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Toshinori Yagi vs. Sludge Villain is a battle fought between the Number One Pro Hero: All Might and the Sludge Villain.


Around noon in Musutafu, Japan, while shopping in his true form, All Might notices the Sludge Villain robbing stealing cash from a shop and running off. The villain dares someone to catch him if they can. One bystander wonders where the heroes are and another responds that they are too busy with the chaos of that morning then comments that there is no end to villains. All Might turns into his muscled form unnoticed and answers that there indeed is an end to them.

The Sludge Villain attempts to take over Izuku's body.

Seeing the hero, the Sludge Villain flees into the sewers, and when he exits the sewerage, he does so under a bridge, happening by chance with Izuku Midoriya. In an attempt to hide from the all-famous pro, the villain tries to use his quirk to kill Izuku and take over his body. Izuku desperately tries to shake him off to no avail due to the liquid consistency of his body. The villain tells him to calm down, that everything will be over soon, and mockingly thanks him for being the "hero" who saved him.

As he slowly loses consciousness, Izuku pleads for someone to help him.[1]


All Might defeats the Sludge Villain.

Just before Izuku Midoriya is suffocated to death, All Might emerges from the sewer and assures the young boy that everything will be fine, because he is already there. The Sludge Villain is shocked by All Might's arrival and tries to strike him with an overhead swipe using his liquid arm. All Might ducks the attack and rushes at the evil-doer.

The Sludge Villain attempts to attack him again with another swipe, but this time All Might firmly plants his foot and unleashes a powerful Texas Smash before the villain even gets to touch him. The shockwave from his punch is enough the blow the villain to pieces, rescuing Izuku from his evil clutches. Izuku gets a little glimpse of his rescuer before passing out.[1]


Izuku meets his childhood idol.

While Izuku is unconscious, All Might traps the scattered Sludge Villain inside two soda bottles. Then he wakes up Izuku who, once he opens his eyes, he freaks out when he sees his lifelong idol right in front of him. All Might is glad he is okay and apologizes for putting him in danger. The excited Izuku asks All Might for his autograph, only to find that he had already signed his notebook, starting to repeatedly bowing emphatically in appreciation.

After seeing Izuku is safe, All Might says goodbye and prepares to take the villain to the police. However, Izuku wants to ask one thing, and just as his hero jumps away, he manages to grab onto one of his leg, ending up flying with him.[1]

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the villain is defeated before he has a chance to attack All Might.


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