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Toru family photo

Toru and her Invisible Family.

Toru Hagakure is the only child in her family, who all share the same Quirk: Invisibility. At some point, she graduated junior high and enrolls into U.A. High School, and passed her U.A. Entrance Exam. Soon after enrolling, she was assigned to Class 1-A.[1]


Battle Trial Arc[]

Embarassed Toru

Toru teams up with Mashirao for the Battle Trial.

She is partnered with Mashirao Ojiro as they faced Shoto Todoroki and Mezo Shoji's team during the Battle Trial. Toru tells Mashirao that she is giving it her all and removes all her clothes completely to maximize the effectiveness of her Invisibility Quirk. Embarrassed for being naked in front of a boy, she tells Mashirao not to look at her. Mashirao replies that he cannot see her due to her invisibility.

Toru tries to sneak up on Team B, but she is detected by Mezo thanks to his Quirk, and then Shoto used his ice powers to freeze the entire building. Both Mashirao and Toru's feet are frozen to the ground, preventing them from moving and helping or attacking which caused them to lose.[2]

U.S.J. Arc[]

Mashirao and Toru talking

Toru comments to Mashirao about how strong Shoto is.

Along with her classmates, Toru goes to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint to carry out some school activities under the tutelage of Eraser Head and Thirteen. When the place is attacked by the League of Villains, She and Shoto are warped by Kurogiri to the landslide zone of the U.S.J, where some villains are waiting to attack them. However, Shoto defeats them all by himself, unaware that Toru was with him[3].

Subsequently, she is seen with her class after the League of Villains is defeated. She talks to Mashirao about Shoto's incredible strength, being unaware that he had no idea she was even present, the other teenager worrying that he could have possibly frozen her accidentally.[4]

U.A. Sports Festival Arc[]

Team Hagakure

Team Hagakure.

Toru places 38th in the Obstacle Race, allowing her to participate in the next event, the Cavalry Battle.[5] She then teams up with Rikido Sato, Kyoka Jiro, and Koji Koda, and she removes her jacket during the event. Without her team noticing, her bandana is stolen by Neito Monoma.[6] Toru and her team fail to qualify for the next event after the Cavalry Battle ends.[7]

After Denki Kaminari and Minoru Mineta state that the girls must do the cheering battle as per orders from their homeroom teacher, Toru and the other girls of Class 1-A walk out in cheerleading outfits. However, as Toru and the girls walk out, they realize they have been tricked. Toru optimistically says that they should do it until the next event begins since they have time and being stressed about it would be tiresome. She then starts cheering, leading to Tsuyu to comment that she likes cheerleading.[8] When Mashirao asks to withdraw from the tournament, Toru tries to convince him to reconsider, but to no avail. During the recreational events, Toru is seen continuing to cheerlead.[9]

Toru, along with her class, watches the closing ceremony of the U.A. Sports Festival.[10]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc[]

Toru choses their hero name

Stealth Hero: "Invisible Girl".

Two days after the U.A. Sports Festival, Toru is in class. During the Hero Informatics period, Class 1-A has to decide on Hero Names. Toru writes down and shows her classmates her hero name: Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl.[11]

After Class 1-A is finished formulating their hero names, Toru is given a list of forty workplaces in order to choose a workplace that she wants to train at. On the day of the workplace training, Toru is at the train station with her class so that she can travel to the workplace of her choice by train.[12]

The workplace training ends and Toru returns to U.A..[13]

After Foundational Hero Studies is finished, Toru is in the girls' locker room changing into her school uniform. Toru thanks Kyoka for stopping Minoru from peeking on them.[14]

Final Exams Arc[]

Team Hagakure & Shoji vs Snipe

Toru and Mezo vs. Snipe.

One week before the end of term test, Toru sits in the lunchroom at a table with Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Ida, Shoto Todoroki, Ochaco Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui, where they discuss what the exercise test will be. On the day of the exercise test, Nezu reveals that Class 1-A will be fighting against U.A.'s teachers for their exercise test.[15] Toru is paired with Mezo and they must face Snipe in their test exercise.

Mezo, Toru, and Snipe arrive in an uninhabited city where their test exercise will take place. Snipe explains the thirty-minute test; Mezo and Toru must either handcuff him or one of them must escape the battlefield within 30 minutes in order to win and pass the test.[16]

Toru Hagakure gets angry at Snipe

Toru yells at Snipe for touching her inappropriately.

During their battle, Snipe corners Toru and Mezo behind stone pillars. Mezo runs out to distract Snipe, and the teacher shoots at his feet before warning him not to be hasty. Suddenly Toru handcuffs Snipe, taking him by surprise. His initial reaction causes him to accidentally touch her chest with his elbow. Annoyed, Toru accuses Snipe of being a pervert, and he frantically apologizes, stating that it was an accident.[17] After a difficult battle against Snipe, Mezo along with Toru pass the practical test.[18]

Back in class at U.A., Toru learns that she passed the written test and will go with her classmates to the forest lodge which is a boot camp. The class sees that there are many items on the list that they don't have. Toru suggests that Class 1-A go shopping together in order to get the items they need for the boot camp. The next day, Toru along with most of her classmates go to the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall to buy necessities for the forest lodge. At the shopping center, Toru mentions that she needs to buy new shoes.[19]

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes[]

Girls left out of the I-Expo

Girls left out of the I-Expo.

Prior to arriving to I-Island, Momo tells Toru and the other girls after school she has two extra invites to the I-Island Expo Preview. After a game of five-way rock paper scissors, it's decided that Ochaco and Kyoka will attend, leaving Toru distraught. Momo recalls this when Izuku asks why aren't the girls with them at the I-Island café.

After the I-Island system is hijacked, Mina, Toru, and Tsuyu stay in their hotel room to follow the emergency protocol. Minutes later, Tsuyu and Mina discover that the phone service, internet and TV channels aren't working. Toru says that they're "roughing it ladies", and suggests that they play some games instead.

Toru hangs out with the rest of her class after the I-Island Expo opens up.[20]

Forest Training Camp Arc[]

Due to the shopping center incident, Shota informs Class 1-A that the destination for their lodge trip has been changed and the new destination will only be announced on the day of the event. The first semester has come to a close and summer break has begun.

Mezo and Toru Quirk training

Toru trains her Quirk along Mezo.

That day, they are informed that the new destination will be a mountainous region, owned by the professional Hero Team, the Wild, Wild Pussycats, where they will undergo reinforcement training to strengthen and upgrade their Quirks which will also allow Class 1-A to obtain their temporary licenses.[21] Toru trains together with Mezo to increase the strength of both their Quirk by having Mezo quickly create multiple Dupli-Arms to look for Toru while she uses her invisibility to further hide her presence.[22]

During the night of the third day, Toru along with Kyoka, participates in the Test of Courage exercise, where Class 1-B members try to scares Class 1-A's using their Quirks. However, the Vanguard Action Squad attacks the training camp, with Mustard filling the forest with poisonous gas and and Dabi setting the forest on fire. Toru and Kyoka are unconscious when breathing the gas.

Kyoka and Toru are unconscious

Toru and Kyoka are unconscious by Mustard's gas.

Momo Yaoyorozu runs into Yuga Aoyama and asks him to take the unconscious Kyoka and Toru back to the facility. Near the Vanguard Action Squad's rendezvous point, Yuga hides behind a bush along with Kyoka and Toru. While following Momo's instructions, he meets Villains Dabi and Twice, but fortunately they do not see him.[23]

After capturing Katsuki Bakugo, the villains escape from the place. Toru is one of the fifteen people who have to be hospitalized because of the gas, remaining unconscious for days in the hospital.[24] When she wakes up, what happened during the last days is explained to her.

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc[]

Class 1-A at Heights Alliance

Class 1-A arrive at Heights Alliance.

Due to the attack of the villains, and after Katsuki's rescue and All Might retirement, the U.A. decides, as a security measure, to build the Heights Alliance, a group of buildings inside the campus, where the students reside. Days before, Toru had managed to convince her parents to let her stay in the U.A. and settles in her new residence.

When Class 1-A is introduced to their dorms, Shota Aizawa states they must start preparing to get provisional hero licenses like they had planned to during the training camp. Before they can enter, Shota reads the riot act against five of them for participating in the Katsuki's rescue, breaking the rules in the process, and the others who did nothing to stop them from doing it. Shota also says that, stating that aside from Katsuki, Toru, and Kyoka (the first for being kidnapped and the other two for being unconscious in the hospital when everything happened), he would have expelled all of them for their actions, if it weren't for All Might's sudden retirement. After this, he allows students to enter their new home.

Girls sit in the common area

Toru hanging out with her friends the night before the Licensing Exam.

Toru and the other students explore the dorms. Later that night, after everyone arranged their luggage in their respective bedrooms, the girls of Class 1-A suggest a room showcasing competition.[25] After checking the boys 'room, it's time to check the girls' room. Toru's room is considered ladylike by everyone; however, Minoru takes the opportunity to try and go through Toru's drawers, leading to him being chastised by her. Back in the common space on the first floor, Toru votes Rikido Sato the winner, solely because of his cake.[26]

The next day, Class 1-A begins their school life anew. In Class 1-A's room, Shota Aizawa mentions that their first objective will be earning their "Provisional Hero Licenses". To prepare for the Provincial Hero License exam, Class 1-A students will create at least two signature Ultimate Moves that they will use in combat, with his help and that of Cementoss, Ectoplasm, and Midnight.[27] Until the Provisional Hero License Exam arrives, Toru trains hard with his classmates to strengthen his Quirk and develop new skills.

Momo, Toru and Tsuyu shielded from the attack

Toru and Tsuyu are protected by Momo.

The day of the License Exam, Class 1-A goes to the place where the tests will take place and here they meet other students from different schools, like Shiketsu High School and Ketsubutsu Academy High School.[28] Later, the organizer of the exam explains to all the participants the rules of the first test, giving all the targets and informs the students that they will have to insert particular balls in the opponents' targets in order to qualify. Those whose targets have been hit by the balls are disqualified. Participants need to eliminate two students to move on to the next phase of the exam.[29]

When the first trial begins, all the opposing students are thrown against the students of the U.A., who find themselves having to defend themselves against a large number of attacks; Kyoka deflects balls coming from the subsoil with her new special move Heartbeat Distortion. However, a boy from Ketsubutsu uses his Quirk to divide the U.A. students.[30]

Warp Refraction

Toru using her Ultimate Move.

Toru manages to group up with Mashirao, Minoru, and Mina. Thanks to Yuga, who fires his laser into the sky, Toru regroups with the rest of their classmates who have not passed the exam yet. Class 1-A collaborate together to defeat the rivals and pass the first round. Toru uses the Ultimate Move she developed during training Warp Refraction. With this Ultimate Move, she emanates from her body a bright light that illuminates the area and distracts the examinees which prevents them from counter-attacking. Using the light as a distraction, Mashirao and Toru both successfully knock two applicants each after one another. One by one, all Class 1-A members manage to eliminate the other examinees and successfully pass the first phase of the exams.[31]

While she waits in the refreshment area, the qualifiers are informed of the imminent start of the second part of the exam, in which the students will have to save the largest number of fake victims in a given period of time.[32] Toru, heads to the river area with Shoto and Tsuyu to help victims until the exam ends.[33] The results of the Provisional Hero License Exam are presented on the screen, and Toru is one of the students who passes the exam, receiving her Provisional Hero License.[34]

Shie Hassaikai Arc[]

Izuku listening to classmates

Toru chatting with Mashirao and Kyoka.

After the opening ceremony, at classes, Shota talks about Hero Work-Studies, hero activities are done off campus. Three days later, Shota introduces to Class 1-A to the people who will teach them about Hero Work-Studies: Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado, better known as The Big 3.[35] Despite their reputation as the best candidates for heroes of the U.A., they are actually all a bunch of easygoing eccentrics. Class 1-A gets confused when Mirio Togata challenges them all to a fight.

At Gym Gamma, Mirio tells Class 1-A to attack him whenever and wherever they want.[36] Despite their abilities and to outnumber him, Mirio completely wiping the floor with Class A without breaking a sweat, thanks to his Quirk Permeation. While Class 1-A recovers from their defeat, Mirio asks them if they think his Quirk is strong, and Toru, with Hanta and Mina, replies that his Quirk is too strong. Mirio explains how his Quirk works and advises class 1-A to participate in the Hero Work-Studies, as it will help them improve their career to be heroes, just as it helped him become one of the best students in the U.A..[37]

Remedial Course Arc[]

Class 1-A after the Shie Hassaikai Raid

Class 1-A glad that they are alright.

Weeks later, after the police raid at the base of Shie Hassaikai, Izuku, Eijiro, Ochaco and Tsuyu return to their dormitories at the school, where Toru, along the entirety of Class 1-A, is checking to make sure his classmates are doing okay, after their mission. Toru hugs Ochaco and Tsuyu after checking that they are fine.[38]

U.A. School Festival Arc[]

Days later, Shota Aizawa announces that U.A. High School will be having a School Festival and tells Class 1-A to pick out a program to perform at the festival. All the students give their ideas about what they should do for the festival. Toru suggests a Fun House but her classmates had other suggestions and they do not reach an agreement. Later at Heights Alliance, the entire Class 1-A decides that their school festival program will be a live performance and dance with party space.[39]

Class 1-A practices the choreography

Toru practicing dance moves.

Class 1-A students are divided into three groups, Band team, Dance team and Staging team, Toru is part of the Dance Team.[40] Until the festival, the dance team constantly practices the choreography that Mina creates.[41]

On the appointed day, everyone is preparing for the performance but Toru get concerned at Izuku's absence. Fortunately, Izuku arrives in time for the Class 1-A performance, which ends up being a huge success.[42] After the dance performance, Toru helps to 1-A clean up the mess and enjoys other attractions until the festival ends.[43]

Pro Hero Arc[]

As November comes to a close, the Wild Wild Pussycats pay a visit to Class 1-A to celebrate Ragdoll's reinstatement.[44]

Joint Training Arc[]

Toru blinds Dark Shadow with her quirk

Toru stops Dark Shadow with her Quirk.

Shota Aizawa and Vlad King hold a Joint Training Battle between their classes during the early days of winter. Each class chooses lots to split into five teams of four. Toru is placed in a team with Momo, Fumikage and Yuga to compete against Kinoko Komori, Itsuka Kendo, Shihai Kuroiro, and Manga Fukidashi in the second round of match-ups.[45]

After the round begins, Toru's team falls into a trap of Shihai, who possess Dark Shadow and manipulates the beast into striking its master and attack the remaining members. To stop him, Toru uses her Warp Refraction to generate enough light to force Shihai out of Black Shadow. Shihai quickly merges into the shadows with his Quirk Black,[46] then he sneakily takes Yuga away, but Fumikage with Black Fallen Angel soars past Shihai and rescues Yuga from him. Momo orders Yuga to use his Navel Buffet☆Laser to warps the shape of the shadows, expelling Shihai from his hiding place.

Manga uses his quirk to make mushrooms grow faster (Anime)

Toru watches the mushrooms grow faster.

Toru goes to capture Shihai but at that moment Kinoko uses her Quirk to cover everything in Mushrooms, as well as grow on Class 1-A members.[47] This is a big problem for Toru, because the mushrooms make her silhouette visible, counteracting her invisibility. With Kinoko's part of the plan now in action, Momo yells out to her 1-A team to keep calm and regroup, but Manga uses his Quirk Comic to spawns giant text that separates Momo from her team, and then he utters the word "humidity" to boosts the growth of Kinoko's mushrooms even further.[48]

Shihai moves through the shadows of the mushrooms and takes Yuga again. Fumikage tries to pursue but Manga knocks him down with text bullets. He recovers and is shocked to find Invisible Girl covered in mushrooms. They hear a cannon shot and notices Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag flying over the wall created by Manga. Fumikage grabs Toru and flies up to the bag. Inside he finds ethanol to get rid of the mushrooms and infrared goggles. By the design of the glasses, Toru deduces that they are for Fumikage.

Toru sneaks up on Manga

Toru ready to give Manga a good beating.

After getting rid of the mushrooms with ethanol, Fumikage takes care of Shihai and Komori, while Toru goes out to look for Manga. She locates Manga and, angry about everything she had to go through, she attacks him, being able to land multiple hits without issue due to her invisibility.

During her assault, she figures out that Class 1-B were unaffected by the mushrooms due to being sprayed with fungicide prior to the match. Manga can barely defend himself from Toru's attack, and when he was about to be defeated, Itsuka appears and manages to capture her in her giant grip.

Itsuka saves Manga from Toru

Itsuka grabs Toru, saving her teammate.

Itsuka had managed to get to her position despite having an unconscious Momo and a gigantic cannon tied to her. Fumikage is also defeated when Kinoko used her Quirk to grow mushrooms in his windpipe. Class 1-B comes out victorious with a 4-0 at the end of the second round of match-ups.[49]

After the match, Toru watches the remaining rounds and celebrates with her classmates Class 1-A victory in the Joint Training Battle.[50] Despite their victory over Class 1-B, there are no hard feelings, and both classes hanging out together after the exercise, happily socializing in the common area.[51]

My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising[]

During fall, the Hero Public Safety Commission devises the Hero Work Recommendation Project, to help to train the new generation of Heroes due All Might retirement. Weeks go by, and shortly after winter begins, after the Hero Interview Training, Class 1-A is sent to Nabu Island, a remote place in southern Japan. The Pro Heroes who protected the island are about to retire, so the students will take care of the place, performing duties as real heroes acting like their own "Hero Office", until the arrival of new Pro Heroes.

Minoru, Toru and Yuga finished helping a couple out

Minoru, Toru, and Yuga finished helping a couple out.

Because Nabu Island is quite isolated from the rest of the country, and therefore far from any villain activity, there has been no notable incident since the last thirty years. For this reason, their work on the island basically involve mostly minor deeds. Toru stays in the office answering request calls and dispatching her classmates to said request.

Next day at the island, Mina gets a call from a tourist to report that her suitcase has disappeared. She dispatches Toru, Yuga and Minoru to the commercial area. That same day, Nine and the gang decide to attack Nabu Island, and while Toru and the others were helping the tourist, they hear explosions coming from outside. They come out and see the villain called Mummy using his Quirk to create puppets and attack the town, so they prepare to face him while the civilians escape. Minoru and Yuga manage to destroy many of Mummy's puppets, but he creates more and continues attacking. Minoru desperately asks Toru to notify the office about the assault, but she replies that she can't since the communication service is dead.

Yuga and Toru distributing rice balls

Yuga and Toru distributing rice balls.

Fortunately, their classmates were not long in being warned of the attack of the villains across the town. When Minoru, Yuga, and Toru are barely able to fend off the villain's puppets anymore, Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki arrive at the scene to continue the fight, while Momo, Kyoka, and Mina bring Toru and her teammate to safety as well as direct the citizens to the safe hold. Mummy ends up being defeated and captured.

Despite this, Class 1-A fails to defeat the remaining villains, and they are forced to retreat. The Class A members regroup at a shelter where the rest of the island citizens are currently staying at due to the villain attack. Toru helps distribute food among the refugees along with several of her classmates. Later, they have a meeting where they discover that the objective of the villain leader, Nine, is to steal the Cell Activation Quirk from a boy named Katsuma. With this information, they devise a plan to approach them in front and keep civilians safe.

Rikido, Koji and Toru are rescued

Rikido, Koji, and Toru are rescued.

The plan is to lure the villains to the furthest corner of the island where ancient castle ruins are. Rikido, Koji and Toru will lead the island's citizens and livestock into a cave to hide. Meanwhile, the rest of the Class A will fight the villains. Because of the powers unleashed by Nine during the confrontation, he causes a cave-in, trapping Koji, Rikido and Toru along with the civilians in the cave.

After this, everyone remains locked up until a few hours later several pro heroes arrive on the island and get them out of there, providing first aid. During the time they remained in the cave, Toru's classmates managed to defeat Nine and his allies. The students recover from their injuries and help with reconstruction tasks before returning to the U.A. High School.[52]

Endeavor Agency Arc[]

Episode 101

Class 1-A's Christmas party.

Class 1-A participates in a Hero Interview Training taught by Mt. Lady.[53]

Days later, the Hero Work Recommendation Project takes place.[52] Shortly after they return from Nabu Island, Toru celebrates Christmas with her classmates, holding a surprise gift exchange.[54]

Due the increase of the villain activity, The Hero Public Safety Commission demand all the students heroes for all academies to undergo practical field training. With Hero Work-Studies back in effect, Toru, Mina, and Yuga[55] work under the No. 9 Pro Hero, Yoroi Musha.[56]

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission[]

The remaining students during the Humarise crisis

Toru worried about Humarise's threat.

Toru, alongside Yuga, Mina, Tenya, and Koji, remain at U.A., while most of her classmates participate in the global scale mission organized by the World Heroes Association, to dismantle and finish off Humarise, an anti-Quirk cult that had carried out a terrorist attack a few days ago, causing thousands of deaths by detonating a Trigger Bomb in a city. While the five of them are at Heights Alliance, they watch Flect Turn, leader of Humarise, declaring that his organization had placed Trigger Bombs in 25 cities around the world, which in two hours would explode causing great mortality. The heroes located in these cities, including their classmates, do their best to prevent the catastrophic destruction.

Luckily for all, Izuku's group is able to assault the main Humarise headquarters, defeat Flect Turn and defuse the bombs worldwide, saving the world. Once the crisis has been averted, the classmates who were deployed during their Work-Study return back to Heights Alliance and celebrate their victory.[57]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc[]

Toru redirecting Yuga's Laser

Toru redirecting Yuga's Navel Laser.

Winter break ends and students return from their Work-Studies to show their progress with their Quirks and skills.[58] At Ground Alpha, under the supervision of All Might, the students battle Villain Bots to show off the new skills and Ultimate Moves they have developed. Mina, Yuga, and Toru are the first to show their improvement under the tutelage of Yoroi Musha.

During the exhibition, Toru reveals her new ability to grab and warp light, grabbing one of Yuga's laser beams, and bending it into a group of Bots, destroying them. The three students proudly announce their success, much to the delight of All Might and the rest of the class.[59] Later at night, she helps her classmates to organize a Work Study/Brainstorm/Hot pot party to energize everyone for the new term.[60]

The months go by until it's late March. The Hero Public Safety Commission had uncovered the plans of Tomura Shigaraki and his organization, the Paranormal Liberation Front. They organize a large force of heroes to take the villain organization down. While a team of heroes raid the Jaku General Hospital, where the Nomu are created, another team does the same at Gunga Mountain Villa, the Front's main headquarters.

Class 1-A students in the Villa Backup Team

The Villa Backup Team wait for the signal to attack.

Toru joins the Villa Backup Team along with some of her classmates and Class 1-B students. Their mission is to provide support to the heroes who raid the Gunga Mountain Villa and prevent villains from escaping.[61][62] Midnight soon informs Momo that Gigantomachia is making his way through the heroes, so Momo formulates a plan to defeat the giant.[63] She creates and gives every student a vial filled with sedative to weaken Gigantomachia,[64] and, after a lot of struggling to Machia and the League of Villains on his back, Eijiro throws a vial into his mouth.[65] Heroes arrive to fight the giant, but Machia manages to devastate his way to Tomura. Majestic saves the students and moves them to a safer location, but they can only watch in horror as the giant destroys everything in his path.[66]

Two days later, Toru, Rikido, Minoru, and Hanta are relieved to see Katsuki wake up from his injuries. When Katsuki asks how everyone else is doing, they can't help but frown, worried and depressed with the broken state of hero society.[67] Once Toru returns back to Heights Alliance, she receives a letter from Izuku explaining his origins of being Quirkless and the powers of One For All, making him leave U.A. High to avoid making his classmates become targets for All For One.[68]

Dark Hero Arc[]

A few days after Izuku left U.A., Toru joins a meeting with Class 1-A. She and her classmates deduce that Izuku is now working with Endeavor and his team, as well as All Might. A few days later, impatient with their response, Class 1-A pushed forward using Endeavor's U.A. Alumni status to confront him and get him to reveal the truth. Endeavor reluctantly decides to hand his GPS phone with Izuku's location over to them, with Toru one of them rushing to grab it.

Endeavor allows Class 1-A to take his phone

Toru and her classmates scramble for the phone.

Once Principal Nezu gives Class 1-A permission to bring back Izuku to U.A., Toru joins with her class to search for Izuku while at the same time, apprehending any prison escapees along the way. By utilizing the phone, Class 1-A finally arrived on the scene to defeat the villain Dictator. When Izuku refuses to yield, he demands everyone to get out of his way, which means they'll have to fight.[69]

Toru stays behind to help Eijiro and Yuga secure Dictator until Endeavor arrives to arrest him. Once the villain is apprehended, the three go to check the area to see if there are any remaining anti-hero civilians left.[70] She regroups with the rest of Class 1-A and listens to Katsuki apologizing to Izuku before he collapses from the shock and exhaustion. After Izuku is secured, she escorts him back to a heavily fortified U.A. High, telling him about how it even connects to Shiketsu High, where they are confronted by angry protesting civilians.[71]

They are aware that Tomura is after Izuku and fear them being in danger, leading Ochaco to give a pleading speech toward the crowd on why he needs their help and deserves to stay and rest, with the civilians eventually agreeing.[72] Izuku is escorted inside, where he is quickly washed down by the boys, and after Izuku finally passes out from exhaustion, Toru joins the rest of the class in declaring they'll do whatever they can to bring back the world and make it better.[73]

U.A. Traitor Arc[]

Toru's silhouette

Toru stands in the shadows.

Two days later, Class 1-A learn that during this time, Tomura had fought American No. 1 Hero, Star and Stripe, and while she was killed during the battle with Tomura successfully stealing her Quirk, New Order, thanks to her actions, the Quirk acted like a virus within his body, destroying several of his Quirks and delaying his procedure by about a week. All Might informs all this to the class, telling them that this is now their perfect time to prepare for the inevitable all-out war. The class reveals over the past month they had been training with the Wild, Wild Pussycats in order to keep up with Izuku in the incoming conflict, and are now about to head out to continue their training.[74]

While the rest of the class trains amongst themselves in the courtyard, Toru secretly follows Yuga into the woods. Toru thinks back on having noticed that he has been especially looking down ever since the War, while also noticing that ever since Izuku came back, he hasn't smiled once. She ends up eavesdropping on a conversation between him and his parents, discovering the truth that Yuga is the U.A. Traitor and that he and his family are forced to serve All For One.

Toru stops Yuga's Navel Laser

Toru saves Izuku by reflecting the Naval Laser trajectory.

After thinking back on the previous villain attacks, Toru reacts in shock, realizing that Yuga has been the traitor the whole time, while listening to his parents hysterically trying to reassure Yuga. Toru panics, thinking about needing to tell someone, when she spots Izuku, having also entered the forest looking for Yuga. She quickly tells him what she had just heard as the two go to confront the Aoyamas. The parents try to feign ignorance, but when Izuku tells him that he noticed how gloomy he's been looking, Yuga tearfully admits to Izuku that he was the one who helped the League during both the U.S.J. Incident and the Training Camp, declaring himself a "despicable villain".[75]

In panic, Yuga's parents attempt to escape with their son, while Toru and Izuku chase after them. In fear of saving his family, Yuga prepares to fire at Izuku with a Navel Laser, but Toru jumps in front and uses her Warp Refraction to shoot the laser away. Toru confronts Yuga, telling him everyone could of died and all of Japan has been messed up, as her face starts to briefly appear, tears flowing down her eyes, asking what was going through his head, even while living with all them. The Aoyamas try to rebut, but Izuku uses Blackwhip to restrain all three of them, as he tearfully tells Yuga for them to put an end to this now.

Izuku and Toru take the captured Aoyamas back to U.A., where they are restrained and questioned, with the rest of the class refusing to back down from the news despite Nezu's request, all in stunned and tears of Yuga's betrayal. Mashirao comforts Toru, asking what he was planning to do if Toru didn't expose him. She listens to Yuga's desperation that drove him to despair and then Izuku's pleading to let Yuga help them, leading the class to realize he may be the only one able to deceive All For One.[76]

Class A stunned by Yuga's betrayal

Toru and Class 1-A devastated over Yuga's betrayal.

Present Mic asks Class 1-A why, with them being the greatest victims after all this, they're so willing to trust him, and Tenya simply responds that what happened is in the past, and with them being unable to realize how he's been feeling all this time, they carry some responsibility, so they must reach out to him as friends in order for them to become equals again. Shota then appears on a tablet screen, taking full responsibility and reveals that he has an idea. She listened to Shota's plan after the Aoyama Family's ears have been covered. Naomasa then has the Aoyama Family escorted back to their HQ, telling everyone not to say a word to anyone else about the plan while she and the rest of the class looking on sullenly.

Back at Heights Alliance, Toru takes a breather, before getting ready to gear back up, as she and everyone, with fire and rage in their eyes over the betrayal, prepares to bring All For One down once and for all.[77] She joins up with their "Search Squad" to head out to hunt down the villains.[78]

Later that night, she and her classmates return to Heights Alliance for a break, having come up with nothing in their search. All Might, Naomasa, and Nezu soon arrive to inform them all about their secret finalized plans for the upcoming Second War.[79] They call in Hitoshi Shinso, revealing their plan to get him to brainwash the Aoyamas so that they can communicate with All For One without him detecting any ill intent. The class cheers on Hitoshi for his growth, including their teacher after learning he trained him.[80]

The next day, Nezu announces to the civilians that Tomura will make his big move in 4 days, with Class 1-A moving outside of the U.A. barrier to began prioritizing their safety. She says her goodbyes before moving out of Heights Alliance and into its upgraded makeshift fortress called "Troy".[79]

Final War Arc[]

At some point during her time at U.A., Mezo had showed his classmates his arms, mouth, and scars, telling them about his past and the abuse he dealt with as a heteromorph. He continued that other heteromorphs like Fumikage and Koji born in the cities may think the prejudice is behind them, but there are so many still messed up places like that in the world.

Toru and her classmates proceed to embrace him, jumping into his arms and declaring they'll make tons of happy memories with him. He continues that he knows it will take more than a generation to deal with over a century of prejudice, but that's why he'll continue the efforts to carry the torch, to become the world's coolest hero, and to pass on his good memory to the next generation.[81]

Toru prepares to attack Kunieda

Toru ambushes Kunieda from behind while Yuga fires his Naval Laser.

After a couple days staying in Troy, the Heroes prepare for an all-out battle of the Final War. Izuku and Yuga successfully lure All For One to a nearby parking lot, causing him to summon an army of villains, with the Heroes surprising them by warping themselves thanks to Neito copying the Warp Gate Quirk. Toru and the rest of Class 1-A soon join the battle through their own portal.[82] Before the fighting can start, All Might activates the Troy system, trapping all the villains in cages emerging from beneath the battlefield, as Neito summons several more Warp Gates around the cages, allowing the Heroes to shove them all in, splitting the Villains.[80]

While most of her classmates and Heroes follow the Villains all over the country, Toru stays behind in the parking lot alongside Yuga, Fat Gum, and several other Heroes to capture he remaining threats in the area.[83] Soon afterwards, the other 31 Heroes in the area are defeated by one of the Tartarus escapees, Kunieda. He uses his plants to consume the entire area, and keeping Yuga and Fat Gum contained in his plants and fungus. Luckily, Toru was the one hero able to escape the grasp of his plants due to her stealth capabilities.

Warp Refraction - Navel Laser

Toru and Yuga defeat Kunieda with their combo attack.

After Kunieda's plants consume Fat Gum, he openly mocks Yuga's pathetic-ness, taking his belt which causes his Navel Laser to uncontrollably leak out of his body, and prepared to exact his revenge for him betraying All For One. However, Yuga remains confident and defiant, saying that reminding himself of how he lived is what spurred him on to follow in the light his classmates bring, giving him the desire to shine from deep down within his core.

Yuga surpasses his limits and proceeds to release a barrage of Navel Lasers that blast all over the arena, which Kunieda taunts as chasing after that which is beyond his sight will lead to an shameful death. However, Toru uses this as the opportunity to reveal herself, suddenly reappearing from behind Kunieda, to his completely surprise. She shouts to Yuga that it took him long enough, calling him a hero, as she absorbs the lasers and releases Warp Refraction: Navel Laser, blasting Kunieda from behind with a barrage of light, defeating him.[84]

Chapter 400

Toru's Invisibility glitches, revealing her exposed body.

Toru stands above Kunieda's unconscious body, only for Yuga to look on and realize that she is now partially visible. She notices this herself, and realizing that she is exposed, embarrassingly yells at Yuga to look away. She jumps to hide behind some plants, whining about how being invisible was her whole identity, while Yuga apologizes. She thinks about how using her Quirk has never done this before, only to remember it happening once back during their previous fight, figuring that being on the edge of death made Yuga go past his usual capacity, which caused her Quirk to glitch out.

She turns to Yuga, telling him his Navel Laser has evolved, but he simply responds they need to burn away the plants to save the Heroes, since they would continue to grow even after their user was defeated. He tells Toru to adjust the strength of his light to burn the roots that dig into their flesh. She worries about if his stomach can handle it, but he says today is his last day as a U.A. student, so he will do whatever it takes.[85] Yuga gives Toru his tattered jacket to cover her nudity as they continue to clean up all of Kuneida's plants and freeing the Heroes.[86]

After the trapped Heroes are freed, they learn that Shota had managed to regain control of "Kurogiri" and has begun warping himself all around to gather up all the Heroes that can still fight to provide reinforcements for the final battle. Toru and Yuga, accompanied by most of their fellow 1-A classmates, are warped to Mt. Fuji to help Izuku in his fight against "All For One". They both stand determined as the rest of the assembled Heroes declare "We are here!"[87]

As Izuku runs toward "All For One", the villain unleashed hordes of Quirk attack all over the battlefield, blasting away every Hero who gets in his way, but they all keep countering against his attacks. Shota then calls out to the Heroes through their comms, telling them to help Izuku carve a straight path to Tomura. With so many Heroes blocking every attack, "All For One" forms a giant laser and blasts it straight toward Izuku, but Toru confidently jumps in front of it to refract it at the cost of her Quirk being nearly permanently damaged. Nonetheless, she exclaims that dealing with high power lights and alser is where she truly shines, allowing Izuku to make his way through to "All For One".[88] Eventually, Izuku manages to defeat Tomura once and for all, just before Tomura succumbs to his injuries and dies as his body disintegrates into ashes.[89]

Two weeks after the end of the Final War, the restoration efforts that were stalled after the Jaku Hospital Raid have picked back up at a breakneck pace, as Heroes from around the world arrived to provide support and resources in rescue and rebuilding Japan. Toru has recovered from her injuries and returns to the partially rebuilt U.A.[90]

Months later, it is now June, and the third-year students at U.A. High are finally having their graduation after the end of the Final War. Toru attends the U.A. High Graduation along with the rest of her classmates. She watches the Third years receive their diplomas, including Tamaki, Nejire, and Mirio receiving their diplomas. Present Mic, who is MC-ing the event, apologizes for the delayed graduation, and shouts for excitement and the third years enthusiastically join in, while the former second years watching are start to get the jist of it, and the former first years watch speechless.

Mawata Fuwa then comes to the stage to give the students a farewell speech. After Mawata gives the farewell address as the students' representative, Present Mic calls on the graduates' representative, Mirio. He starts off his speech with a sincere statement thanking everyone for being in attendance, befuddling them all for not starting off with a gag, but reminds everyone they lost so much and gained nothing, and that a Heroes fight is to bring a negative situation back to square one. He concludes that a world without smiles and humor has no bright future, that they seek a positive world where people can live their lives in good cheer, and that is the finish line they're racing toward. He thinks for Nighteye to check him out, as he snaps, using his Quirk to blast of into the air, shouting to his underclassmen just as Bibimi Kenranzaki unleashes her giant robot on the cheering crowd.

Later after graduation, Class 1-A has become 2-A and are moved to a temporary classroom. Shota states that they were supposed to be getting a different homeroom teacher, but due to the circumstances, he will be their homeroom teacher for another year, to the students' excitement. Just then, Yuga enters to say his goodbyes since he will be leaving U.A for good, even despite the class' insistence, and both Shota and Naomasa saying he could stay. Yuga says he wants to make matters right, since the only reason he came to the school was because of All For One's orders, and he doesn't believe he deserves a graduation. He vows to atone for his crimes, and will once more walk the path of a hero. He promises that someday he will be worthy of standing beside them all, as everyone reacts to his words, he begins emotionally blasting his Navel Lasers all over. He then reveals another surprise to the class, that Hitoshi will be taking his place as Class A's newest member.

Everyone is excited to see him and starts swamping him for questions, causing Yuga to get jealous, so he blasts some more light again asking about a farewell party. Toru calls Yuga to stop, as his light causes her Quirk to glitch again as she becomes visible, though the students call her face cute. Minoru is awestruck, saying that a goddess was among them, but is strangled by Shota, regrouping everyone as they have important things to discuss.[91]


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