[1]


All Might saves the day.

All of these newly villains created by All For One break out the parking structure into the main thoroughfare, running and rampaging through the Osaka streets, causing all kind of mayhem. They begin to attack and terrorize the citizens, with causes everyone to flee in panic, and forcing the police and the few heroes who are there to fight back to stop the violence.[1] After being saved by Tigger Bunny, Detective Tanuma organizes police forces to contain the threat, telling everyone that All Might will be here any second. The rookie hero Fatgum stands in front of several of them to prevent them from spreading to the entire city, but the violent mob easily run over him.

As Eizo predicted, All Might does not take long to arrive in Osaka city, and after using his enhanced senses and perception to gain a better understanding of what's going on, he throws his pillow and land to do all kinds of heroic actions: In the blink of an eye, he defeats and arrest all the villains with ease, he saves all the people who were in danger, he helps the firefighters to extinguish fires, etc... he even protect a family of ducks.

All Might solves every single problem in the span that it takes for his pillow to hit the ground, , grabbing it before it does, and says his catchphrase "I am here!". The citizens begins cheer on All Might as the police applaud him for his feat.[2]


All Might arrives too late.

With all the villains arrested, All Might asks Eizo if that little crisis is resolved. The detective tells him that he still hasn't told All Might about the other situation going on inside the building. Meanwhile, Kurogiri is lamenting that the distraction barely bought them anytime, but All For One gleefully responds that it bought them "three seconds", time more than enough to be able to fulfill his goal to steal Overclock Quirk.

However, All For One did not count with the unexpected intervention of Tiger Bunny in the fight between O'Clock and the Hooded Man, distracting the Nomu long enough to make those three seconds worthless, allowed All Might to arrive, much to All For One's displeasure. Kurogiri uses his Quirk to quickly retrieve the Hooded Man just before All Might arrives at the battleground, leaving him confused, as Tiger Bunny informs him he got away.[2]

With the crisis solved, All Might stays a little longer assisting in many aspects of the clean up before heading back the Might Tower to rest. The media report All Might's feats, making it clear that he has broken a new record in defeating nearly 100 villains in one fell swoop.[3]


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